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  1. Missouri Ninja nerfed ??

    yeah so im just wondering on peoples take with the missouri currently as i havent had the fun i had in the last month ish with it
  2. Missouri Ninja nerfed ??

    all my barrels WERE loaded
  3. Missouri Ninja nerfed ??

    pretty sure im not a 40% wr potato as im at 58% atm but it really does suck of late and yeah i have the AR too so another bug then ?
  4. Missouri Ninja nerfed ??

    seen a lot of people agree with me that of late the missouri is performing quite poorly anyone else having issues with it ? just had a game with it and i did the john done fast switch shell types so 7 secs to change but game wouldnt let me fire a shell cause it thought i was still loading normally had to wait the 30 secs to reload lol
  5. Commander Kappa

    yeah was stupid method of activation even though i clicked claim and activate i had to still go into my wg account and click activate
  6. Commander Kappa

    not got anything yet from this :( have prime and linked so guess ill wait for now
  7. Servers AGAIN WG FIX IT

    again with ranked battles and server dropping players randomly from the game and NO I DONT WANT ANOTHER PREMIUM DAY either extend ranked or GET IT FIXED
  8. Ranked - Disconnected but in battle anyway

    yup same here 2nd day of it 5 stars lost so far its getting kinda annoying now Any news WG ????? stars given back or what ?? getting kinda scared to play any more games if its gonna do it frequently and loose more stars
  9. Overall Quality & Stability

    Hi there just a little BUG/TYPO perhaps by Wargaming ?? the new campaigns on Stage 8 task 3 i see the reward as 500 credits for a 2 pin mission but for a 1 pin mission you are rewarded with 100,000 credits am i right in assuming it should be 500 Free XP ?? happy to help out with bugs and such any time
  10. awww and was looking for a clan aswell oh well
  11. Ranked Battles Season 4

    hoping some sort of apology from WG on this Bullcrap season we have been pretty much FORCED to play DDs in it and 10 a match is complete moronic queues of 5-8 minutes trying to get a game with any other classes but you can have 5 dds a side nope no fun at all
  12. Ranked Battles Season 4

    another thing is the on purpose Team killers had a guy in my last match who was pink in his hatsu just sit and annoy our new mexico and didnt do anything the whole match but try to get people to shoot him maybe in the next season you can BAN people who are pink from playing in the ranks till at least they are no longer pink ?? why should we have to carry people like this through matches ?
  13. Ranked Battles Season 4

    go to say this is the worst ranked battle system ive played yet far too many people have bought a t7 or dare i say it Won the ARP ships and the playerbase is beyond awful there is no team play with these ships as they dont care about it as much as people who EARNED their ships the proper way
  14. Worst Player base so far

    yeah i have a t9 kagero alsoand my electric goes out in house i reboot and join game 1 minute late and teamkilled by own DD for being a bot but im sorry the difference in the ammount of players in tanks and warships is around 80k at the moment thats why im saying its worse as its more concentrated here so i may have a t8 but in NO way have i bought my way to t8 since i almost have my t10 DD and to point out i have 15k games on tanks in EU server and 25k games on the NA server and the EU are worse for their attitude and also if i turn off chat then i cant at least TRY and ask for help or point out something properly they need to hurry up with the IGNORE function