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  1. orzel286

    Lets face it, CVs will "never" work!

    You have absolutely no clue what are you talking about. So CV escorts fighting off IJN surface task force with escort carriers throwing everything that could fly up in the air doesn't make it a combined air and surface battle? Woah dude, I've seen some know-it-alls, but you're on a completely different level. Not only you have absolutely no clue, but you also make up some insane crap (what defines combined air and surface battle then?), and in your delusion you call someone actually correcting you stupid. Is your iq below room temperature or you just forgot to take your pills today?
  2. orzel286

    Lets face it, CVs will "never" work!

    DDs and DDEs charging IJN task force, with Yamato weighting more that the whole USN group combined, put up such a fight that their small tin-cans were reported as battleships and heavy cruisers at first, later on americans were firing at point blank range, ultimately forced IJN to retreat. I don't think it's me who needs to read up, edit Please do not insult fellow forumities!
  3. orzel286

    Lets face it, CVs will "never" work!

    Yes, battle off Samar was not a battle. Every day you learn something new here.
  4. orzel286

    Lets face it, CVs will "never" work!

    >failed reroll >tell others how to play Welp, makes as much sense as mod that doesn't speak English moderating English section and giving out 2 week ban, but both of those things happened. I've seen pretty much everything now.
  5. orzel286

    CV rework failed every test it was set.

    Every time Yaskaraxx posts: *edit*
  6. >live server is PTS >recent patches broke the game on the technical level for some (fps drops, sound issues and the like) >now support doesn't give a rat's bottom about bugs Wargaming after finding new low started digging furiously.
  7. orzel286

    Some more CV stuff

    Filthy pleb. :v Zofia>Eva>Tanya.
  8. orzel286

    [Poll] CV's Rework vs Rollback

    Rollback. And not just because of the carriers, I can't play the current version because the sounds are so FOCKED UP my ears hurt. And the fps issues.
  9. No worries, mod status might drop from a super container! You never know!
  10. Please stop discussing moderation!
  11. 50 ships in armory? RIP ui, it'll die to death trying to process this.
  12. orzel286

    I'll never play CV's

    Wargaming needs data to balance cvs, right? So OP is one more guy that denies wg the data it needs. Sort of.
  13. orzel286

    This new "Whoosh" sound!

    I managed 2 battles, now my ears bleed. It's not just that massively r3t4rd3d WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH sound. They did something to the sound engine yet AGAIN, so I get fps drops. And almost every sound = a lot of crackling, pops, sometimes sound is delayed. Wow. Just wow. A year ago I had none of these issues and now I got them, for what? A WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH. What the hell wargaming... EDIT: Half an hour later my ears still hurt, no this is not a joke. I can listen to loud music for hours, I could easily breeze through various earrapes, anti-lag systems are music to me But this patch just rekt me. Well done. You might want to get some health hazard warning in the launcher. FFS.
  14. orzel286

    This new "Whoosh" sound!

    Stop 👏 adding 👏 sounds 👏 nobody 👏 asked 👏 for 👏 or 👏 at 👏 least 👏 give 👏 us 👏 control 👏 over 👏 them 👏 ffs! I gave up trying to mute the music from the battle result screen (the one you get immidiately after battle), that's infuriating when you have your own music at full blast in foobar or something and then suddenly earrape because HURR DURR.
  15. orzel286

    Problems with the server

    Forum seems to be having a stroke as well, lots of 502s for me.