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  1. So, 139k is a decent damage for a game, right?

    you don't need arms race neither a zombie healing ship, that was one of my last battles in ranked with dm, it was rank 3-4
  2. Arms Race feedback

    trust me, this game mode teach you what fear is: -a gearing that get spotted at 4.2 kms and drop torps every 50 secs ( and fire every 1.8) -a minotaur that get spotted at 6.1 kms and fire every 1.7 secs -a worcester that fire every 2.5 secs and get spotted at 6.3
  3. Arms Race feedback

    it's a krapton of fun with mino, worcester and dds but good god guys...the sheer amounts of re.ta.rds. that i'm seeing in this game mode is mind boggling, and i see too many people that doesn't get that the key for victory is playing aggressive
  4. Toxic ping abooose

    they won't do crap, i had the same problem with a player called EDIT, that was clearly a bot, but when i sent the ticket they said " bot request is done by the automatic in-game system..."
  5. Untitled

    wtf did i just read?
  6. Stopwatch Aimassist

  7. Petition to remove storm

    gosh, for a single letter misspelled ( and they are 2 close ones, so easy to mistake and is obviously a typing error) from someone that is not native-english. Man, you have to be a pain in the [edited]IRL, and talking with you, in general, "is like playing chess with a pigeon..." ( you know how the saying ends). You just change the context to something completely irrelevant when you start losing the discussion. you don't only lack situational-awareness.exe, you lack also the basics of discussion
  8. Petition to remove storm

    Gosh the amount of stupid bbs main without sotuational awerness.exe installed is impressive, wg might need to patch that. I love ciclones in my bb, my montana becomes an "i delete" button at that range ( to anything but bow on bbs). Guys, if you get left behind or the enemy pop from the other side of your guns in a cyclone, you are doing something very very wrong.
  9. AP bombs - a list

    stalingrad is the most nukable ship with ap together with sharnost/gnesy, and by extremely nukable i mean that in the 3-4 times i found him with my midway in ranked, it was alway a oneshot ( when def aa expired), even when i had only 8 dps, all 8 went for a full citadel damage ( with manual drop and him stationary)
  10. it's true, but midway is easier to manage and with the cv rework incoming they won't look into it ever again
  11. finally Alaska get a deserved buff ST. Balance changes. American cruiser Alaska. According to the results of testing, the American cruiser will receive some improvements: The rudder shift time has been reduced from 13.8 to 13.1 seconds; Detection reduced from 16.2 to 15.5 km; Detection when firing from smoke is reduced from 12.78 to 12.09 km; Turret rotation speed is increased from 5 to 6 degrees per second; Firing angles increased and improved. Fire duration on Alaska, as well as on other similar ships (Stalingrad, Kronstadt), is increased from 30 to 45 seconds.
  12. I still don't get why wg can't give this gun boat dds ( and ijn gu boats) a 1/5 (22 mm effective pen, 27 with ifhe) penetration rule...
  13. Stalingrad is a Minotaur NERF!

    do you really believe in the BS you are writing? really? no bb can do a 15k volley to a dd that is maneuvering at 15 kms away, and not that reliably. If the dd angle away from you moskva, zao and hindemburg can kiss their asses, because no other cruiser can overmatch dds ( apart from kronstad) and no, not even the henry 4. and if they give you broadside you can still do full penetration damage because you need only 34mm of armor to arm the fuze, no other cruiser can do that. And no other cruiser that isn't moskva has 950m/s shell velocity, and thanks to the shell being 305mm and made of stalinium, they just don't slow down. The point where a manouvering dd becomes very hard to hit is around the 6 secs of flight time mark. the distance at which shell hits the 6secs mark minotaur: 9.2 kms worcester: 9.6 dm: 10.4 zao: 11.5 hindemburg 11.8 henry 4 12.2 moskva 12.3 STALINGRAD: 13,8 it means that you have a "deleting zone" of 14 kms around you, where you put without any problem 10k salvo or more on ships that are actually escaping from you. No other ship in the game can even come close to meet the stalingrad abilities
  14. Stalingrad is a Minotaur NERF!

    BUT IT HAS CRUISER ACCURACY wut? are you drunk there are only 180mm of difference in penetration (in favor of the Stalingrad), Alaska penetration at distance 0 is the same as stalingrad at 10 kms the fact that that ship just outright delete dds at any distance is completely normal instead right?
  15. CV Rework Feelings Poll

    the primary goal of WG will be the thing that will put cvs into the sink and potentially the entire game: making cvs more viable, noob friendly and more popular. Cv's will always be "the coward class", the main problem is, right now, with all the problems adn power they have they are just an annoyance that may ruin ( your point of view, not mine) 1/15-20 games (tier 8-10 bracket). What will happen if you start to encounter them in every game? A lot of noobs will start crying because " a ship that you can't see has nuked/damaged them!", and what will those noobs do? try the class, making the problem even bigger. We are in a crash course that will lead to the same problem artys had in wot ( too much damage coupled with "the coward class" coupled with 3-5 artys per game). and this will happen even if wg still limit cvs to 1 per game