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  1. salth

    Bug Reports

    1. Description Game crash when entering battle 2. Reproduction steps close game loog in new 3. Result same crapp over again 4. Expected result no gaming for me 5. Technical details intel i5 4440 3,10 GHz 16 GB ram
  2. salth

    Update 0.6.3 Feedback - Bug Reports

    same problem her,
  3. salth

    Other Changes

    if stealth fier is removed from game itl be the end for enny skiled DD and cruiser capten, i dont se a point in making this change other then making the game skill free, so if that is the case well make it turn based as well so we dont have to move u now aiming is a skill remove that as well. im sorry that im coming out a bit grumpy and salty but latly ther have bean a bit to menny changes to make the game less skill and more skillfree