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  1. WWladCZ

    Changes to test ships

    Two options how to interpret this... 1. WG listened to CCs and it got scrapped. 2. WG will change currency with which it's acquired (steel probably) to prevent it being spammed. They fear that there's going to be backlash so no info is being released.
  2. WWladCZ

    Changes to test ships

    Still no news about Slava
  3. WWladCZ

    Kraken v RB ? Hmmm

    Jako dostal jsem DC prostě mě to koplo s tím nic neudělám sice jsem šel hned znova připojení, ale bohužel...
  4. WWladCZ

    Kraken v RB ? Hmmm

    Tak tady to máte ;) 6x frag
  5. WWladCZ

    Balance Changes

    The Battleships and Russian DDs are fine don't mess with either one of those. I mean you nerf bow armor so we get more useless snipers? How is that helping to fix economy and passive gameplay?
  6. WWladCZ

    inb4 CV nerf in update

    Wish WG wouldn't go through with the Midway nerf I wanted to play that CV so bad! I'm not gonna bother grinding USN CVs or CVs in general because they will be dead after the new patch. Wargaming overnerfed them enough but still they want to make sure they will be unplayable. Whole class made useless just because some players don't know how to play the game and whine rivers sad times indeed. I wanted to get into the CV gameplay and got to Independence which I enjoyed but not going to continue.
  7. WWladCZ

    Midway and Essex nerf

    Still DBs are pure RNG... TBs actually rewarded you for manual drops while TBs are stupendously hard to manual drop and still can miss absolutely ridicilously all in only the tiny part where they shouldn't hit.
  8. WWladCZ

    Midway and Essex nerf

    R.I.P. USN CVs The whole CV > BB really came to play when you had 2 groups of TBs ready to punish BBs who don't have cover but WG decided that USN CVs will be in the game just for the sake of being there. It's really sad you start a line of USN CVs and just as you are close to higher tiers where you are looking for that 2 TB style of play WG decided to botch it. And the AA buff, last nail in the coffin. Just frustrated and a bit angry.
  9. WWladCZ

    Desync of shells

    Anybody else noticing hilarous shells passing through various parts of ships without registering?
  10. WWladCZ

    Post your best drunk MM moments!

    Tier VIII is where most funny MMs happen... I had a team of pure 8s BBs vs 2 Yamas 1 Iowa and 1 Izumo! Wasn't fun
  11. WWladCZ

    Server off line ?

    15k people waiting
  12. WWladCZ

    BB Nerf

    The rudder shift nerf is not that bad but the dispersion/overpens everywhere are much worse problem. BBs do not need to be mobile but they should definetly be able to hit at mid to close range and do damage.
  13. WWladCZ

    Server is acting up

    same here!
  14. WWladCZ

    Where is the Tirpitz

    Just wait and you will be able to buy it in overpriced bundle it is only a matter of time.
  15. For me it would be rework of damage models and penetration mechanics the way HE, AP and armor works right now is so simple it makes your eyes bleed.