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  1. Flavio1997

    stalingrad armour bug? ( back turrets)

  2. Does stalingrad really had 617mm armour AT THE BACK of the turrets? it doesn't make sense to me, especially when the front of the turrets have "only" 240mm of armour
  3. Flavio1997

    any chance of a ramming rework?

    when those masses are applied, steel is no better than cardboard, trust me. and i can give you another example: 7 may 2013: pilots tower control tragedy's in Genoa ( Italy) a tanker reverse at 4 knots ( 7kms/h) and hit the port's watch tower ( no smaller than an airport one, as Genoa is the biggest port in the Mediterranean sea) and crush it ( 6 casualtyes). And we are talking about an armored concrete structure. In ww2 there were a lot of collision between ships
  4. Flavio1997

    any chance of a ramming rework?

    this, i think a lot of people don't get what happen when crashing those masses toghether. I give you an hint from something that happened to me: a T collision between 2 boats at the relative speed of 15 knots. The outcome? I carved my hull 1 meter into the onther boat and almost sunk him, and we are talking about 500 kgs ships at 15 knots. Here in the game on a head on collision we are talking about 5-50k tons at a relative speed of 60 knots ( 120 km/h), it would be devastating.
  5. Flavio1997

    Games you decided to play while the servers are wonky

    My drug: kerbal space program with realism overhaul, right now i have a beast of spaceship in low earth orbit ready to go to mercury for the 1st manned landing. P.s. this tread will either be closed or moved to Off topics
  6. Flavio1997

    Khaba, a relic of the past?

    I strongly second that i did both the lines at the same time and bought the same day both the grozovoi and khaba. khaba build is: pt LS-ar SI-DE AFT-ifhe ( thinking about removing this one) double rudder meanwhile on grozo i have: pt LS-ar SI-SE CE-aft rudder and concealment module ( 4-5 slots) both have the reload module as the 6th slot and here lies the problem: grozovoi outkhaba the khaba advantage of khaba is: one more heal 7% better dpm ( 96 vs 90 shells/ min) 2 knots better speed meanwhile grozo has: smoke even with a single rudder it still have 1 sec better rudder 1.3 kms range advantage ( 13.5 vs 14.8 kms) even FASTER shells ( 950m/s vs 900) with better drag and penetration of ap, that mitigates the dpm disadvantage doesn't get blapped by bb ap usable torps dd-esque concealment at 6.1 grozovoi can do what khaba does, but better, meanwhile it can still play as a dd right now khaba has no reason to be played since henry4 and grozo are here ( not talking about the harogumo and kita, they need a full fat 1 kms concealment nerf to be balanced) edit: i forgot, grozo has even defaa
  7. Flavio1997

    Stalingrad 60 Seconds Fire Duration

    yeah...kronstad is triuly balansed comrade! and don't tell me the bs " but it is a freemium ships, so better player have it" cause is bs, and the salem will show you exactly that
  8. Flavio1997

    Stabbed in the back!

    you get right that they are in the same order of magnitude and that statistically speaking half a million battles is way more than you need to do comparison right? ( everything over 100k is well acceptable, and every stateman will tell you that you are very lucky if you have 100k samples)
  9. Flavio1997

    Stabbed in the back!

    yeah...kronstad is clearly free damage ( and for the ones who say: " but she is a premium, so better players buy it" i just respond with: go and look at Salem stats)
  10. Flavio1997

    Sono pigro...

    è l'inizio della fine solo in italiano o anche in inglese? per gli inglesi ti direi iChase con le sue captain accademy, vecchi tutorial ma ancora insegnano le basi, per discorsi più avanzati Flamu di italiani c'è ABC di wows di Francesile, poi c'è blizzard per qualcosa di un pò più avanzato p.s.: tanto love per i commenti alla live di ieri p.p.s, se vuoi ci sentiamo in ts e io e il pada ti facciamo lezioni ;-)
  11. Flavio1997

    The hysteria surrounding Russian ships

    kronstad is crearly underpowered
  12. Flavio1997

    Partite casuali monotier

    non sai cosa ti aspetta allora con il rework, se pensi che sia un nerf ti sveglierai male il 25 gennaio
  13. Flavio1997

    Proiettili AP difettosi?

    è un bug del motore di gioco, particolarmente fastidioso sui dd, ch fa in modo che un colpo che fa overpen su una zona ed entra in un altra faccia: 2/1 danni da overpen + 1 danno da full pen, quindi magari vedi con la yamato partire dei 6.300,-7500 con un singolo colpo a segno. La wg ha detto che è nelle cose da fare, ma che non è un alta priorità
  14. Flavio1997

    Ragequit because enemy teams are too bad

    it has also happened to me today.... insane, the only bat i had a fair fight was where there was a TTT division on the other side
  15. Flavio1997

    Hindenburg - the buff changed nothing

    Especially because you surpass the 13.5 kms concealment of all the others t10 bbs