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  1. Slippyjim

    Don't want this game to die WG...

    the new ranked is absolute garbage and the new cv mode is just as bad and yeah i think they have hurt the game pretty badly with the content in recent months but we will see how much they really care about it in the long run i think they have farmed enough cash from people to go ahead and work on new games and leave these to die now
  2. Slippyjim

    Wichita: Bruiser Cruiser

    can we start adding ships to game tech tree for dubloons ? fed up of having 30k dubloons and not a lot to use it on
  3. Slippyjim

    Upcoming Fix To AA Mechanics

    lol wow this game is more broken than my grans hips
  4. Slippyjim

    Brief review of ranked.

    got to be the worst ranked ive played yet having this arms race forced down my throat is a complete joke WG i didnt want it before but at least there was a choice to play it now i have no interest in getting my 8th rank 1 game has become a waste of time with this new cv crap and yes i have all the cvs and i do fine in them but its so boring and repetitive after 2 strikes there is nothing different to do but to do this to ranked where people just yolo caps to get a buff and die in the first 3 minutes whats the point in trying now
  5. Slippyjim

    First game in 8.0

    already sold my cvs as its just to painful to play now so boring and not a lot of reward made 50k credits in an enterprise game what a waste of premiums ships
  6. Slippyjim

    Warships Premium Account - Discussion Thread

    really think this is silly as I play the other games a fair bit (tanks at least) and when I play warships my xp gains are high enough per game that 15% isn't really that big of a deal with all good flags and bonuses your first game can bring in around 10k xp so why would I bother using that option I mean warships is the EASIEST of the games to get xp and credits in there is no need for that 15% and a loss of the unified account option just seems the games are all being separated more and more from the beginning when they said all 3 games would use the same accounts and currency
  7. Slippyjim

    Aircraft Carrier Beta Round 3 - Feedback Thread

    hmm tried to test the cvs round 3 and says account permanently locked ?? played first and 2nd tests
  8. Slippyjim

    Website always late with news

    just wondering why is the website so slow with all the news and info with the game ?? like the mission for the steam container finished 2 days ago and news about it only posted this evening just feel you guys on the website are letting so much useful information slip away do you need to hire new staff to keep it up to date ?
  9. Slippyjim

    EU server down?

    fair to say that this time since is been frequent they might need to up their game a little then but then why would they not like they care much about the player base :D
  10. Slippyjim

    EU server down?

    you know they usually give a day back to apologise right ? and no i really dont like WG as a company and not sticking up for them but its the one thing they do do right lol
  11. No worries Mrconway :) info is always helpful but no doubt there will be a few people claiming it has ruined their entire day waiting :D
  12. amazed people cant see the part where it says ABOUT 12.00 UTC
  13. yeah i will be fair to say that WG have the worst translated instructions on their webpages i have ever seen :) whether it be for upcoming events or the test servers :D
  14. well it did say ABOUT 12 utc so there's no guarantee that is the time it starts :) and since im on BST i still have 1h 30 mins to go yet :)
  15. calm down peeps :) give it time