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  1. Flavio1997

    Ranked Smolensk stats.

    i love smolenks, especially in my bourgogne
  2. Flavio1997

    Pan Europeans on the way...

    https://medium.com/@devblogwows/st-european-destroyers-6375735d7bee tier 10, 91 knots 12 kms torps anyone? broken
  3. Flavio1997

    Ohhh look. Another BB buff and cruiser nerf...

    lol no, it's a huge nerf to american bbs, as now worcester and similar willl melt them thanks to 38mm of penetration. the armour change won't change anything, you couldn't penetrate before, you can't penetrate now ( both times talking about fht). The only real change is the smolenks plating that should become 16mms, so more overpens, but henry 4 willl be able to blap them more. Cruiser also lose around 30-40% of their incendiary power, but can pen more
  4. Flavio1997


  5. Flavio1997

    Web/chat server unavailable

    yeap, ifhe change, massive ones
  6. Flavio1997

    Alternative interface

    and that begs the question: why on earth?
  7. Finally we have a ship to stop the Russian spam, with ifhe the goliath will pen 72 MM of armour, so it can melt kremlin and he citadel the smolensk, and the improved heal mean it can better withstand the he spam from the latter
  8. Flavio1997

    Getting real tired of all this uptiering

    1) you fail plotooned or the enemy team had a fail plotoon and you were unlucky 2)
  9. Flavio1997

    Fix the Amalfi pls

    the entire line IMHO need some sort of buff ( I would love the 70mm pen and probably 2 secs of reload shaved off). My advice? play them with double rudder, they can do stupid things at that point, i managed to troll bbs at 10 kms
  10. all of them but Venezia and Bourgogne ( and i will buy them by Christmas as i need only 300 steel and to go up the italian tree)
  11. Flavio1997

    Italian cruisers are intentionally that bad?

    The problem with ita CA is one: there hasn't been a match, a single one in witch to the question: "if I was in a French CA could I have done better"? The answer l has always been: yes. There nothing this cruisers do that french ca just don't do better, even dd hunting, thanks to the hidro+mbrb+ faster rudder+speed boost that french cruisers have
  12. you know what's the funniest thing about the "being op and not being op is"? The obj 268 reached a 54.8% wr and the world was imploding, meanwhile, all the crybabies in wows can't see the fact that the Giulio Cesar has a 58.3% avg wr, but that's fine and when wg tried to put a remedy to that the forum exploded in the other sense ( YOU CaN't tOuCh mt ShIp!! nonsense). The fact that kremlin and Smolensk are broken is obvious, Smolensk doesn't show it because there are enough potato who just explode with it, something that is way harder in a kremlin, and so kremlin has higher sats in almost every metric, but the GC problem just shows how the forum can swing in stupid ways
  13. Flavio1997

    Italian cruisers are intentionally that bad?

    to the high tier ita ca i would improve also the sap penetration either to 61mm or better to 81mm, i would prefer the latter, in this way you can: -penetrate the deck of every bb ( even the friederich) -[edited]up smolensk/colbert, so you have an hard counter to them
  14. Flavio1997

    Italian cruisers are intentionally that bad?

    yeah, and against those 2 you can't really do anything
  15. first battle of this season: also, in my last 5 matches with the smolesnk thanks to the change of captain skill from the one with ifhe to the one without it and demo expert i have something around 190-210k average damage