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    What?! No compensation for team damage?

    Checked and Nope, no mention, not even a showing of Compensation, I've checked in the Credit's and XP info by expanding the Info and nothing. I got torp hit by six of my ally torp's. The person was just in a rush to get a "Kill" so he fired everything, I was bloody lucky to avoid most of them, and none of them hit the enemy. So it kinda felt like "Get away from my Kill" type message. Anyway, I do not know if he got fined, however, It is Sad that I am now having to lose credit's cause of the actions of player's who attacks their own teammates. Few days back, I noticed I was not even being compensated for a guy ramming into me, not once, not twice, but three times, twice in once match and then again in the next match. Same guy. It's getting harder to get good teamwork matches. Rather then trolls ramming into friendlies to add a bill. It is a sad day when captain's have to troll their fellow captain's for their own amusement without a care for the consequences. To see such people who do it just to garner them selves with attention, "Look at me I am hitting my team-mates LOL, You suck LOL." It's shows just how far they have fallen into their own illusions of grandeur. For the fact is, They only mastered the art of hitting things at point blank, their own allies who have their attention to turned to the true sight of the art of war. The art that is more glorious and noble, which in turn's earns them respect. When all said and done, it's just a game.