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  1. NanoTechi

    Armory Containers, worth it or not?

    I have nearly all the collections, that's not what is asked, all the containers are still in the armory, what I want to know, is it worth buying them, not for the collections, but for the contents
  2. NanoTechi

    PT 0.9.4 - Bugs

    why does the PT account not recognise my e-mail or password? keeps saying incorrect e-mail or password? really getting fed up with this, been trying and reinstalling in different ways since the start, and the help so far has been S*%$ both tanks and warships don't have a problem? in all the tests I have done, this has been the worst, why have you lot not learnt?
  3. NanoTechi

    Armory Containers, worth it or not?

    Sorry didn't explain, with coal.
  4. NanoTechi

    Armory Containers, worth it or not?

    all containers, I forget what is in them?
  5. As the title asks, are the Containers in the Armory worth buying or not? Sorry didn't explain, with coal.
  6. NanoTechi

    New container glitch

    I have same problem, yesterday 2 containers & 2 missions from twitch, and day before that 2 containers + 1 mission, all I have had is 1 mission from first one?
  7. NanoTechi

    Fighter from nowhere?

    when I am about to torp a ship, any type of ship, keep getting fighters appearing out of no where, even to appear from ships that I know don't have fighters, and no CV planes have flown over that area, so where/how do they appear?
  8. Don't rage in this game aswell, WOT gets enough of that, just enjoy the game, do your best to show others how it is done and just be pleased with that.