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  1. Flavio1997

    U Mad Bro? Post battle rage messages.

    it has to be post-batte? cause in battle i saw stuff that you humans can't even imagine "cit"
  2. Flavio1997

    Ships you kept

    48 ships in port. not counting premiums, tier 10 or tier 8 ( for cbs/tournaments and such) i kept: -lyon for the trolls 16 shells salvo -kirov because you citadel every cruiser you encounter at any range, and doubles down perfectly as my kronstad captain -queen Elizabeth ( sold recently cause warspite arrived in port with sovereigns), for the accurate and "overpen anything" guns -ryjuo for sealclubbing teaching new cv players how to cv -V25 for the reason above, but with dds ( 14 points captain) -lexington for those rare cases in which you get in a tier 7 match and start one-shotting bbs at will -jervis because i fell in love with her
  3. Flavio1997

    Rename "Four Goal Haul" to "Squid Released"

    Or as everyone else is calling it: The poor's man kraken
  4. Flavio1997

    What's your average hit ratio?

    I ask a fee dor using this meme in this post
  5. Flavio1997

    Is "Concealment" the new "Situational Awareness"?

    1)donskoy? wihtout it you can't radar, unless the enemy dd is an idiot, he sees you with almost 2 kms of advantage, with it, he has a 600meter window to get away and also, see below point 2 2)moskva and hindy? you concealment gets above bb level, and letting a bb have the first salvo, from unspotted is the poster child for a devstrike. 3)gk, yamato, musashi izumo? you can disengage and at the meantime you get the chance to open salvo to an unsuspecting enemy at 13.5 secs, where your guns havs around 7 secs of flight time, that is devastating in the right hands 4) on a gun dd? true for the khaba, not for everyone else (harogumo, grozo, daring)
  6. Flavio1997

    Is "Concealment" the new "Situational Awareness"?

    when you ryjuo and shokaku gets to 8 and 9 kms concealment (respectively) you can do some weird s_hit, trust me. Getting back in topic, yes, is mandatory because as in real life, being the one that can give intel on the enemy, without giving it yourself is a huge advantage, and even when they will flatten out the improvements its warrants, it will still be the best tier 4 skill
  7. Flavio1997

    Giveaway: Blizzard vs le 6 leggende, SUPERMISSIONE Frontline

    ecco la mia entrata, e secondo me si potrebbe anche meritare un replay come video @Blizzard____ 20181110_221726_PBSB110-Conqueror_37_Ridge.wowsreplay
  8. Flavio1997

    Giveaway: Blizzard vs le 6 leggende, missione Orlathebeast

    peccato non valgano quelle in divisione...sigh
  9. Flavio1997

    Where do EU players get ARP ships these days?!

    this, i'm one of them
  10. Flavio1997

    World of Destroyers

    i would love dds that get nuked by 1-2 bbs shells and that don't have the ability to repair or reload torps once they fired them, and for them to be visible at around 8-10 kms (over that the curvature of the earth would keep them invisible). But then all torps must have asashio's detectability, deals between 50-70k of damage a piece and, when you nuke one dds with your main battery hit, another 29-49 dds appears ( the cost of a single bbs was around 30 to 50 dds) and you have to kill all of them, if just one manage to get 1 or 2 torps into you, you are dead
  11. Flavio1997

    Probabilità di incendio secondo WG, mah...

    diciamo che ti sei risposto da solo, considera che ai livelli 10 la resistenza di base ai fuochi delle navi è altissima, qualcosa come il 50-60% per le corazzate, in più ci aggiungi i vari moduli e skill ( che funzionano pure ai tier bassi) e ci vuole poco a vedere i valori discostarsi, considerando che magari spari a navi che hai già incendiato, soprattutto considerando che i cruiser tendono a spammare un singolo bersaglio fino a tirarlo giù
  12. Flavio1997

    [Nerf Bat] Yueyang being slaughtered

    Don't worry, harogumo will get nerfed when i reach her in about 2 months.... On a serious note, that entire line need a 500 meters concealment nerf. Right now i fell bad for every dd that enters the cap against me that is not an harogumo/daring The yy nerf is just stupid, just buff a bit the gearing ( faster torps/torps reload)
  13. Flavio1997

    Tech Tree not updated

    Every ship of the game should be visibile in the tech tree and in port, even coal and stell ships. Every player should see the characteristics and THE ARMOUR of every ships....stalingrad, I'm looking at you
  14. Flavio1997

    Dev Change - Secondary AP switched to HE on all ships

    Finally, is better for bbs,a and better for my DM ( 2 weeks ago i bomb rushed a yamato with my dm, at less than 2 kms of distance, while his gun were pointed at the complete opposite direction, his 155mm guns fire a single salvo: -18k of damage, 2nd salvo meanwhile i was finishing the pass, dead...sigh; at least he ate 7-8 203mm citadels