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  1. Is this game flooded by BOTS or whatelse?

    ACTUALLY bots are "no cap kill all" type. Sure, they go for cap zones initially, but then they wander off to hunt all hoomanz. It's funny and tragic that on a very rare occasion bots can win by capping in standard... By beaching themselves while being in the circle. Happened to me once, on strait I think, I cleared my flank, "rushed" (in new mexico iirc) my way back to defend while bot bb got stuck like that, friendlies were running away and I didn't have a line of fire.
  2. FPS drops and stutter - update 7.2

    Hello! This is wargaming customer support! Before attempting to fix the issue, please make sure that the device you're using is plugged in and the power switch is on. To fix this problem try switching the thingy off and back on again. Thank you for your mon.... Errr, patience! Yes, patience! This ticket is now closed.
  3. Randomly generated maps?

    GREAT IDEA! I also think, that riot and valve should implement this in their competitive multiplayer games. Losing rank just because map generator gave the other team all the advantages? FUN! /sarcasm THINK BEFORE YOU POST FFS
  4. Operation Killer Whale - collective amnesia?

    tl;dr humans are less intelligent than bots. Welp, I'll welcome our future robowaifu overlords with open arms.
  5. Operation Killer Whale - collective amnesia?

    u wot m8? So playing - let's say - test drive unlimited doesn't make sense as well, because servers are off? I should look for another racing game, just because I can't play with other scrublords anymore? Why should I limit myself like that? Your example only tells me you should visit a psychologist. So let me give you a better one: I'm a designated driver on a bar tour, friends are having fun and all, but I want to drink some beer as well. Well, beer is alcoholic beverage, so according to you I'm left with nothing until I'm done driving for today. Even though there are beers without alcohol. But I'm having my alco-free beer anyway, and there's this dude, who shakes his head wondering why would I do that... While not 100% optimal, it still fullfills the need. Simple as that.
  6. Suggestion: Premium-centric gamemodes

    Go home op, you're drunk.
  7. Opt in for 'tougher' Random Games pool

    Gotta love wows community logic >we need more competitive modes! >hurr durr don't increase coop rewards, it'll dillute the playerbase!!! maeks sens.
  8. Operation Killer Whale - collective amnesia?

    That's why I don't play operations. Or any other mode really, you just can't rely on people. Standard coop only! Good player can win basically solo. Which is a good thing because botsR2hard4pubbies. *cough*and get 1/5 of the exp/credits without any flags for effort compared to other modes*cough*
  9. 0.7.2 FPS Drop fix

    Didn't get stuttering, but had one quite bad crash, I couldn't even get into the critical error window to take a screenshot. Might be related, might not be related.
  10. I don't know how this could be a bug, underwater citadel gets penetrated by a shell that went below the waterline, makes sense if you ask me. Or maybe I don't know something? Yeah, and coop community cries for years now* that wg doesn't increase the rewards by a small amount, or doesn't give coop exclusive content (just like, y'know, most campaigns and events are pvp exclusive)...
  11. "Retarded"

    Oh, yes. Here's why: some hammers need to be dropped. If you don't tell the person that he fouled up, he'll just keep doing the same thing. Chewing someone up is verbal equivalent of getting burned - you wouldn't put your hand on fire twice, right? Which reminds me of this '90s sort-of documentary series "kawaleria powietrzna" (air cavalry), it basically told the story of conscripts that were drafted into Polish air cavalry brigade. In one of the episodes, one of the lieutenants was asked why superiors swear so much; he answered with a story that basically went like this: one of his colleagues holding the same rank told him that he'll be different and that he'll never call his subordinates names. A few months later, the "no-swear" lt told him that it's just impossible, these morons just don't get the message, and he gave up. The interviewed lt concluded that, since conscripts are from different backgrounds, have varying levels of education - you aim for the lowest denominator. And here's the really funny part: as a former shop clerk, I can totally confirm. Maybe I didn't swear much at customers (heh), but sarcasm, situational jokes, intelligent remarks? Some people wouldn't notice them, even if the aformentioned could stand on a counter, lower their pants and slap the dumbass in his face with their dongs. Yep, average Joe is as dumb as brick. So, basically, the swear words actually do help in communication. Especially when you want (need) to make your message simple (maybe that's why the military KISS stands for "Keep It Simple, Stupid"). And I think that Gordon understands that as well. Also: while even though English is the "universal" language, not everyone is fluent in it, however some swear words are either known even without much knowledge, or are common in more than one language (like an "idiot"). So, there you go, you can let someone half a globe away know that he screwed up big time without even knowing same languages. While you may not like it, it's a fact that it WORKS.
  12. "Retarded"

    Oh mah gah, what kind of society is that? Ponyland or something? Because the last time I checked if you did something stupid - you were called stupid. Hell, sometimes if if you did everything right you got called out for no reason at all. Also (for the "do that in person" thing) - yeah, sure, just go and watch some Gordon Ramsey compilations. And respect is not given out for free - it's earned. Just like the opposite.
  13. French Battleships : GOD in WOW !!!

  14. AI Targeting

    Well, can't say I'm correct (I play coop not scenarios), but basically: spotted cvs (not 100% sure on that, cvs might be further down the line)>dds>cruisers>bbs. Bots seem to also take range and hp into account, maybe even angles. But yeah, sometimes I just wonder: why aren't bots focusing on broadsiding paper cruisers that are closer to them than me and my bow on bb? Do bots use xvm or something? "Oh, this guy has nice coop stats, let's focus him first!" O_o