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  1. Herman_der_German

    Blyskawica in the Premium Shop

    One of the annoying things about offers that bundle prem time is that the prem time starts when you buy the tank or ship. Often I have been put off by tank and ship offer bundles because I would not be able to get the most out of the time because of commitments. It would be better if the prem time was given as a code that you could start when you could make the most of it.
  2. Herman_der_German

    Jingles Grem video taken down.

    Hope it back up soon
  3. Herman_der_German

    Jingles Grem video taken down.

    It looked OK at full HD but maybe is was not up to Gnomish overlord (overlard) standards. He did mention that the video was intended for the day after WoWS goes live.
  4. Herman_der_German

    Jingles Grem video taken down.

    I just watched a Jingles video about the Grem -- just put up about an hour ago -- and its been taken down. I caught a message saying this content is private, so it looks like it was pulled by Jingles himself???? Vot is going on - I want answers now. J was fanboying the Grem but there were no heavy breathing or panting that you normaly get with over sexed Gnomes.
  5. Herman_der_German

    why no unified gold?

    I'm not spending a rancid fart on WoWS until the gold economy is unified. I suggest you all do the same.
  6. Herman_der_German

    A Question of Philosophy - Can I be a noob if I'm aware of it?

    Clearly OP you are not a noob by any sensible definition of the term - being able to understand your skill level is the first step to getting better. The main problem I have with the word is that it is a US import that goes along with the enforced conformist nature of that society together with the way it is thrown about as an insult often by players who are unable to understand their own shortcomings. I very much doubt if anyone who has been called a noob in game ever has been motivated to do better or help the "noob shouter" in any way.
  7. Herman_der_German

    Cant Login on OBT EU

    @Mayham07 ------ It looks like there is a staged ramp up to OBT as some players not in the beta tests have been able to log on an play the game. I am not sure if the there will be opportunities for more players to join the this late stage in the beta test but your friends could try again from time to time since they have the client downloaded.
  8. Herman_der_German

    Pink named

    The navy has a long tradition of pink submarines............. By responding to team damaging by team damaging, and maybe killing, you became the metaphorical pink submarine. If its a minor incident it should only last a few games but I am not sure how the mechanic is implemented but I would try very hard to not damage team mates even if they are pink. If they continue to damage your ship they will get a ban and the best way to contribute to that is by ignoring them and letting them get themselves banned.
  9. Herman_der_German

    Scout planes - Still garbage

    At some point scout planes are going to cost and be a part of the economy. Have an extra scout may be a perk or a consumable and even a skill that increases in effectiveness. So there is a need to have a scout plane report detailing what it has done.
  10. Herman_der_German

    Weird Torpedo spread

    I have noticed as well that my torp drops on manual take on a shallow V formation rather than a straight line. A good tight well aimed drop will be just a devastating in both cases but there is a higher chance that the lagging torp/s at the end of the V formation will miss. The real bummer is that the point distance between the torps in the V spread is greater making them easier to dodge if the target turns early enough. But its CBT so you got to expect the developers to mix things up including random torps with guidance issues but they will have problems getting good data if CVs become too toxic to play.
  11. Herman_der_German

    Bonus Signal Flag Boxes, erm wut?

    Jingles gives an explanation here: at 11:08. This excuses me from working in the salt mines...................
  12. Herman_der_German

    HMS BELFAST anticipation for Royal navy and ship progression

    The Belfast was of the second town class and had 12 X 4" secondary's from her entry into service and her AAA armament was increased at almost every refit and repair throughout the second world war and to a Pacific theatre standard when sent there. There is plenty of scope to have her WoWS AAA at a good level.
  13. Herman_der_German

    HMS BELFAST anticipation for Royal navy and ship progression

    12 six inch guns and very good AAA from go, plus torps. Gotagetmeoneofthose.
  14. Herman_der_German

    1. of April

    It calls for new game mechanic encompassing Miskatonic University rules - Cthulhu, paper, scissors Reanimator, Yoh-Sothoth. Or you could just eat cheese before going to bed.
  15. Herman_der_German

    Main guns maximum dispersion

    How is main guns maximum dispersion calculated? Is the dispersion figure given relate to the guns at maximum range? If this is the case then it might be useful for comparison purposes to also give the dispersion figure for a standard distance of 10 km for instance.