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  1. TopDawg

    Collector's Club Launch

    just came back holidays and found this nice....................
  2. Eddie is new and a mate so can recommend him he will need a hand getting up the tiers....
  3. I joined BOBS not long ago, basically they ae an awesome bunch of guys, really friendly and helpful. Their streams (those who do stream( are great to watch and chat with. Could not find a better bunch of ppl tp play with and watch
  4. Hello throwing my hat into the ring to Join.....
  5. TopDawg

    Viva La France

    Ok I seem to have forgot , how do you trade duplicates in for a new single one
  6. TopDawg

    [Operation] Defense of Naval Station Newport

    very good video
  7. TopDawg

    DD's has god mode!

    well said this is has happened to me numerous times left behind by the train and a lone dd or 2 came after me.. BTW think I was in a match with you last night.....
  8. TopDawg

    rant.... nothing new

    it would seem there is no end of idiots, cowards and just plain unhelpful players out there. Well as long as the majority play well and help each other thats good. I often thank players(compliment) at the match end even if they have just helped in chat. Maybe some one should start a Players United Clan for those who go the extra mile in game..........
  9. TopDawg

    the "carry harder!" thread

    yea same thing in a Shors was winning then team threw it away.... (notice a double double strike as well)
  10. TopDawg

    Collectors club

    So this is an actual russian club?
  11. TopDawg

    rant.... nothing new

    lots of good comments. Just ahd the no balls scenario dd staying away from a CA behind an island cause there was a DD "in the vicinity" then run like like mad when it appeared If any one any sees me in game div me up cannot promise we will win but at least go down fighting with 1 team player rather then none
  12. TopDawg

    rant.... nothing new

    ok love the game but my biggest gripes are these: 1. Players who scream help me and when you come to help they bugger off and leave you in the pooh . 2. Players who all stream towards a cap and see 1 (ONE) enemy ship and run away in case they get shot at. 3. Groups of players all chasing 1 (ONE) ship for the kill while ignoring cries for help/the caps being taken by the enemy. As I say nothing new but feel better for getting that of my chest...... (There are good players like the DD who stayed with me in my BB and we went on to wipe out the enemy. The DD who laid smoke so I could escape for 4 ships hitting me. The CV who sent his torps and bombers to assist me when things where deffo getting tough. To those guys I say thank you and hope i can return the favour one day )
  13. TopDawg

    Saving Transylvania

    me too
  14. TopDawg

    RN Cruisers...

    will take mine out need a healthy English meal.....