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  1. Well, you can say that aging isn't painful per say, but all the wear&tear starts to have an impact when you're older. Why grind ships in coop anyway? You might just as well sit down and watch a tree grow, takes about the same amount of time.
  2. >coop for doing missions unless it's xp/credits grind it's ok >grinding trees in coop just potato your way in randoms, you'll be done several times faster
  3. SUBS on PTS tomorrow !!!

    And since other halloween subs are reskins of irl subs, this really makes you think that wargaming was just sitting on a few modelled sub branches and waiting to drop the bomb about introducing them in game all along.
  4. Wargaming abandoning the "standard coop is for training" line of thinking, improving bots and rebalancing coop economy. If we can get subs, than maybe this will happen too?.... Oooooh, who am I kidding, everything else might get introduce at some point, but making coop mains lives better? My hope for this = 0.
  5. NA - land of the free

    >introduce completely broken cv >be in wg team >get deleted with said broken cv >to add insult to injury that player takes a piss at you >TRIGGERED.GIF >ban the guy >WE DID IT PLEBBIT!
  6. But I dont want a bloody supercontainer?!?!

    Hell, I wouldn't complain if I got €1.000.000 in peanuts!
  7. Don't forget submarines. Never forget submarines. On top of being completely burned out, nothing in sight regarding coop changes and wg making stupid decisions I just don't like playing this game anymore.
  8. It's just not leaked yet, coming in the same patch as super consumables.
  9. Submarines ingame?

    *cough*ACTUALLY*cough* if caterpillar drive was a true thing, it would've only eliminated some noise - the one coming from the screw. To be able to use it for as long as it is depicted by the movie it has to be powered by the reactor, while reactors themselves are quiet, it's cooling generates a lot of noise. THE MORE YOU KNOW!
  10. sub vs sub

    Main gun. Or torp surfaced boat. Or torp boat that's on PD. There's only one known ww2 example where one submerged boat torpedoed another succesfully iirc. How? "Analog" TMA (also known as using maths, brains, pens and paper). Other than that - subs didn't really fight each other, sub on sub combat really picked up during the cold war. I imagine sub on sub in wows will be either like watching old people have sex or something that would put star trek to shame.
  11. Submarines ingame?

    I have to admit - I'm a fekking idiot for believing in wargaming doing the sensible things. inb4 wows jumps the shark completely. Oh, and say hello to over the horizon warfare, nuke boats, guided missiles and stuff like that, now I'm pretty sure those will happen as well sooner or later. Who knows, maybe even before cv rework?
  12. Oscar/Oscar-II also had swimming pools iirc. And maybe even saunas. No worries there! I'm sure everything will be fine, as always! Have you ever doubted the genius of wows producers? HAVE YOU? OFF TO GULAG YOU GO!
  13. Judging by the interview I'd say that the halloween event is just a test, but whether feedback is positive or negative it doesn't really matter - subs are coming in one form or another. Also - I think I can tell why, the soviet ww2 subs were way more (in)famous than the surface fleet.
  14. "murican - torps that either fail to detonate on target or turn around and kill your own sub. Brit - eeeeeeeh.... Zombie heal and smoke screen? GLORIOUS SOVIET NAVY - nuke boats, akula/typhoon as tier 10s
  15. Seriously wargaming? Submarines? Outside of some special event? I'm not a silent hunter guy, more like cold waters guy (~500 hours), so I think I'll do alright. :P Oh, and since SOVIET NAVY BEST NAVY I fully expect at least november class in game. Or maybe alpha.