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  1. Commander_Doom_

    Important Update: 2nd Anniversary Rewards

    Wait a day more and just play a bit more, seems fine.
  2. i know but what can i do when he sails right in front of me when im looking elsewhere dodgeing enemy shoots and shooting back and he get's right in front of me get hit by 3 shells and one sets a fire, that's what i find annoying
  3. i need some help here i don't really know what to do about the teamkiller thing other then just playing, but i don't know have to send in a ticket in or whatever, because the guy sail in front of my ship when i was firing my guns and three of my shoots hit him and set him on fire and it's kind of annoying.
  4. Dude aprils 1st is tomorrow not today you got to wait a little with the joke posts.
  5. Commander_Doom_

    How many people are planning on leaving Warships

    Yeah im not leaving im staying, im only taking "breaks" when i get a new game, like right now but no im not leaving.
  6. yeah i don't really know if i can post these pictures of some funny salt i have seen i the chat(all names blured out of course). i just thought it would be funny to share some funny comments i have seen in the chat, you know to light up the mood(somehow), and see some people that properly didn't have to good of a day at the time. (if you spot a name in there tell me so i can blur it out, if i missed it) (and if this kind of post is not allowed i will of course delete it)
  7. Commander_Doom_

    Clover Flag?

  8. Commander_Doom_

    Trolls on flame

    "Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it" Aka you need to cover up his name or else you are naming and shameing on the forum and you're post is gonna get taken down.
  9. Commander_Doom_

    Nice troll

    Add another one to the list boys, put it under "people that don't know things about ranked and dont just try and search for it" it's just below "stupid useless rants" category.
  10. Commander_Doom_

    The new French cruisers and how I fear WG will miss an opportunity

    just play any high tier IJN cruiser and you will see the world burn before you're eyes(mostly bb's)
  11. Commander_Doom_

    What Tier/s is/are your Comfort Zone?

    I thend to stick being at tier 7 and 8 it just feels like a good place for me, one just needs to look at my most played ships to see it.
  12. Commander_Doom_

    Oh, this awesome teamdamage system

    Yeah do you have evidence of this like a picture because if not it's not more the empty words.
  13. Commander_Doom_

    New staff member Sael reporting for duty!

    You're first course of action should be to pick a avater insted of having the default picture, otherwise welcome to the communety
  14. Commander_Doom_

    Premium Ship Review: Okhotnik

    A meme waiting to happen, F'ing love that part Keep up the good work.
  15. Commander_Doom_

    I was gonna rant on forums but you know what...

    but bothered enough to make a post on the forum anyway, logic