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  1. Lightbaron

    What do you think of the smolensk?

    Smolensk can be fun to play if your gameplay with her doesn't only consists of smoke, shoot, hide when smoke runs out, wait and repeat. She's very good at dealing damage and can get 50k+ against BBs in the time the smoke stays if you're in a good position, but more than that she also easily gets 7k salvos against the t10 US Cruisers if you smoke up after they used their radars or stay barely out of their radar range and then shoot them from ~11km. In fact US Cruisers are even easier to melt than BBs with Smolensk if you have someone who can keep them spotted for you. The one big downside I've noticed so far beside the obvious ease to citadel that also holds true for Mino and some other Cruisers around tier 10 are her sluggish movements. She seems to be slowing down a lot in turns, her rudder shift is pretty bad for a ship her size and she takes ages to speed up from standing still which makes her an easy target for torpedoes if you're popping your smoke in a bad position and you can only improve one of those things with a module (rudder shift vs acceleration). It can be ridiculously strong in the right hands and position and be OP in those situations, but a lot of the fear and damage you can get with Smolensk comes from people not knowing how to play their BBs and making good use of your enemies mistakes. I can't count the number of BBs that stop at 12km in the open sea and start reversing, presenting themselves to Smolensk and others on a silver platter. That said, the game definitely wouldn't have needed a ludicrous HE smoke spammer like Smolensk and could have done without it.
  2. Lightbaron

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    After 2x 250 Flags, 1x 50 Camouflages and 1x 500 Dubloons in the first week after container introduction I got my 5th Super Container today. Casually opening it while expecting more flags, but instead I got that one :
  3. I heard that when things were painful for her, she’d cover her ears with headphones and escape to the world of music. I tried it too. It was like everything was blown away. The vocals screamed for me. They grieved for me. The ones who put on the act of common sense were wrong. Those who cried were right. We, the lonely were more human. They screamed at the absurd, beat it down, and destroyed it. They saved me. - Iwasawa Masami (Angel Beats!)

  4. Failing to act, for fear of the risk, is no different than a living death - Krusty (Log Horizon)

  5. The best enemy is a destroyed enemy