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    PT 0.10.5 - General Feedback

    Hello, I would like to share my opinion about Hannover. In the current state I believe it is a bit to good. Here is what I think is good about it and what is not so good (I mean to good to be on BB's). Good parts: - High caliber main guns; - Good secondary range and fire rate; - Good main gun accuracy (very similar to Thunder). Not good parts: - Too much HP even for super-bb; - For this size of ships it should have less maneuverability; - To fast main gun reload. Overall I played around 7 games in Hannover, each game a WIN, with 150k+ damage done and 2m+ damage blocked. The new consumable is quite fun, but to easy to get it and once got it you need to be sure to be in secondary range, otherwise - useless. Also, could reduce action time to 30seconds. Regarding Shatsumu (I believe wrong name, but you know about I am talking) this is basically Shikisima +1 turret.... And the new consumable for Shatsuma is basically an Dead-eye but even better.... Eventhoug I think the consumable for Shatsuma is broken you actually can only use for 1 shoot.... Because action time is only I believe 50sec and reload of the main guns is around 29sec. So yea..... In general I didn't liked Shatsuma. And that is it, this is my general option about new BBS. Best regards,
  2. UmarexLtd

    WoW crashes on windows 10

    I did clean install well i think the problem is in drivers
  3. UmarexLtd

    WoW crashes on windows 10

    After i installed windows 10 WorldofWarships started to crash time to time for no reason what intresting that whole pc crashes and i need to re-start it few time i getted a error saying CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT anybody know how to fix it?