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  1. subgenius

    Clan treffen

    aber wuestest du auch davon ist die frage?
  2. subgenius

    Valuable Player Flag

    I got it too
  3. subgenius

    Odem Mortis Community Cup - Discussions

    congrads to ALN! you guys really had dynamic gameplay, nice to see you on place 1
  4. subgenius

    Odem Mortis Community Cup - Discussions

    Well played TTT very nice games with a sour ending for us. I am really looking forward to next weeks outcome.
  5. still don't understand how it works with the 2500 xp cruiser mission? i got 2520 base xp without premium this morning and didn't get the miossion
  6. subgenius

    EU Server down? - Now confirmed back online 10:10pm

    yup just got kicked too
  7. subgenius

    The bitter truth

    Escorting a CV in the first part of the game is excually a good strategy if you are in an american cruiser! You get nice bonus xp for shooting down aircraft, don't be fooled: you do get xp for shooting down planes! Just not a whole lot. Your carrier stays alive and increases your chance to win the game a lot, which means more chance of getting 50% extra xp for winning. You get a nice startup period to evaluate the strategic situation and go where you are most needed. Remember spending 5 min escorting doesn't mean you lost the oppurtunity to get xp!
  8. subgenius

    Disgusted at the support

    He is a troll noob or works at gaysun or whatever those warthunder gays are called
  9. subgenius

    The w key.

    I had to opposite effect: i have been playing so much warships these last months i keep forgetting to push the W when playing the occasional WOTgame
  10. subgenius

    Atlanta complete underpowered !

    It it a difficult ship to excell in, use it as a support cruiser, always keep a friendly between you and the enemy, try using your anti airpower to shield your team, if you use your AA skill when your longrange guns open on enemy aircraft and have the tier 4 captainskill you will completly wreck whole scuadrons of planes At long range shoot at battleships Try getting close to Destroyers when there are not to many enemies suporting him and sink them with two salvos (that's within 6 seconds!) Try to keep your nose pointed at enemies who are shooting at you Follow these tips and you will find yourselve at the top xp position most of the time. GL!
  11. subgenius

    plz remove two brothers map

    You play mostly with carriers so for you the because teams split the map is better, anyway I am not gonna remove my account because I hate 1 map and if you didn't mean me personally I think solo players can have great fun playing this game as well even if they dislike a map or two
  12. subgenius

    plz remove two brothers map

    well it is good to hear that there are players (perhaps even lot) who like the two brothers map, therefore I think it should not be removed but I still hate it immensely! btw: i rly like hotspot ;)
  13. subgenius

    plz remove two brothers map

    well title says it all I am allmost willing to log out when I get that stupid map. The map is a RNG split team map that ends in capping, you take your chances going left or right and see what happens there. There is no way you can infuence what happens during the rest of the game. imho you guys at WG should fire the guy who designed the map or at least give him a proper beating
  14. Yeah tell'm biatch; great post Anusuaraj I almost totally agree! The one thing is: i realy like the BB repair skill on BBs aswell as T9 and 10 CCs and think it is good for gameplay