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  1. Oinky

    trust me, DONT buy that soviet container!

    1 container got the T8.
  2. Really bad product. Decided to try World of Warplanes, had to install Game Center. Don't want to play warplanes anymore so uninstalled game center and now i cant play warships anymore because suddenly you must have Game Center to play. The logic behind forcing a customer to use a beta product like Game Center is to me mind boggling. So now instead of double clicking the WoWs launcher and press play, i have to double click WoWs icon, wait for game center to start (no way i am putting that on auto start with windows) go down to the system tray and maximize it, select WoWs, press update then i can press play......
  3. Oinky

    Inertia Fuse HE Shells

    Not sure if i got trolled by this thread or lol-samplesize but so far i find the skill extremely underwhelming on Schors. Whats the point of doing no damage pens.....
  4. Oinky

    Condeferate achievement doesn't give signal flag

    Same problem for me. Just got 10 50% extra xp and it says 9 in depot. Click exterior now it says i have 10 flags. Change ship, count goes down to 9 flags (no auto kicked in). Something is bugged.
  5. Aim help is toxic.