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  1. Slippyjim

    Ranked Battles: Thirteenth Season

    man they love pissing the players off dont they :(
  2. Slippyjim

    Twelfth Season of Ranked Battles: the Results

    such a bad ranked season
  3. Slippyjim

    Ranked Battles Season 10


    they should stop this whole garbage of dropping ranks and just leave you at the rank you manage to get too fair enough it means more people will get to r1 BUT it means more people will play the ranked for them the whole save a star yolo and hope the team carries me is retarded but then again when does WG do anything logically
  4. Slippyjim

    Ranked Battles Season 10


    yup i dont think ill be back to a ranked until they decide what the long term plan for t10s is, its either for clan battles or something else but should NOT be used for ranked as it costs far too much for a mode of play which doesn't really contribute to your clan if im going to use my most expensive to run ships then i want it to be worth something all around not just a few flags and a couple doubloons and some steel so more can get that POS stonkingrad
  5. Slippyjim

    Ranked Battles Season 10


    yup sorry WG have to say i have 7 Rank 1s and this is the most toxic and most uninteresting rank i have played yet 300 games and can barely move a rank now the whole balance of t10 is unusable and on the off chance you get a CV whole teams get slaughtered by the better CV player there is a reason you dont allow them in clan battles so whats the reason you allow them in Ranked ?