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  1. Rick_Hunter

    Gewertete Gefechte

    In der letzten T7 Saison waren die Nebelkreuzer die - gefühlt - meistverbreitete Spezies Im 6vs6 hat man schon ordentlich Einfluss und kann so für eine ordentliche WR sorgen.
  2. Rick_Hunter

    Gewertete Gefechte

    Einfach nicht in Situationen bringen, aus denen du nicht mehr lebend raus kommst und so den roten DDs Gelegenheit geben sich zu wasten Das könnte man in jeder Saison sagen. 10-6 ist eben von der 45% Fraktion dominiert und entsprechend sehen dann auch die Spiele aus
  3. So how often do you run into those Gearing vs Grozovoi fights around a capzone? I tried gun spec Gearing and imo it's simply not a viable build since the opportunities to use your nice gun dpm are unfortunately rare in your average T10 game.
  4. Gearing is the DD I like to pick when playing in a 3-man division. It lacks the utility to carry your team when playing solo. And despite the decent gun DPM most of my DMG comes from the torps...
  5. Rick_Hunter

    Scheiß AP Bomben

    Selbst die 35% Bot-Midway klickt dir mit AP-Bombenautodrop die Hälfte der HP weg. Diese "Skill"Bomben sind schon ziemlich bescheuert und mit einer der Gründe, warum die Spieler ein Rework wollten.
  6. Rick_Hunter


    Dann erklär doch mal, wie die gleichen Granaten aus den gleichen Geschützen auf den beiden Schiffen so unterschiedlich performen sollen...?
  7. And the 50mm part of the stern. And the 50mm deck armour. Kronstadt can't shatter HE-Shells or bounce BB-AP like Stalingrad and Moskva except those shells, that hit the main belt.
  8. Rick_Hunter

    Flame, ständig, warum?

    @Yae_Ko Du wirst immer geflamed werden in Wows, egal wie gut oder schlecht du spielst. Nur die Häufigkeit variiert Ansonsten sind die Russen DDs ohne die BB-Pens zur Zeit schon recht fies. BBs werden gefarmt und wehren können sie sich nicht wirklich...
  9. Rick_Hunter

    Tier X Carrier gameplay, threats and insults

    Enemy fighters don't appear magically right in front of your bombers (unless in cyclone). And you've had found out the only serious threat to your planes, the Worcester, was not interested in the cap center at all. Sure both Mogami and the DD can equip Def AA but neither of them have massive AA, that can murder all your planes in a short time.
  10. Rick_Hunter

    Tier X Carrier gameplay, threats and insults

    I've just watched the first minutes of your islands of ice game and there are a two things already: It's epicenter and each side has one DD. Both DDs are going for the capzone so it would really help your DD ( your whole team) if you would try to bomb or at least spot the enemy DD and his torps. Instead you're sending all your planes in one blob up the 2 line...why? Also Midway benefits from concealment expert and it boosts your teams morale if they don't see their T10 CV starting the game by reversing to the map border @Drone81
  11. Rick_Hunter

    Stalingrad sucking the fun out of clan wars.

    If you include concealment and broadside citadel protection then it's obviously not tanky anymore. It gets spotted from the moon and has a huge citadel behind 180mm armour. So anything with decent AP will get easy citadels on a broadside Stalingrad. I don't really get the point of the "OP-Stalingrad" myself. Its guns are really really good at punishing broadsides even across the map and that's about it.
  12. Rick_Hunter

    Stalingrad sucking the fun out of clan wars.

    Sure the alpha of a BB broadside is greater than a Stalingrad one - that's what BBs are made for. But the Stalingrad has lower shell travel time and is way more accurate making it easier to hit at range. None of the actual T10 BBs has a 11.7km radar and sits in the cruiser slot though. And again - what do you mean by tankier? Republique + Conq with their 32mm plating all around the ship are pretty much the opposite of tanky imo. The other BBs are tanky but so is the Stalin
  13. Rick_Hunter

    Stalingrad sucking the fun out of clan wars.

    There is only one BB allowed in CWs. With Stalingrads teams get a crossfire situation as if there were multiple BBs. What do you mean by tankier? A broadsiding Stalin will get citadelled for sure, but when it's angled it becomes utterly tanky. Kronstadt is a different story. It has 25mm plating everywhere so it can't tank BB-ap and HE-spam (although its citadel is better protected) like a Stalingrad. Also its guns are nowhere as consistent as Stalingrad guns.
  14. Rick_Hunter

    Stalingrad sucking the fun out of clan wars.

    Well... the high shell velocity, the good pen and the decent accuracy means that a Stalingrad will punish (like 10k dmg at least) any broadsiding ship consistently even at max range. Ant that's somewhat unique in this game.
  15. Rick_Hunter

    Kronshtadt -Tier IX-"Kreuzer"

    HE-Granaten haben einen Explosionsradius. Und wenn ein Magazin innerhalb dieses Radius ist, kann das Ziel detonieren. Mit der Zita hat das nichts zu tun und einen direkten HE-Treffer braucht es dafür auch nicht. Hier bin ich vor einer Weile mal mit meinem DD explodiert, als eine Conqeror HE-Granate neben meinem Schiff ins Wasser eingeschlagen ist...