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  1. Eternus_Damnatio

    Uninstall time

    I am done with this game mostly thanks to CV's but plenty of other reasons to add. CV's haven't been balanced since they were brought in and never will be they ruin any tactical or strategic play you can't fight back they survive more than any other class etc etc. MM is an utter shambles most games are so one sided leading to way too many snowball games. Spawns are often ridiculous bottom tier ships all on one side vs top tier ships opposite them, numbers inbalance in spawns leading to people abandoning flanks. Game balance is janky at best. Subs will be added regardless of feedback as WG only hears the feedback it wants to hear. WG going back on their word gold/doubloons, subs being added etc loot boxes where they won't even display item chances and general shady marketing practices. Port lag and desync in game both problems since release port is poorly optimised and game desync probably down to sharing a server with tanks. Most people I know barely play these days if at all because of one or more of the above issues WoWs has serious player retention and growth issues. Plenty of other games out there to enjoy made by studios that care about more than just making money.
  2. Eternus_Damnatio

    Losing FXP from seemingly bugged upgrade prices

    lol I thought i was going crazy myself kept looking at my FXP thinking I was sure I had more now I know why thx WG.....
  3. Eternus_Damnatio

    CV play and using Winrate mod

    Same toxic crap as XVM in tanks yes you can hide your stats but you should not have to.
  4. Eternus_Damnatio

    The Fun has gone out of the game.....

    Not so sure on the they think it is dying just more examples of overly aggressive marketing imo WoT's has the same thing going on with constant premium tank spam and has done for a long time same goes for other tactics.
  5. Eternus_Damnatio

    The Fun has gone out of the game.....

    NVM idiot post flags not camo lol
  6. Eternus_Damnatio

    The Fun has gone out of the game.....

    Ive had a few 2xT8 and had a T8+T10 not so long ago completely fun and engaging....
  7. Eternus_Damnatio

    The Fun has gone out of the game.....

    As I have stated elsewhere CV's are killing player retention and growth wp WG for the sake of selling some premium CV's you are killing your own game. And all of that for the least popular class in the game remove CV's and you will make more money in the long run due to more players coming in and staying.
  8. Eternus_Damnatio

    Just a taste of what is coming >_<

    Some common sense wow did not expect that.
  9. Eternus_Damnatio

    mid tier italian cruisers

    I enjoyed the Trento and Zara not enjoying the Amalfi so far although thats not the ships fault just bad matches taht are over too quick so far in her. Doing a 12k damage volley to a Friedrich in the Zara was a highlight I enjoyed :)
  10. Eternus_Damnatio

    I really enjoy being shot by 3 invisible ships!

    Man you would have loved this game a few years back lmao
  11. Eternus_Damnatio

    Just a taste of what is coming >_<

    And there are those that don't truly understand the impact thse ships have.
  12. Eternus_Damnatio

    Just a taste of what is coming >_<

    Yeah i remember those days along with stealth fire.
  13. Eternus_Damnatio

    CV mains, help needed

    Dude JUST AIM
  14. Eternus_Damnatio

    Just a taste of what is coming >_<

    You be joking right ? yeah obviously joking.
  15. Eternus_Damnatio

    Just a taste of what is coming >_<

    There is obviously going to be a difference between a skilled player and the rest divisioning up with the right ships will also be a thing. And even if your example was to be the rule then the ship would be an outright liability to your team either way it is bad for the game. And lets not forget the amount of TK's that are going to happen and we all know they will happen.