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  1. Amagi

    There is one problem on amagi! i`ve research the hull , and when i wanted to buy it the game took my credits but diddn`t mout the hull not once but twice! Did enyone encountered this kind of stuff before?!
  2. Are you enjoying the CBT?

    For me, is the perfect game! i can`t wait the german techtree
  3. I think that we supose to test the game/ships, discover bugs and game issues, not human rage and bad looser players! But that`s my opinion!
  4. Closed Beta Survey

    Done, first and second waves of questions!
  5. Subs?

    Subs will unbalance the game, allready tons of torps in game, i don`t think we need more!
  6. Known Bugs/ Issues

    Same problem here, for my last 3-4 games, my credids diddn`t update to the amount! and when i purchased the hull for the tier VIII amagi, the game took my credids but diddn`t upgrade the ship! (sry for my bad english)!
  7. How can we purchase piasters?
  8. GO GO GO!

    where do i have to subscrie for this....???
  9. GO GO GO!

    help me what do i have to do for a code???
  10. CBT

    where can i find an invite code?