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  1. Hi, does anyone knows if i can somehow turn off games with bots? Cause i am pretty tired of the lobbies where game decides to make me lose my special flags and camouflages just because the game goes retard mode, i am so Fking angry right now you cant even imagine, why cant i decide for once if i want or wont the bots in my game? what am i? a fcking child?
  2. maminulenka2

    General CV related discussions.

    How about Halland ;) 4-6 seconds and your planes goes boom. So i call BS.
  3. maminulenka2

    General CV related discussions.

    Could they make fighters even more OP than they already are? every [edited]ship is having its own fighters that literally instakills 8 planes easly, plus i love how effective AA IX-X tiers is. Like a halland? like wtf? its almost invisible, does have 15 km torpedos that are faster than light, do damage AF and AA is so effective, that you literally spot that ship and after 4 seconds all 9 planes are fucked, at high tiers there is no point in taking recon plane instead of fighter. CV have to pick ship that is alone and easy target, so literally non existent. so you can just sit on your spawn and have 10K damage. thanks WG.
  4. Zdravím, chtěl bych se zeptat jak [edited] fungují ty [edited] stíhačky na letadlové lodi, nedělám si [edited] ale sotva se přiblížím k nepřátelským stíhačům hned je celá moje letecká skupina v [edited] (sorry za ty sprostá slova ale děje se to KAŽDOU bitvu) ale když pošlu stíhače já, a nepřítel mi celý kruhem doslova prolétne skrz na skrz tak to mají úplně v [edited], nechají je proletět a neudělají ani [edited], je ta hra nějak [edited] rozbitá nebo jim mám dát písemné povolení k tomu aby sestřelili aspoň jedno nepřátelské letadlo???
  5. Hi, i am really annoyed by this [edited]thing but i have to ask, does everyone see animation of me launching torpedos or how to [edited]everyone knows that i am launching them? literally every ship is not moving until i launch them, literally every ship except those that are 2 km far becuase its a bit late to dodge them.
  6. maminulenka2

    DD problem

    I am not,i am playing with Cruisers... btw i love all who thinks i am playing as BB and its even better when they are being egoistic.
  7. maminulenka2

    DD problem

    Can someone tell me why the hell are DD so OP? every but EVERY GAME there are minimum 3 DD,and that [edited] about being in smoke,shoot and still not being spotted when he can see you and literally destroy you is so annoying.Are you willing to nerf them somehow? like they cant spot when they are in smoke?...
  8. maminulenka2

    CV is too [edited]broken

    Can the [edited]someone tell me why is WG so incompetent around stupid arty/CV in their games? now i just had game where enemies had 2 CVs (have no idea if they was in platoon or not) but they was literally bullying our battleships one by one like absolutely morons.I was last stand with my Normandie BB but didnt knew WG gave the CVs so good cover like that,i spotted one of them on 9 kilometers (they are bigger then BB and 2x better cover because of logic) btw their reload time was stupid as [edited]too