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  1. orzel286

    Last Prinz directive

    Not my fault you're not intelligent enough. Even though some of them ARE with premium/flags/camo? Oh, sorry for not buying premium account then... If it's open for both bicycles and tricycles, but set time limit is impossible to do with a tricycle then it's a valid complaint. Might or MIGHT NOT. And then it's over a hundred sets basically lost for nothing, and I already said earlier what happens next. Nope, it's mathematically imppossible. I also don't have time for this. inb4 sub-20iq guys come in screeching "HURR DURR HOW CAN YOU NOT HAVE TIME" - fook of brainlets.
  2. orzel286

    Last Prinz directive

    Not even close. With about 2 times more damage. This one took over 15 minutes, could've just yolo'd 3 randoms for more with way less effort, so there goes the "coop games are faster" bs as well. Quite the opposite, a lot depends on what boat you're sailing and where you spawn, if you use some slow mid tier bb and bot don't come your way you can get a 3-4k dmg game. Or if you get 2-3 competent dds on your team, they can easily rush everything so you're left with nothing to shoot at. >over 8k coop games played >still no single tier 10 So, that's a no as well. Oh, so when someone doesn't help me when I'm getting focused because he's outside of his secondary's range and I get sunk that's the guy being considerate? Really? In pvp that would be a dik move, but in coop it isn't somehow? Stunning logic. The main topic of the conversation we're having. I really do have to explain even that? Yeah, sorry for not being a whale. And actually thinking a bit longer term than next week. Silly me. Funny, because the last couple of days I actually had premium acc and used some signals and camos, guess what - only finished with ijn, about half-way through with usn and that's about it.
  3. orzel286

    Last Prinz directive

    Encouraging bad plays because HURR DURR MUH EASYMODE, really? Just do everyone else a favor and uninstall. Why do you bother with multiplayer games? I don't care. With main topic being: "this directive is EASILY doable in coop" you can't make any sense of my posts? Seriously? Oh, I have saved up some signals and camos. But again: throwing it all away because of some event and then being left with nothing to speed up the grind on 1-2 boats or some less demanding mission is outright stupid.
  4. orzel286

    Last Prinz directive

    IF Ok, let's say I burn through my signals and camos, maybe I get that mission chain done. Then wg introduces new grindy chain, but you're back at square 1, no signals and camos this time, because you can't replenish those in coop, you have to get lucky with containers, spend coal or real life money. And some brainlet will come over HURR DURR YOU DON'T HAVE SIGNALS, YOU'RE DOING IT OBJECTIVELY WRONG! You really didn't think this through, did you, smartass? Also: since when NOT HAVING SOMETHING is DOING SOMETHING WRONG? So the moment that my premium account run out yesterday I started playing this game wrong? What kind of sub-20 iq logic is that? Because then I'd be stuck with braindeads like you. That's why I'd rather have pvp mains stick to their cesspool than come over, come on, most of the time you have other humans on your team, so just for mission you're willing to let them down? Great. Hopefully we never meet.
  5. orzel286

    Last Prinz directive

    Statistics don't lie.
  6. orzel286

    Last Prinz directive

    Again: you do barely 3k more average damage, 1.4 tier higher? And it's me who needs to l2p? Another Dunning-Kruger. Also: LOL you seriously had to cherrypick those screenshots hard didn't you?
  7. orzel286

    Last Prinz directive

    [citation needed] Or do you mean the part where I checked your stats, and you do a whole 3k XD more damage... More than ONE tier higher? You know that means that YOU'RE sucking at this, right? Or are you delusional? Or simply stupid? Except that I actually debunked your points... Like... This is a more likely coop result? Or this one? Duh. Oh, so it's my fault wargaming decides to a shaft coop mains by their mission design? Good to know. Playing coop since closed beta, I'm used to this. Then next time maybe have better stats than the person you're calling a potato?
  8. orzel286

    Last Prinz directive

    And part of it is about how coop is bad for doing it, including the post first post you replied to. Can you read? Can you understand what you read? I doubt it. Which you can't do, judging by your trash-tier coop stats. Stay mad baddie. Ahem - I beg to differ. Doing coop with premium account - I'm not done, not even close. Meanwhile 45%-er can do it in pvp faster, as @glorgir said in his posts.
  9. orzel286

    Last Prinz directive

    >haha you're a potato! >n-no please, don't check my stats in game mode the discussion is about >n-nobody cares ha ha! Ok, if coop is easy (like many people claim), then: a) why do you suck at it; b) why do you call someone obviously better at it a potato? Are you mentally challanged? Thanks for validating my point about failing your way up in pvp and still out-earning coop mains.
  10. orzel286

    Last Prinz directive

    Said the guy with 33k avg damage and sub-95% coop winrate. Is this what peak Dunning-Kruger looks like?
  11. orzel286

    Another resource/economy poll

    Coop mains need similar poll. :P
  12. orzel286

    Last Prinz directive

    I heard that Japanese resumed their whaling operations recently, be careful out there dude. :v
  13. orzel286

    Major fps problems...18 - 20 fps in brawls

    I mean, I could get stable 60fps+ BEFORE this patch on a AMD X2, so you have no idea yet again. Or should I say - as always.
  14. orzel286

    Last Prinz directive

    Wow. A hypocrite as well! Anyway (setting the exchange with an apparent troglodyte aside) - IJN - gone over 2M credits, USN - about 700k... Which is second best as well. Oh, well.
  15. orzel286

    Last Prinz directive

    Except that it's YOU who can't make a point anymore, so you just start projecting.