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  1. Eternus_Damnatio

    Guide: British Cruisers

    Lmfao since when has reality or WG staff imagination stopped WG from changing things or bringing in completely retarded vehicles. Just look at all the paper tanks and ships that never existed just look at all the changes made to vehicles in the name of balance. As for not renown for technical qualities I think you have been smoking the old pipe a bit too long we had a very large Navy with a lot of older ships that underwent many refits. Does not mean we did not produce new ships with technical innovation go learn some history eh. And as usual you guys keep spouting the same nonsense without actually listening to what people are saying.
  2. Eternus_Damnatio

    Guide: British Cruisers

    Been on a looooong break from the game and was thinking of coming back for the RN cruisers but after a lot of reading and watching YT vids sod that good job WG you really are specialists at screwing things up. I see the comment from Mr Conway stating they have a high skill ceiling sorry but that's just laughable as it just translates to these ships are crap compared to the rest so you have to be amazing to get anything out of it. No HE rounds or def AA these ships are just target practice for everyone else and consequently I will not be returning to wow's and spending any of my hard earned money. Keep up the good work WG (pls note this is sarcasm)
  3. When u figure out a way to take all the paint off the walls in your house and apply it to another house let us know eh.
  4. Eternus_Damnatio

    Fail divisions

    I have no problem with criticism at all pal feel free I know full well the last month has been crap and that includes in division imho I don't hide from it. There are some mitigating factors that I won't bother stating here as that is a whole other discussion. As for bringing up stats yes maybe I could have picked my words better but the statement is valid however poorly put. Now back to the topic. You say it is in the game and won't change so tell me how do you figure. Do you realise how many changes have happened since CBT you should see how many changes have been made to WoT over the years. And the only way change happens is by feedback to the Dev's without that how do they know what we think is good and bad within the game.
  5. Eternus_Damnatio

    Self-Policing the Forums

    Same here Shaka been doing a lot better lately still the odd outburst but getting there We could create a group to fight the toxicity and call them.........
  6. Eternus_Damnatio

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Had ViceAdmiral123 in game earlier was nice having a cv player you can rely on. Easy win enemy team melted quickly
  7. Eternus_Damnatio

    New Orleans still worth it?

    LOL yeah hate that stain but guess I will have to just leave it be for now
  8. Eternus_Damnatio

    Reason for not to cap in random battles?

    Capping is not really an RU dd's strong point better off sitting 2-3km behind a USN or IJN dd and support them.
  9. Eternus_Damnatio

    Reason for not to cap in random battles?

    Common sense and I fear too much of it for some.
  10. Eternus_Damnatio

    How to learn the use of aircraft carriers

    Watch some vids on youtube get the training room installed or use co op and practice manual drops on bots then when you feel ready take on some real players.
  11. Eternus_Damnatio

    lotsa losses in coop?

    Exactly this if it helps improve the standard of players by making it more challenging what is not to like.
  12. Eternus_Damnatio

    Fail divisions

    It is not about seriousness it is about having fair teams and for those players that are trying to win not having their enjoyment ruined by having some idiot bring a T1 into a T10 etc.
  13. Eternus_Damnatio

    Reason for not to cap in random battles?

    Getting sick of the game at the moment hardly ever get a fight enemy team just runs for the border scared of a repair bill doesn't contest points and loses in under 10mins yeah great games
  14. Eternus_Damnatio

    Warspites range

    Nope her range is poor her turret traverse is terrible not to mention her armour just does not seem to be working at all. I do way more damage in my Fuso and my New Mex is about the same but then US bb's were my first line so can't really compare her.
  15. Eternus_Damnatio

    Fail divisions

    Let me make this simple for you. We are talking about divisions with a +/- 2 or more most here would agree that +/-1 is fine. What you are trying to describe are the rare exceptions to the rule where a fail division player manages to do well. Now yes this can happen but there are reasons it happens occasionally. 1. Enemy team is just terrible 2. They ignore the low tier as he is far less of a threat to them 3. They earn more experience for hitting higher tier ships so it can appear like they did more than they actually did. Player skill is completely irrelevant in this discussion anyway as it is not a constant and also relies on the player skill of the enemy team. And to be brutally honest at your level of skill it would be easy to outplay you in a lower tier ship thus making it appear as though it works. All you do is make poor assumptions without any real knowledge or experience if I had to guess I would imagine you fail division regularly thus your attitude.