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  1. Some questions to WG about ranked 1)Why have you yet not banned CVs from ranked 2)When will you ban CVs from ranked 3)Are you aware of HUGE quantity of one sided games in ranked like 1 - 7, 7-1 or even 7-0 0-7? 4)What is in your opinion causing these games and what will you do fix MM so that games can be more competitive? 5)When and how will you address Smolensk? P.s. what is the point in your in game polls if you again and again spit on wast majority of player base and do nothing about Cvs, Smolensks etc?
  3. Fonfalks

    Planes in Ranked are invincible

    Testing? Only testing they are doing is to see if ALL Russian ships are OP enough and if CV is still seal clubbing club. Everything else they don't give a flying f about.
  4. Fonfalks

    Planes in Ranked are invincible

    It is actually simple and should be obvious by now - WG hates you, despises you and rest of us complete idi__ts who still bother to play this utterly broken shitshow. And since we still for some reason play this garbage they want to spit harder in our faces with more broken mechanics, OP ships (if you can say CV is a ship) and see if we will go on taking it up the a s s.... I have played this game since open beta and i am 100% convinced that WG despises player base, like psychopathic school shooter despises fellow students he kills. Harsh but true.
  5. Fonfalks

    Rename ranked in Smolensked

    Majority of playerbase despises that utter game breaking OP crap ship, people play it because it is easy to play it, it is easy to get insane damage on it, it is easy to win games on it, especially in ranked. I am 100% sure that Smolensk was played more by rank 1 players then any other ship, i am sure it was just because they "liked" it... No it is OP, as OP as it gets and WG utter unwillingness to admit it is so shocking even for WG it is just amazing.
  6. Fonfalks

    Rename ranked in Smolensked

    I do not even count CVs as a ship. That is all together different broken category. Smolensk is a ship at least.
  7. Title says it all. In your infinite disgust, arogance and hatred towards your customers - player base you keep refusing again and again to nref the most overpowered ship that this game has ever seen Smolensk, as a result 1/3 of ships in ranked are Smolensks basically every game. Played 2 ranked games in both 5 Smolensks. WHY IS IT SO HARD FOR YOU TO FING UNDERSTAND THAT THAT SHIP IS BROKEN AND GAME BREAKING????????????????????????????????????????????? Why????????????????
  8. Power creep is immense and it is very obvious sign that WG can not and will not balance anything, they just want people to grind and people will grind and WG will profit from it, that is how it works.
  9. I think that 1)These discussions are utterly irrelevant. WG has showed again and again and again they do not give a flying F__K about anything that players want to change in this game no matter how game breaking, idiotic, absurd and OP it is. They do not care, AT ALL, look at Smolensk. 2)CVs are utterly OP, the way game works it is impossible to balance them against normal ships, just impossible, because CVs are totally different kind of ship, in fact you can argue it is not a ship at all. 3)ONLY WAY to change current situation is to rework CVs again ( will not happen see point 1 ) so that they have to play against each other first and foremost and only if 1 of them is dead they can focus n normal ships OR just remove them form game, and again it will not happen see point 1.
  10. Best advice i can give to you is alt+f4. If CV has ANY brains he WILL kill you and you can do NOTHING about it, because WG are utter ^%$$#$&
  11. Fonfalks

    Just stop this.

    I am implying that CVs are utterly unbalanced and putting them against 2 tiers lower ships is plain IDIOCY and since GZ is bought it is also p2w.
  12. Really? I would usually get CV + at least 2 - 3 radars and at least 1 - 2 gunboats, that is usual setup, it could be worse. Sure there were some rare games with no CV, no gunboats, 1 or no radars, but to play a ship where you have to pray to MM god is just idiotic.
  13. Sold my shima i had since open beta some time ago, as it was completely unplayable with all the gunboats, radars, sonars, cvs, it truly had become too painful to even do 1 game per day on it, nerf would not impact it tho as i can see, but still i am glad i sold it. But this direction they are going only shows one thing - developers are just blatantly incompetent or insane. They have ships like Smolensk, Kremlin, whole CV class to nerf, nerf and then nerf some more, but what they do instead? Just insane....
  14. Wargaming, we your player base, understand that we are nothing but trash that needs to give you money for ever increasingly broken, stupid, unplayable game, but seriously, you need to stop with your Smolensk and Kremlin overpower crap, because this will end badly for you. I understand that you are in process of creating new, even more absurd, idiotic, OP game mechanic and class - submarines, but just maybe, MAYBE you could spend 5 minutes to see obvious and fix those 2 ships, so that they are not AT LEAST that OP? Would it be too hard? I understand that community has been asking for this since those 2 hell spawns came out and you have been spitting in our face and doing nothing about it also since then, so here i am asking once more, because why not...