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  1. Jaeger_Bomb_Meister

    Proof of the terrible way we are treated on this server

    Your welcome....
  2. Jaeger_Bomb_Meister

    Proof of the terrible way we are treated on this server

    ..you make me happy when skys are grey.....
  3. Would like Tone to have the ability to launch upto 5 scout planes all in the air at once via AI Control Arcing out to checkout map for team....instead of relying on some dodgey DD & C.V Capt's in random battles etc..... Anyone else like more Special Role ship Models in Game?????? Hybrid BB/CV??
  4. Jaeger_Bomb_Meister

    Punishment/Penalty for withholding fire to make last shot/a kill

    I find that W.G has mitigated this situation in terms of xp awarded to thee.....but as idiots still think they can get more xp by sinking the ship... all the while your taking hits & you seem to be the only 1 fireing your weapons...then just as the ship is about to go down in flames etc a salvo appears from nowhere......lol.......i mean how obvious......lol Besides all there doing is lowering their DPM potential......inner tube brain tactic If you do this, then i recommend a Deathmatch Game not a Team Game such as WoWS..... Pathetic behaviour that shouldbe reported under the feedback title of Chicken Quibble.....lol
  5. Jaeger_Bomb_Meister

    why no unified gold?

    Sp4wN_2k7, on 02 November 2015 - 08:27 PM, said: I wish they would never unify the account, because it leads to the bs we are already witnessing with the Atago and Tirpitz noobs. I don't want idiots in high tier matches that don't have any idea about how the game and the ships they're playing work. WG is already buffing the Atago, which is ridiculous by the way, although it's not the ship that is underperforming, but the wallet warrior noobs that play them. They should implemetn noob-filters, like you need to have the same type of ship on the same tier of the same nation to PLAY(not buy) the premium ships in random battles. For coop it doesn't matter that much. This is not elitism but provident concern about the bad influence the unification could have on the gameplay. Behave your silly self......you aint got no other accounts with xp & gold in them.....always 1.....like thats going to stop it......lol......try better than that...you just tryin to sink our convoy with all those neg waves.....lol...waves...lol Verdius, on 02 November 2015 - 06:07 PM, said: We are now 4 months after OBT and nearly 2 months after release. We still don't have the unified Gold account that was promised and all we got was a weaksauce explanation that WoT players would flood in and buy their way to tier X, which is flawed reasoning since they can still do it only now WG makes more money. To add insult to injury people are expected to open their wallet for these bundles with excess gold, further undermining their own argument. None of the recently released premium ships can be bought with ingame gold so all you could use gold for is to speed up your progress. So you exchange to free xp......Haloween M/M fixed i not playin till silly costume party over........lol
  6. Jaeger_Bomb_Meister

    Imperator Nicholas I

    Not a bad ship....just terrible AA & Secondary Gun Fire Range....Mikasa is the worst by far....i have it
  7. Jaeger_Bomb_Meister

    Nikolai,Ishizuchi Wyoming & Myogi BB Feedback

    Incease AA Drastically(Except Myogi)& Increase Effieciency on all Tier 4 BB's Increase Secondary Fire Range & Accuracy(on all Tier 4-8 BB's) Increase Isuzuchi Main Battery Range to at least 15+km's Decrease Dispersion to 10m per Km Balance W.G, not more Dreaded Pool Floaters especially chargable Premium BB ones....whos idea was it to give Nikolai a 4 AA rating.....i mean c'mon whats this i gonna make another Dreadnought pool party spoiler attitude????? Balance Please W.G, how many more times do i have to repeat my game feedback.......like i want my BB's fitted with Exocet Agean & Cruise Missile Weapons Systems....sorry no OP here from me, just common sense
  8. Jaeger_Bomb_Meister

    The ultimate World of Warships Port Guide ;)

    Now Go Pro.... Naval Guns Argentina Austria-Hungary Brazil Chile Finland France Germany India Italy Japan Netherlands Norway PR of China Russia / USSR Spain Sweden United Kingdom United States Definitions and Information about Naval Guns Guns and Mountings Ammunition Miscellaneous The Nathan Okun Naval Gun and Armor Data Resource . Torpedoes Austria-Hungaryoff-site France Germany Italy Japan Russia / USSR United Kingdom United States . Additional Weapons Data Technical Board Naval Weapon Links .
  9. Jaeger_Bomb_Meister

    Buff Atago dpm and range

    i the 790m turn rate is a joke......useless length with lots of islands & rock maps........i end up making dams with it.....lol proper cloak & dagger ship...only time to shoot is when enemies all engaged and no one spotting you or aiming at you...as half decent aimed salvo will shred you instantly leaving you to turn tail from enemy effectively for rest of game....lol......in some corner of the map cursing everyone........lol Do Something with it for crying out loud.....lol Please help me.......my atago is Wedge'eed again.......lol [edited]
  10. Jaeger_Bomb_Meister


  11. Jaeger_Bomb_Meister

    Please put in a mute function for these quick messages

    Tell them to do a proper job not this poor effort to enable comms between teams........Full 12 player Team Comms Channel With Mute/Unmute/Add a Friend Feature......thats it
  12. Jaeger_Bomb_Meister

    Veteran players dropout

    i have noticed alot less Alpha Beta ships in Game......as i said before W.G should dish'em out to people who where in Open Beta and Still playing like me.....lol Arkansas Beta Please.....lol
  13. Jaeger_Bomb_Meister

    For the love of god please do something about Japanese Carriers!

    maybe try stickin with friendly most AA ships advancing where you want your planes to go....Team Work!!!!!!Co ordinate your attacks so friendly ships can cover you with their AA both advancing and more so on way back to C.V re-arming....you scratch my back i scratch yours as your fighters can intercept any torp/bombers Attacking YOUR Fleet
  14. Jaeger_Bomb_Meister

    Competition - Win a Tacobanana

    lol..... i wished everyone Goodluck..plus the chance for every competitor to own Tachibana-nana-ooohh...no losers that way Ducati...... Apologies Couldn't help myself with other part...see'in as you responsible for data feedback with ship in question...lol Next time give me a ship to test i got 20/20 vision Great little tier 2 DD with stock Type 42 Torps....for close encounter fun...takes over penns all day no citadel* to worry about.......lol...it's my Umikaze Killer.....lol Overview 500 Cost 7000 Hit Points Mobility 30.4 kt Max Speed....good speed Even Better with Boost kicked in 1.9 s Rudder Shift Time ....Turns on a Dime 450 m Turn Radius .....Nice & Tight Spandex Style....Say No More..Killer Umikaze stats Armor 6 - 6 mm Hull Armor 0- 00 mm Citadel Armor(Removed Citadel Type DD*) 6 - 6 mm Deck Armor 6 - 6 mm Extremities Armor Primary Armament Guns 5 x 76mm in Game Stats/80mm Wiki Leaks 76-80 mm/40 Type41 1 12 16.36 1300 1000 Secondary Armament Guns N/A Torpedoes Torpedo Config Forwd & Rear Mid ships 2 x 2, 457mm Ho Type42 250 6133 5 44 2.7 Aircrafts Recon Squadrons N/A Visibility 2.3 km Aerial Detection Range 5.4 km Surface Detection Range **Free Invite Code if anyone wants it**