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  1. game failure ?

    -911, what is your emergency? -HELP, HELP! I'M A BOTTOM TIER BOAT IN WORLD OF WARSHIPS! -Understood, please give me your location so I can dispatch our snowflake appeasing unit. - [CRYING NOISES INTENSIFY]
  2. game failure ?

    Obligatory "can I haz your stuff" post. Also: good riddance, please don't come back. If you think that +2 mm is unaccaptable, think how much worse it is to have a whining quitter crybaby leaving his team because unfair plane!!!!!!!!!111111111 (not that I actually expect OP to a)have the brain capacity to think about it; b)come back to this thread). What was it about not bashing stupids again @hgbn_dk ?
  3. Wish List for World of Warship

    What truth? That you got triggered af (possibly due to being a "proud" member of one of the groups I mentioned) and that you're a hypocrite? Sorry snowflake, that didn't hurt at all, try harder.
  4. Wish List for World of Warship

    >BE NICE AND CIVILISED PLS! >turns to ad hominem Sure, I'm not nice, I'll never pretend to be, but at least I'm not a hypocrite. And I'd be glad if we didn't get stupid topics every weekend, that would be a start.
  5. Wish List for World of Warship

    I obviously forgot one rather important entry on my stupid list, the "true-communism-has-not-been-tried-yet-it-will-work-next-time" people.
  6. Wish List for World of Warship

    Triggered much? How much money did you give chris roberts?
  7. Wish List for World of Warship

    Being nice to stupids just enables them and so far we got anti-vaccine movements, flat-earthers and people who "donated" thousands of $ to make star citizen "happen". Since stupidity has no bounds it will only get worse unless some hammers get dropped.
  8. Wish List for World of Warship

    I wish that village idiots would get off the internet and just go back to their villages, but I guess that's a bit too much for wg.
  9. Submarines ingame?

    >no, no, I really don't care! >MIMIMIMIMIMIMIMIIMIMIMI SUBS CAN WORK IN WOWS, WE NEED IT IN GAME YOU CAN'T PROVE ME WRONG >SEE? I DON'T CARE Yeah, right. In any case: subs won't happen no matter how hard you sperg, deal with it.
  10. Submarines ingame?

    [citation needed] So you can make every kind of r(e)tarded idea without ANY basis in reality and implement it into a game because HURR DURR ARCADE? lul Sub combat with all of its elements ripped of because HURR DURR ARCADE is STUPIDLY EASY. Boring (due to limited speed), but come on... Implementing a class that's stupidly easy to play, has no basis in reality, requires reworking of large parts of the game and that balancing it be a total pain in the a$$ (if possible at all) is an issue.
  11. Submarines ingame?

    lul You'd like subs in game to work on BS magic without any sort of realistic basis. Sub games are too hard for you and you want wows to include super easy invisibul boats which mechanics weren't dumbed down but r(e)tarded down. How about no?
  12. Submarines ingame?

    That last sentence doesn't mean that layers were not relevant, it means that to that point there was no reliable way of exploiting it. And ww2 depth charges (at least some of them) could be set to 900-1500ft (depending on the source), which is at or below crush depth for boats of that era.
  13. Credits

    Git gud. Tier 8 with premium account (and nothing else) is pretty much guaranteed money - in standard coop. If you play pvp and lose credits like that then I have bad news for you... Disregard, I only had 1 coffee today. But, yeah, git gud, naked tier 8 boat on standard account can make a reliable profit in standard coop.
  14. Submarines ingame?

    Dude, you (or rather that link) basically confirms what I said. Do you even understand what you read?