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  1. Lightbaron

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.9

    Oh, submarines. I'm already having so much fun when they're in my games. I'm sure it will be even better after they're released. /s
  2. Lightbaron

    What do you think of the smolensk?

    Smolensk can be fun to play if your gameplay with her doesn't only consists of smoke, shoot, hide when smoke runs out, wait and repeat. She's very good at dealing damage and can get 50k+ against BBs in the time the smoke stays if you're in a good position, but more than that she also easily gets 7k salvos against the t10 US Cruisers if you smoke up after they used their radars or stay barely out of their radar range and then shoot them from ~11km. In fact US Cruisers are even easier to melt than BBs with Smolensk if you have someone who can keep them spotted for you. The one big downside I've noticed so far beside the obvious ease to citadel that also holds true for Mino and some other Cruisers around tier 10 are her sluggish movements. She seems to be slowing down a lot in turns, her rudder shift is pretty bad for a ship her size and she takes ages to speed up from standing still which makes her an easy target for torpedoes if you're popping your smoke in a bad position and you can only improve one of those things with a module (rudder shift vs acceleration). It can be ridiculously strong in the right hands and position and be OP in those situations, but a lot of the fear and damage you can get with Smolensk comes from people not knowing how to play their BBs and making good use of your enemies mistakes. I can't count the number of BBs that stop at 12km in the open sea and start reversing, presenting themselves to Smolensk and others on a silver platter. That said, the game definitely wouldn't have needed a ludicrous HE smoke spammer like Smolensk and could have done without it.
  3. Lightbaron

    FIX the damn game

    Don't see anything wrong with the achievements not being given. Both state that you have to survive to recieve them, which you didn't do. So rightfully no achievements earned in that match.
  4. Lightbaron

    Random chatban

    You can get chatbanned through different ways. One (and probably the most common) is to recieve a lot of ingame reports for misbehaviour in chat. WG obviously doesn't release how many are needed, but it's definitely more than just 2 or 3. Also afaik it should only count 1 report per player per match, so you can't just go and dump your 11 daily reports as chat misbehaviour on someone. Another one is that a WG support staff is checking your recent chatlogs. Recent meaning the past week or maybe month. This usually only happens when somebody writes a ticket to them. WG support states that they don't deal with penalty for chat misbehaviour and the like, but they will still look at it and give out penalites, if someone writes to them and has prove that a player was extremely toxic (usually in the form of screenshots). There are also players who report what they percieve as "poor play" with the misbehaviour in chat option because those players believe this is the only report that will actually sanction another player in some way. However here again counts what I already wrote earlier. You would have to amass a large number of those reports to get chatbanned in the first place. Looking at your profile page on the portal the last seems to be a likely possibility in your case, given that your battle performance appears to be a good bit below the server average for many of the ships you play. Please be aware that WG doesn't like it if you discuss sanctions in the forum so this thread will likely be closed before long. If you think that you have been wrongly chatbanned you can try to appeal to the support and they might look at your chatlogs and remove the ban. Here keep in mind that the support is very busy and will probably need more than 1 day to even reply to your ticket, so you shouldn't use that option for a short-term ban of 24h, but only if you get banned for a longer period of time like 1 week or longer.
  5. Lightbaron

    Supertester gesucht!

    Update: Wir sind zwar noch nicht komplett damit durch alle Bewerbungen ausführlich anzuschauen, aber von denen durch die wir bisher durch sind haben wir einer ersten Gruppe Einladungen geschickt. Wir werden diesen Vorgang in den kommenden Wochen noch ein paar mal wiederholen , bis wir die gewünschte Anzahl an Testern erreicht haben.
  6. Lightbaron

    Supertester gesucht!

    Wir haben über 1200 Leute, die sich dieses Mal beworben haben und die wir alle manuell durchgehen. Bis wir damit fertig sind kann es leider etwas dauern. Auch werden wir nicht in der Lage sein jedem eine Mail zu schicken, wenn er es nicht geschafft hat uns zu überzeugen. Wir werden aber wahrscheinlich hier oder andernorts anmerken, wenn die Mails rausgegangen sind an diejenigen, die zu den Interviews eingeladen werden.
  7. Lightbaron

    Supertest FAQ

    There was an error that occured with the e-mail system of WG, which resulted in the sending of above message about testships to people unrelated to Supertest. As the ship crediting is unrelated to the mail system you should have not recieved any ships on your account and can just disregard the mail and go on as if nothing happened.
  8. Lightbaron

    Supertest FAQ

    @Tuccy I'm still waiting for WG to pay the counseling I had to take after RNCL testing.
  9. Lightbaron

    Umstrukturierung der U.S. Kreuzer

    Auch wenn ich annehme, dass der Part sarkasmus beinhaltet gehe ich mal darauf ein für die anderen die hier mitlesen. Es ist ja auch nicht so als wäre es schon seit der CBT vor 3 Jahren im Gespräch gewesen und mehr oder weniger bestätigt worden, dass die USN Kreuzer umstrukturiert werden und dass die Cleveland dabei auf t8 (mindestens t7) hochgestuft wird. Wenn man das nicht mitbekommen hat über die Jahre, weil er erst später dazu kam, ist schon ärgerlich. Dafür kann WG dann ja aber auch wieder nichts und die offizielle Ankündigung, dass es nun endlich so weit sein wird kam ja auch sehr zeitlich und man konnte sich darauf einstellen.
  10. Lightbaron

    Umstrukturierung der U.S. Kreuzer

    Man kann auch ohne Dublonen einen Kapitän umskillen. Wenn er level 19 ist sollte er schon etliche extra Kapitäns-xp angefarmt haben die man nach einer 50% oder 75% Skillung verwenden kann um den Kapitän wieder auf 100% zu bringen.
  11. Lightbaron

    Kantai Collection

    Devs haben gerade getweetet. Event maintenance ist am 16. Feb und Musashi wird zur gleichen Zeit wie Part 1 kommen.
  12. Lightbaron

    Kantai Collection

    Die nächste KanColle maintenance wurde für den 5ten, wird aber noch nicht das Event sein. Mal schauen ob wir da Musashi bekommen oder erst mit Eventstart. Ich würde auf ersteres tippen, aber die Devs haben noch absolut gar nichts angekündigt.
  13. Lightbaron

    versenkt trotz übriger Trefferpunkte?

    Das sind nicht deine HP, sondern die HP die du durch hättest repariert wärst du nicht vorher versenkt worden. Du hattest gerade Reparatur am laufen und das zeigt es dir. DIe Anzeige für HP selbst ist kräftiger gefärbt als das grün im Bild und sollte zudem gelb oder rot sein mit deinen verbliebenen HP bevor du versenkt wurdest.
  14. Lightbaron

    How is US CA line (7+) these days?

    I've played Pensa just recently and am currently at NO. Pensa is a dificult topic. First of all she is horrible when stock and you want to have at least the turret upgrade on her from the beginning (I played her without it while farming free-xp for Musashi and it reminded me of the "fun" times I had with her in CBT). Upgraded though she is a good CA and can pack quite the punch. She is still incredibly squishy and dies a lot when you are looked at, but if you can get in a position where that doesn't happen you can get good rounds out of her. In terms of painful gameplay I have ships worse than her on my personal list. NO was also played from stock and I'm currently a few matches after having her fully upgraded. Unlike Pensa she is already good when stock and all I did was using captain free-xp to get the captain from 50% to max retraining for Concealment expert. Now the number one problem I have with her is that of the 14 matches I played only 2 times were t8 and another 3 times t9. The rest were against t10s which puts her in a really horrible position to have influence on matches and it feels less fun to play her than Pensa so far, which doesn't mean that she is a worse ship. Just, that Pensa is in a lot more favourable position based on the difference in t7 vs t8 mm where t7 get down-tiered a lot while t8 gets up-tiered a lot. Compared to Charles Martel I'm also currently playing Charles seems to be more fun. Thanks to greater range and speed boost you can escape a lot of devastating salvoes because the enemy mis-judges where to aim while NO has to pray that that one stray shell comming your way while turning out doesn't land in her citadel. Also NO has to be close and personal for radar to work which makes her a favourite target if you can't get in cover behind your favourite islands fast enough.
  15. Lightbaron

    Wo aktiviert man Tarnungen

    Kann es möglicherweise sein, dass dein Accountlevel noch nicht hoch genug ist um Tarnungen zu verwenden? Um Tarnungen verwenden zu können benötigt man Accountlevel 11. Du kannst dein derzeitiges Accountlevel in der oberen linken ecke direkt neben deinem Profilnamen finden oder in Profil tab, wo dir auch angezeigt wird wie viele xp du zum nächsten Level brauchst und welche Belohnungen du erhältst. Ab level 10 solltest du übrigens in der Lage sein Signalflaggen auf deinen Schiffen zu verwenden, was den "Äußeres"-Tab freischalten sollte. Edit: Grad gesehen, dass ich etwas spät dran bin und im anderen Thread schon jemand geantwortet hat.