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  1. HE sulle BB/ Conqueror

    purtroppo non posso che darti ragione, prima nell alpha se qualcuno di dava il fianco con le bb tu lo mandavi ai pesci, adesso ogniuno fa come gli pare
  2. no wait, the bigger number is better because is related to longer range, with the kirov you have a 6% increase in dispersion but a 10% increase in range, so you become more accurate. PLease guys get me, or he will always play with stock FCS
  3. guys have you ever had a victory and a Kraken in 7-09 minutes from the start of the game? this ship is super fun, but when top tier (75% of the time in all my match, tier 7 is really the gold tier) is super op https://replayswows.com/replay/23143#stats also, first match of the day
  4. So i thought i'd give this game another go.

    that is a bad MM for you? this is what i call bad mm and still manage to end up with 140k of damage because 2 teir 10 bb drivers like you decided that chasing a cruiser with 16 torps and a concealment better than his torpedo range was a bright idea
  5. Remove Straffing?

    Where is the problem that if a better player engages you, he wins? Is calling rewarding the skill, and the real problem is that this game doesn't reward it enough. Trust me, without strafing, fighters are useless
  6. some thought on the game

    guys you get that 10 seconds is still a very long time? and that if a gunboat want to fire it has to get detected?
  7. Simple sulotion for border humping?

    trust me, we tried it in some very very early stage of alpha, and you DON'T WANT to try it, trust me
  8. +2/-2 or +1/-1 mm

    this, i'm grinding the Lexington ( alm0ost stock), and so far i had 10 games on it, on 1 i was top tier, and on another one i was against tier 9, all the other's battle were against tier 10...sometimes i did manage to do only 12k of damage before all my planes vanished ( find 2 aa specced DM).
  9. some thought on the game

    i would love to see that point 7, in the recent days i had various games with only 1-2 bbs for team, and it was wonderful as a cruiser and as a bb player to have those matches, with a bb i could choose my target , tank damage and nuke everyone, and with the cruiser i could do some aggressive dd support, while cittadelling to death cruisers
  10. some thought on the game

    i have to admit that i encounter the epicenter mode so rarely that i forgot completely about it, but we could also made in a way that the contesting rewards kick in only in the other type of match only or that the reward time for epicentre are way longer ( like 2 or 3x)
  11. some thought on the game

    some thought on how I would rework the mechanics of the game, I’m a player that back in the days was very active, right now with university, I can’t play as often as I did before. i would remark that theese are very personal opinions Wall of text incoming, getting into the suggestion: 1) changing the bloom “flat tax”: right now, after you fire, with any ship in the game, be it a 100mm gun’s dd or a 460mm gun Yamato, your concealment bloom to you max firing range, now I agree with this change, as stealth fire was a cancerous thing, but imho the fact that it blooms for 20 seconds is detrimental to some classes ( fast firing cl and dds) while is a great advantage to bbs, that can go invisible between each shot, meanwhile if a cruiser want to do so, it has to massively reduce is dpm, but it’s super detrimental for dds, especially at the start of the game, when they go cap contesting and do those knife fights with other dds, because even after you have killed the enemy dd, you stay spotted for another 20 seconds unless you smoke up, and in those 20 seconds you usually get nuked/ lose a lot of hp, or when you have to finish a low hp enemy, you still get spotted for 20 seconds, and that’s a very big price to pay. Also, the fact that guns so different have the same bloom time is rather counterintuitive, unrealistic and bad for the gameplay, especially for the most volatile ship of the game. I would change that to a sistem like: after you fire, you have 4secs of “ bloom flat tax” +1sec/ inch of the gun fired, so a 127 secs dd will have a 9 secs bloom penality, a ligh cruiser 10 secs, a CA 12 secs and a bb 18-20 seconds, the only one who would have a slight penality would be the yamatyo at 22 secs and the republique at 21 ( meanwhile all the 16 inch have 20 secs, so for the vast majority of bbs it would be the same/improvement). 2) smoke visibility after fire, even here, I like the fact that after you fire in smoke your detection range increase because it was silly to have a bbs sitting 3 km from you and hammering you without getting detected, however, I think that WG overdid it, especially on bbs. Because with the current 14-16 km-detection-after-fire-in-smoke, smoking an allied bbs is useless ( or at least in only a defensive measure) because every time he fires it will almost always get spotted, while if I smoke up a bbs, it’s should be considered good teamplay and should get rewarded and encouraged ( maybe giving to the smoker some exp on the damage that the smoked up to do in the meanwhile). Imho the bb detection range in smoke should be reduced to 10 km ( to prevent that silly situation of beta’s days, as described before). 3) spotting damage: right now this matter is handled in a VERY crappy way from WG, because when a dds spot someone, the one spotted will open up fire ( you have nothing to lose after all) , so his detection range will bloom and the everyone “spot” that target, and the dds don’t receive any exp from it, or at least very little. Imho this should change, the closest ship to the target ( with a line of sight obviously) should be the one who gets the spotting damage. The same is for when an enemy is spotted with radar/hydro/planes of sorts (catapulted, cv, spotter), the ship radaring him should get the spotting damage. There should be also medals and achievements for spotting ships/spotting damage 4) reward cap contesting, if I with a dd contest the enemy dd capping ( even if no one spot each other), I should get a reward/ribbon of some sorts, like a cap contested for every 20 seconds in which the enemy dd can’t cap the area. And like a medal for contesting cap for 2 mins or so 5) raising the bbs citadel, that’s one of the changes that I notice the most in my 15 months pause, right now hitting another bb’citadel is very hard, even when the enemy is doing a “closing in manoeuvre” in which he shows the under the water part of the ship ( that back in alpha/beta was a “send me to the port immediately”). Wg please stop dumbing down this game, let the ones who do mistakes get nuked 6) on the same train of the last sentence above: make it in a way that cruiser who get overmatched from the nose/bow don’t get full citadel damage (maybe only penetration/ half citadel damage). Is not fun when you are doing you 150k damage in your Mogami, you have still 32khp and get deleted by a Grober Kufurst 14 kms away who get lucky and do to you a 3 citadel hit when you where presenting him only your stern ( and I mean only your stern, perfectly steaming away from him). This don’t ancourage aggressive and intelligent play, and reward camping behind an island right now this is what I thought I would change of this game, what do you agree/disagree on? I will probably get back when something else crosses my mind Flavio
  12. THIS, THIS , THIS AND THIS, back in the alpha and in cbt when a bb was doing a "closing in" manoeuvre, so that the ship would lean and show the part under the waterline was an automatic "delete me", right now in the last 300 match i did it happen only once against an amagi at 8 kms..., and in general is not funny when a perfect broadside iowa (and i was with my iowa) at 9 kms don't get deleted and you get "only" 12-15k salvo because of that citadel, we have arrrived at the point where the only bb that get deleted when makes mistakes is the Yamato... ( and the shitzumo)
  13. Game crash offen with patch

    it's happening to a lot of people (me too). I sent a ticket, but wg never answered
  14. i have the same problem since 7.4, with 32 gbs of ram, an i4 4790k and a 980ti...tried both vannila, with mod, the integrity check, nothing has worked so far, i sent a ticket to wg and wrote in the support part....nothing has happen, they didn't even answer me
  15. the "carry harder!" thread

    sigh.... 2vs 1 cv https://replayswows.com/replay/22619#teams notice the difference between me and the 2nd...