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  1. _HMS_Thunder_Child_

    does afk even exist???

    so, I have had some issues with my graphics card lately, don't even go there........I am trying everything I can sort it. so the game crashes from time to time, for this I get abuse (obviously) but more annoyingly, I go pink, with increasing threats as to my looming punishments for 'quitting early''. Now I'm pretty sure I am not the only person in the world with pc issues. so guys, I don't believe afk even exists, its just poor souls like me trying to sort their pc's out. oh and on that one, kama rating???? enabling enraged monkeys to vent their spite on you for not doing exactly as they say???? who came up with that one?
  2. _HMS_Thunder_Child_

    [Suggestion] New class - MTB:s

    I don't see a problem with the idea, if someone wants to ride this suicide machine why not? Men did, and anyway, if we have to move fleets around maps that increasingly remind me of COD maps then why not? In the end, this will become like WOT, just like COD. They slowly but surely destroyed WOT and they will do the same to this. It is a shame because these games start well. Enjoy it while you can ;)