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  1. ExplosivesDeliverySystem

    Unique upgrades

    Congratulations on getting your tier 10 after much grinding. Now regrind the entire line or play it at a disadvantage.
  2. ExplosivesDeliverySystem

    Rogue Wave: Summing up the Event!

    So what are the figures for players who played 1 or less games after looking at the ridiculous Benham grind?
  3. ExplosivesDeliverySystem

    Public Test Q&A Stream with Sub_Octavian

    I see the "press button to delete planes" part of the priority sector rework remains. When do CVs get a "press button to cripple ship" button?
  4. WG backpedaled at hyper speed on that one; despite having already coded it into the game (they quickly disabled it by setting all the buff values to 0, but it was visible in the next patch). Even Quickybaby who almost never critises WG for anything no matter how bad, did a several long videos on it. I'd be amazed if they haven't already coded the functionality in for this btw, especially given the three tiers of Savage Battles ships.....
  5. When WG tried to add cosmetics that would provide boosts to tanks in WoT, which you could buy for ingame cash but would only be permanent when bought with gold, I think the outrage was possibly slightly more than for this.
  6. ExplosivesDeliverySystem

    ST: Priority air defense sector

    Everything sounds ok apart from the push button to delete planes mechanic. Really? A push button burst damage? If we want to implement counter play in this way, where's the CV's counter for this?
  7. No, I play WoWS to get AWAY from work, not invent more.
  8. ExplosivesDeliverySystem

    Clan Brawl

    Way to pull a bait and switch WG. Do you guys actually proof read ANYTHING before you put it up in a news post or are you just out to arbitrarily screw people over?
  9. ExplosivesDeliverySystem

    Clan Brawl

    Looks like carriers are being allowed now?
  10. ExplosivesDeliverySystem

    Future Plans for Aircraft Carriers

    "The DD players utterly refused to attempt dodging, so we've built the scatter from aim adjustment into HE bomb drops"
  11. ExplosivesDeliverySystem

    Update 0.8.2: From Britain to the Moon

    A nice bundle of CVs and it would have been an instant buy, but containers? Again? No. Not a chance. EDIT: Oh and I see we're effectively selling coal ships for cash now. Fantastic(!)
  12. ExplosivesDeliverySystem

    [RESULTS] Competition: Win Premium Ships This Weekend!

    Um, I'm pretty sure I opted in, pulled a Ranger game that got 3.5k xp (and my service record has it as my max xp, and I did it within the competition period) but didn't get in the top 10 when the top is like 2.5k? Could a red please check that I was indeed opted in? Replay's up on WoWSReplays if wanted. EDIT: This was apparently 2,158 base xp (I didn't have a screenshot of the base xp unfortunately to double check so I assumed service record to be base because why would it not be?). If anyone got top 10 and has a replay I'd love to see it as I had to pull 140k damage for that in a Ranger.
  13. ExplosivesDeliverySystem

    World of Warships & Linux (guide)

    Anyone actually have any joy getting it running, or is everyone getting crash on port load?
  14. ExplosivesDeliverySystem

    0.6.9 on linux

    No joy unfortunately, crashes with an unhandled exception upon trying to enter port. Tried various wine versions (32 and 64bit) various graphical settings (including dx11/dx9) :( Was eyeing up various premiums last night as well, glad I didn't buy them now. Had it running perfectly yesterday, now they patch and break everything.
  15. ExplosivesDeliverySystem

    Plea to Wargaming; high tier camping must go.

    I was vaguely interested in this so I looked it up. Of 153 British and Canadian destroyers lost in WW2 55 were lost to aircraft; more than any other cause. Submarines were second with 33 and mines third with 26