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  1. HaganeNoKaze

    When do the midway HE dive bombers finally get nerfed?

    I did read the the quote you responded, and my answer is the same, real life has nothing to do with the game. There would plenty other example where IRL is way different from the game: 1 BB shell would be sufficient to sink any DD or completely incapacited it, depending of the compartment hit or crew reaction, only one torp was be sufficient to sink any ship (not everytime, but there are plenty examples), 1 cv alone would be sufficient to sink an entire fleet with trained pilots, and poor trained aa crew on the other side (and the same CV couldn't do a crap with trainee pilot, and expert AA crews or radar assisted). The same CV would take a Looong time to prepare any raid, just the time to load aircraft, let them taking off, etc etc... Radar and hydro would remain active everytime (or until radar antenna would be hit by a shell), and yet, for hydro, not sure it would be sufficient to avoid completely torps caught by hydro. There wouldn't be such thing as engine repairation, but instead, losing speed considering different turbine being hit, and etc etc etc etc etc. Too much things are different between game and IRL, you can't possibly refer certain things ingame to real life. You misunderstood me too it seems. I'm fine with CV being caught and punished for bad play. I just not for certains DD (or any other ship) spending their entire game only chasing CV, ruining their team in the process. And, for your examples quoted, it's quite the same than for the CV, if a BB is caught with pants down by a DD, BB misplayed (or DD played well, fine !). Same for CA vs BB, or DD vs CA (and yet, in most of case, BB has enough life and actually good maneuverability to survive a DD in close contact... Being punish cause you misplayed is good (and should be more obvious on BBs...), but letting players only focus on non game related objectives is not.
  2. HaganeNoKaze

    When do the midway HE dive bombers finally get nerfed?

    While I agree with you. I will add something else, this game has nothing to do with real life... Cause, if it would, there would be way more things to think instead of.. that... (and for example, considering planes and their pilots as consumable is probably what that annoys me the most... just for talking about CVs). Back to the topic, personnaly, while I don't mind HE bombs causing a lot of damage on BBs and CA/CL, I find it too efficient on DDs in general, plus, aiming is becoming quite easy with practice, and the last seconds is too close from the ships to be properly avoided (cause, well, atm, there is even no point to trying to avoid planes against a good CV player...). Rocket should be the anti DD weapon, but not at the point it was when the rework first came. Plus, I am feeling like this is nothing to do with CVs in general. The only problem is definitely US CVs, and only their HE bombs. A slight buff on their torps is quite necessary, a dispersion and alpha nerf OR fire chance on their bombs would be quite welcome. 10k-12k average damage on each drop (3-5k (or even more), on DD), is quite too high, especially if there is one or several fires in same time. If the alpha should remain the same, then fire chances should be reduced, if fire should be a thing, then nerf Alpha. And a dispersion nerf (or dispersion for trying to aime during raid time), to permit DDs to avoid it more efficiently. On the other hand, IJN AP and RN carpet bombing should be buffed a bit, cause, in IJN case, if you can't citadel ships, the bombs won't do a crap either. And RN carpet bombing is quite too random in accuracy... In the end, it would be welcome if WG would change things a bit to give CV a better efficiency again Cruisers/BBs, and reducing the ones again DDs (Except in the case of a DD sneaking to sink CV, i'm fine with the fact that CV should be able to obliterate an immediate threat for himself.
  3. HaganeNoKaze

    PTS - Changes to CV

    And.... Nothing about US carriers being too much efficient in comparison of their IJN/UK counterparts with their (too much) efficient HE bombs and rockets...
  4. HaganeNoKaze

    CV Reward Punishment

    This is why @El2aZeR is saying that your point has nothing to do with the economy of CVs. This is related to the carrier balance itself (at least I guess !). But yeah, actually, T10 carriers need a better balance, Midway by reducing its HE bombs/rockets capacities, or improving Hakuryu, who knows ? WG is not able to balance them properly so... (The same problem goes with T8 carriers by the way...)
  5. HaganeNoKaze

    @El2aZeR Oh ok ! I understand, thank for your fast answer tho !
  6. HaganeNoKaze

    @ El2aZeR Thanks for your test so far in midway. Did you do some test with the new Hakuryu ?
  7. Yeah... while Haku was a bit too much OP before hotfix, and already not really fun, no she is even bad and clearly boring to play. I am quite fascinated by the capacity to WG dev team to be so incompetent as doing anything... !
  8. Unfortunately, no, an example is given: For example, British Conqueror BB gets flooding in the bow because it's hit by torpedo: - Pre-rework flooding would cause ~49 800 damage if it is not stopped; - New flooding would cause much less damage ~ 16600; - Two simultaneous floodings would still cause less damage ~33 200. In general, all flooding damage are reduced, they give all datas for calc. Btw, even if you deal less damage, you will slow now "massively" a ship, so... it's not that bad.
  9. HaganeNoKaze

    [cv rework POLL] just disable AA temporarily ?

    It's already been stated by WG (and numerous times) that the CVs were the hardest class to masterize, alongside destroyer (then cruisers, and finally, the easiest one, BBies). And you answer later that Main guns can be disabled as well, same as torpedo launchers, sure, of course, but loosing all your armaments is too rare to start with, if it was more common, it would be a valide argument to counter the one made by @Mr_Snoww , which is not the case. And personnaly, thank for checking my stats (since you seem to judge a player by his stats...), if you checked enough, you would see that, even without actual CVs, my stats wouldn't drop too much... (and probably going even higher with the poor rework with time... Nah, i'm joking, I find the new CV gameplay boring (I'm not writing weak, Nah, it's even a bit too strong atm), and i'm against the rework to start with)... And to say that CVs are easy, you don't play them (and don't quote your games in Saipan, this CV is broken as [edited], promoted the poor pure AA gameplay, this one is the easiest one to play, nearly as easy to just ctrl+click with AA...) @Armorin I think personnaly that the CV should be treated in term of armament like any surface ship, aka loosing "armaments" and mean to be useful should be as difficult. So if the CV could be disabled easily, any surface ships should be disabled as easily, but if any surface ship hardly loose its damage capacity, it should be the same for CVs as well... Allways considering overall balance (Don't get me wrong there, I don't want to see armaments to be easier to destroy, It would be terrible for the fun and would make just the game annoying and boring). With the actual "old" CVs, if you ran out of planes, you become absolutely useless for your team. (And, in some games with enough AA ships and cover, you were useless to start with... which is not normal either). Deck management is one of the numerous reasons that made CVs unappealing (especially with the too powerfull actual AA capacity). As you say, time will tell, I will hope that we will have more CV players as well to bring a better POV to how to play them and how to counter them. (since playing them is definitely the best way to learn how to play without being distubed by them...). Give AA the possibility to shoot down main battery shells, then it would be balanced for all ! =D (oh god, this idea would be so both terrible and horrible ! /vomit)
  10. HaganeNoKaze

    [cv rework POLL] just disable AA temporarily ?

    Funny, with old CV system, nobody complain to the fact that CV could run out of planes and, with that fact, becoming completely useless... and being already completely useless against a proper AA speced ship. Now that CV can play and fight the entire game like any other ship (cause, losing all main guns is... too rare to be evoked... And we even don't talk about losing main guns or torpedoes launcher, it seems to be less annoying than losing AA... WTF ?), they all complain. Nah, the only truth is most of this community don't want to have a CV in their game to start with, cause they are not able to adapt depending of it (and they don't want to). And it's not like the CV already has the longest "reload" between each strike, even with the new system. A pretty standard egocentric and hypocrit community.
  11. HaganeNoKaze

    Concerning the upcoming CV rework

    Excepting that, if you search back in time, there were no such rule to be implemented. It's a bug with no issue being adressed cause of: Too few players playings CVs, still less players discovered and use such "advantage", especially the best ones that could only be happy about it..., and rework incoming that would permit to ignore such... "mechanic"... You can only search and read that It was designed "be the fastest to withdraw, save your planes" no more, no less, and it was perfectly fine that way. This counter-exit-strafe is a nice bug exploit (I wouldn't tell I never used it, but I allways find it so unfair, eventually, it should be implemented on IJN fighters officially only due to the poor balance between USN/IJN fighters, but well, that's it), and by the way, it's nearly unable to be used if you don't have a good internet connection, due to the very little window to be used. There were so much ways to balance actual CVs, such as fix the different actual issues like planes not following orders for reasons, or turning in weird ways, balancing AA by team, cause in game point of view, AA is a very important stat (example: What your CV is supposed to do when he is facing 4-5 AA ships, while the other has nothing to fear, or forbid certains division like CV + AA ships), adding flight time to reduce spotting capability, especially on DDs, and don't tell me this is required skill to exploit, counter-exit-strafe is far more difficult to masterize. Reducing alpha from AP bombs, and redesign it to be correctly use on the good targets (to be used efficietly on CAs/CLs... Such non sense... BBs should be the only one target for AP), and so much things to do, so much ideas to exploit (and a lot could be read around in the forum, EU/US/ASIA (don't know about russia, cannot read it xD But i supposed you can find lot of good stuff) The only thing that WG couldn't fix was the retard mentality from the crybabies for not accepting to be targetted by a ship that they cannot shoot on. Cause they never try CV enough to get the point how hard is to play this class in comparison of BBs or CAs/CLs (Only DD is harder and respectful to play in comparison, especially at the moment). The same crybabies only claiming to CV to be removed, without providing any solutions (and for the most of them, playing.... BBs and DDs (somehow understandable) ! What a surprise ! but well, an era ended, the news CVs are repetitive, far more than BBs (which is already a feat of strenght....) and so boring. AA is too too powerful at higher tiers (if players focus on AA build, which should be mandatory against CV, and not naturally present on certains ships). etc etc, nothing will change, excepting the fact CV won't have any impact anymore, at best, they are becoming just support, unrewared and boring ones... But yeah, WG prefer to focus on appeal and caress the mass, the one paying, instead of really focusing on a real balance. PS: The only "good" point will be that they could have the same gameplay core for both consoles and PC, then it's better for them for development, balance and evolution, but yeah, I think it could be better...
  12. HaganeNoKaze

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery
  13. HaganeNoKaze

    Oficial thx to wows admins

    Adding the fact that, that way, you can really enjoy some secondary spec BBs !
  14. HaganeNoKaze

    Oficial thx to wows admins

    personnaly, I enjoy more the game that way, you don't have to suffer idiots crying in chat... But it's only me. And that way, the game are faster, not boring since bots are not camping... but once again, it's only me lol And you are probably playing too late too, it's only happen to me the rare time I played at... maybe... 3 or 4 am.. so.. maybe better to play earlier in the evening ? or later in the morning ? xD
  15. HaganeNoKaze

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    yes. Since you will still able to do something else, you will gain more exp/money for shooting down planes, since, depeing of your location and ship, you can't completely forbid a player to trying anything in your area, it's worthit. Unfortunately. The real problem that you won't face carrier every battle, that's make it not worht it... It would not be required if players could play as team and not for themselves, but... well, it's a Wargaming game, what do you expect ?