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  1. I have a great crossover idea, sadly it's so lewd I can't even post it on forums without getting instabanned and Interpol'd.
  2. Scenario: Futility of Naval Station Newport

    Inferior meatbags can't handle superior programmink! Sooner or later wows bots will become fully sentient shipgirls and then robowaifus! FEEL THE MIGHT OF YOUR FUTURE OVERLORDS! I mean, uh, oh no, this is so sad. Oh, and this:
  3. 6gb patch?

    Hax obviously.
  4. I also find completely unacceptable that you can exchange steel for coal and not the other way around. It doesn't make sense, you need coal to make steel, this is so unrealistic, FIX THIS WG
  5. Oil collected without a Clan

    The only tier 10 tanks will be heavies Arty is perfectly fine World of warplanes is doing ok Those are my top 3
  6. Still at it? I didn't write that bots went south. I wrote that I went south ( for simplicity top of the map = N). It's so nice that there's a line that shows direction of a targeted ship. You can easily extend that in paint, see how it goes. Yes, two bots are not on it - they're going around island, once they were done they went for me, not for cap (even though by the time they cleared it I went unspotted behind island). Dude, you're out of straws right now.
  7. Well, yeah, you know what they say, if a chance for something to happen is above zero, no matter how small it is, it will happen. Well, at least on a cosmological scale.
  8. 1,5k steel from super containers, and knowing how "often" they appear the "longer time" needed might be longer than life cycle of universe. Or two. Grinding coal might take a bit less, just a lifespan. Of a sun. Yes, I'm counting income from containers only, because that's what I'll be getting as a coop main, if you're feeling like a different kind of masochist and actually play ranked this grind might take a bit less, we still don't know how much you'll get from playing and missions.
  9. That's a third topic about it atm? Anyway, this is how standard coop mains were, are and looks like will be treated forever, so I'm actually very tempted to say that you people just need to suck it up, which is a pretty standard reaction of (some) pvp players (and wg itself, because HURR COOP IS FOR TRAINING DURR) whenever someone mentions improving coop in any way. :P
  10. Filling shpgirls with seamen is something I'd do 24/7.
  11. I just looked up my oil production, at the time of writing this post I'm on top of my clan in that regard, 4,5k oil, times 5... Meh, could've been worse -also pve players, the standard coop fans with A LOT OF THINGS I'm still laughing. With tears in my eyes, but still.
  12. You sure try hard to twist things around so they suit your delusions. Even a damn screenshot that clearly shows a line of bbs going in my direction, not towards cap.
  13. 300-700 coal from container if lucky? If INSANELY lucky 15k? Woah. Considering the prices as well, if you didn't play ranked and had a clan you might jump off a cliff right now. Getting anything just from containers will be a struggle compareable to grinding in coop. I'm just laughing at this point, good thing I spotted WJDE in a coop match, I think I owe him a really nice fish.
  14. Hi. You called? What? An exclusive interview on how does being completely forgotten by wg feel? Sure! Sad. Hope that's satisfying, I'm going back to nothingness, have a good day!
  15. Hm, so that means that bots are not so easy to torp after all? That bots can react to torps as soon as they hit the water, at least if you're spotted during launch (and that is a rather well known fact)? Hm? Nice backpedalling here. Dude, I wrote in simple English that bots did not continue to C and went after my unspotted dd. I don't know if you have serious reading comprehension problems or are desperately trying to twist my words. Knowing you, it's the second option.