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  1. Flavio1997

    good CW players, we need your help

    Thank god I'm not the one who is crazy then
  2. So, in my clan, we had a strong argument between me and the other field commander/tactic about the importance of the ships in CW/CB. The argument was between dd and BB: in general, what do you think is more important between a bb and a dd ( in the perspective of a CB, especially without CV)? I know that for someone is obviously one class over the other, but in this case I argue for one class, and he strongly argue about the other, so, what do you think? How many times does, especially in the 1st half of the match, make sense to trade a dd for a bb and vice-versa, who do you think get a better trade? The one who loses the dd or the one who loses a bb. Thx for all the responses.
  3. Flavio1997

    Stupid skills lead to a stupid meta.

    you didn't go all in, my hindy get spotted at 18.4 kms now ofc this is about the subs boy oh boy I would love for the dead eye skill to be reversed
  4. Flavio1997

    PSA: Shikishima for 32.000 Steel

    i'm still having PTSD from the Dernamo video on the Yoshino
  5. Flavio1997

    wierd gameplay

    I know that I being flamy, but I knew it before even getting to his stats page get back to lower tier and learn to play more his tips and nations, then watch some good streamers or platoon with good players, then you can get back and have a proper opinion about the state of the game, because right now what you are saying is either incorrect or plain false
  6. Flavio1997

    ST - Z-35, German aircraft carriers.

    flying des moine anyone? 30k potential alpha per strike...this is gonna be SO MUCH FUN!! but you are right we can "justdodge"
  7. on one hand, is nice to have some ranked that are not tier 10, on the other tier 7 is plagued by stupid ship ( Belfast), but nowadays every tier has broken premiums. Can we have more news about the new clan war season? the 15th of April is only 10 days away
  8. Flavio1997

    Izmail high citadel

    Are you *edit*How do you dare to say something like this? In this situation? And by the way he is right, you can see it in the port and it is described as one of the highlight of the entire line "having an exposed citadel) We don't need a new thread ( that will be closed because you are *edit*)
  9. Flavio1997

    ST, changes to test ships

    kremlin has 500mm belts ( 430+70), and this is the reason why it will shatter when slightly angled even when you should have the penetration to nuke it: because it has a space citadel armor, only the forward and aft turrets have 420mm of exposed armor belt, but hitting there is very hard
  10. Flavio1997

    At what tier do Russian BB become good?

    izmail is probably the most broken ship of the lot with gangut and kremlin, even surpassed the vlady and sinOP. It has weak side but the firepower that I get is simply insane, is fast and has amazing firing angles, I find it as one of the most broken ship of the game. But I might be biased, as I'm the 2nd best player of the server with it. The line is overall very strong, the one that might resemble a balanced state might be the tier 9 that has guns that are so fast that trolls you with a crapton of overpens
  11. Flavio1997

    Clan Brawl - April Fools' Day

    they play everything, so some of them will try get another go at wows
  12. Flavio1997

    Clan Brawl - April Fools' Day

    you get right that the numbers from the start of the march are completely unrealistic and skewed thanks to the "human-malware-19" forced quarantine right?
  13. Flavio1997

    Which Class On Average Is The Biggest Damage Dealer?

    one day i will ask you how to navigate and filter that site that seems to have been made by a maniac under crack
  14. Flavio1997

    Alpha players

    i was an avid wot player ( since 2011) that played the wowplanes closed beta and then at the start of 2015 won a contest for the closed alpha. Boy it was hard at the time: closed monitor NDA, you have to give them your ID, servers opened only in certain ours. It was also a funnier time and when the game was a bit more grounded in reality ( just a bit though)
  15. Flavio1997

    slava russian ship inc???

    i hope slava doesn't get released ever, ESPECIALLY IF IT IS FOR COAL