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    When will you FIX the Broken game

    when will WG start fixing the game and not make it more and more and more broken and not fun to play. WG needs to start looking how the game is being actualy played and not just look at just data and feedback from supertesters...WG needs to LOOK at the whole game and not spesific sections of it..the game is broken and needs to be fixed that it can become more enjoyable to many players and not a constant frustration and rage becouse of simple basic stuff is broken and seem to not get any attension from the dev teams
  2. i'm getting tired of playing World of warships simply becouse BB's don't have a counter to cruisers spamming HE ammo and absolutely OWNING a BB. thats just kills the game all together when cruisers are made the counter for BB's. IT'S BORING. come on wargaming start making the game interesting with a little more need for skill than just spam spam spam HE
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    I actually took the trouble of trying to look it up, in Norman Friedman's Naval Radar among others. So far, I have found no evidence of this, although I am a bit disappointed in the level of detail of especially that source. Nevertheless, it seems to be quite the contrary, as I had expected. The Germans had a slight advantage in radar design at the start of the war, but all long-term research was stopped after war broke out. The Germans expected a Blitzkrieg (short war) instead of a Materialschlacht (war of attrition) and changed their research priorities accordingly. The Allies invested huge amounts of time, resources, manpower and money in research and came up with the magnetron, which worked on much shorter wavelengths. They ended up with radar small enough to be used for proximity fuzes, a secret that was kept in part by not using them in close proximity to land. Garzke and Dulin go so far as to say that "Bismarck could not use her radar for rangefinding." (Axis and Neutral, p 290) As far as I can tell Tirpitz didn't have vastly superior equipment, but I am having trouble finding specifics that quickly. Even though her equipment was upgraded, the same source (same page) is dismissive about it and, while an improvement, I highly doubt it would be on a par with what the Allies had at that stage. At close to medium range, in reasonable visibility it probably would not have mattered much, as long as the German optical rangefinders were intact, but during a night engagement, I'd choose almost any Allied ship over almost any Axis warship, with possible exception of the Japanese during the early stages of the war. umm actualy the Quality of the Bismarck armor was good. the british shot at the bismarck what over 400 hits and only 4 rounds actualy penetrated and did no major damage at all and even the torpedos that hit the bismarck did no critical damage becouse the torpedo bulkheads behind the actual armored hull had no damage at all. what sank the bismarck was not the british but the german crew itself. and people are sayin that the bismarck is over hyped and stuff yes it is over hyped but it was the Pride of the German navy just like the Battlecruiser Hood was to the Royal navy. yes hood was at a dissavantage and was only seconds away from actual safety from blunging fire. if anythign is over hyped it's the Iowa class BB sayin it is the best BB in the world when that is not true at all. yes it survived the war but it was never really in any danger of what so ever. besides German navy gunnery crews were highly trained and the targeting optics were best in the world at the time. at the start of the battle hood made the mistake on opening fire on the prinz eugen becouse it thought it was the bismarck and that game time for the gunnery crew of bismarck to get actual range correct first. it was the back end of the deck armor that was the weakspot of the hood and that was actually planned to be corrected but then the war started and the hood was sent to hunt the bismarck and we all know the fate of that. i know many of you will start to complayin and start to find faults in my reasoning but i have actualy done some sort of research of this. Bismarck was a good ship and it was the most advanced at the time it was made and sailed.