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  1. Fonfalks

    Smoensk got nerfed?

    Just do not play it. Just do not. You are ruining this game for everyone.
  2. Fonfalks

    Smoensk got nerfed?

    If you play Smolensk you deserve to be 1 shot in every game and as extra punishment you have to be one shot in 10 more games on any other ships you play after Smolensk, that cancer, CANCER OF THIS GAME needs to just disappear. Just now played game on Conq and saw how poor Republiq on my team simply got EATEN by that fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff Smolensk. From all the completely idiotic, incompetent, absurd, excrement ideas this was probably worst, at least as far as non CV ship balancing
  3. Fonfalks

    Whats happening to DD players today ??

    You talk like WG has ANY sense, it is obvious from MANY instances that company, at least WOW part is directed by utter and irredeemable idi ots. It is very possible that they are working and perfecting with some kind of self learning AI, i really do not care what it is and why it is, i just see it very clearly, that those are not humans and i see them in so many games, often doing different things (yet still obviously bots) that it is clear that those are WG made.
  4. Fonfalks

    Whats happening to DD players today ??

    I see bot regularly when leveling up some ship, for example these last few days i am dabbling in French cruiser line T5 - 7 and i see bots almost every game. They are becoming more often in TX as well.
  5. Fonfalks

    Whats happening to DD players today ??

    In my experience they don not talk back, but then again i am chat banned all the time, but i have no doubt that many "players"are actually WG bots, especially on low levels and in certain time periods when player base is particularly low.
  6. Fonfalks

    Whats happening to DD players today ??

    I have notice a lot of WG bots around lately. Usually clan less, with idiotic, random names, i suppose they do it out of desperation since real playerbase is melting away, because it gets tiresome to see new and new OP ships, rendering old ones on most part useless and last wave of OP ships Smolensk and Kremlin are just so idiotic, that many reasonable players have quit. So these bots do stupid things, not that human players can not do these things, but bots will do them reliably and all the time.
  7. Fonfalks

    Smolensk Not OP

    Smolensk is so OBVIOUSLY GAME BREAKING OP, that this has to be one of the most foolish, incompetent, absurd posts on this forum. Smolensks can just destroy enemy team basically alone. It has no counterplay. If there are 2 of them on same flank, then it is just game over, if they had DD that has brains (brains as in he just has to do 1 thing - hover 4 - 5 kms around Smolensk smoke and spot, if enemy dd comes, Smolensk will kill it in 3 seconds, it is hopless for opponent), you can simply log out and go to next game, because i will pass on seeing huge stack of smoke, from which comes endless stream of HE shells and everything around burns with 3 fires and loses hp so fast it is not even funny. Had game recently on GK where Smolensk took 80k of hp with nothing that could be done about it in about time that it took me to drive 10 kms.... DPS is OP, smoke duration is OP, sonar is OP ( then at least DDs could sneak torps that fffffer), and it even has torps.... Just gtfo WG.
  8. Fonfalks

    Ranked Inherently Broken

    I have played so many games that conclusion is absolute, ranked is rigged, vast majority of players are being put in teams that keep them in loss-win cycle, you get up only if you are either lucky or have OP ship. End of story. No amount of [edited] will convince me otherwise. Also be so kind and read about WG patent concerning MM and it will be obvious. Wait times in ranked already are so long, do you really think that WG will allow many people to get rank 1 and escape this insane shitgrindfest of insanity? No. Just no. Today is same again - win lose all day. all day. all day all day win lose win lose. [edited]you WG [edited]you.
  9. Fonfalks

    Ranked Inherently Broken

    I have made post about this yesterday i think. Ranked is rigged, there is no question about it. I have been stuck at 5 - 4 for about 200+ games. I have seen everything in this so called highest league - constant 0-8 or 1-7 loses and wins, players afk, everyone doing anything that they possibly can wrongly etc. I have even seen carriers die as first ship to die, because he tried to cap. I think in the end it is really simple - if you do not have OP ship that can reliably be top of the team, ehm FFFF Smolensk or DM or Stalin or some CV, then you are screwed, unless lucky, YES LUCKY. For most people WG is DIRECTLY INVESTED so that people do not get to rank 1, because if you get rank 1 you stop, that decreases player base for ranked. I have witnessed WG algo on myself again and again, since i have played a lot of games in relatively short time. Win-lose-win-lose is constant. And what is most interesting is that WG would always keep me in division 1, if by chance i drop out, next game to get back in i win immediately and then again i start my way slowly slowly to rank 4 and back to 5... This is just the way it is.
  10. Fonfalks

    Submarines Test Iteration #3 - Feedback

    FIRST maybe balance your GOD DAMN CVs and Smolensks and DM and Stalingrad and Kremlin?????
  11. Fonfalks

    How fun are the German BBs right now?

    GK is most fun for Smolensk, DM, Stalin and Worcester, etc. Enough said.
  12. Fonfalks

    More historical IJN ships, please!

    No, only OP Russian ships from future with smoke that lasts all game, radar with 20 km range and self guided missiles that citadel everything and have range of 40 km and speed 50 kts and armor like Kremlin X2 ok? Because after FFF Smolensk it is only logical to go with that.
  13. Fonfalks

    Yamato is the worst battleship?

    Yamato is trash, had it for very long time, sold recently. Guns are actually not that strong and are quite bad - RNG on them can be so annoying it is just not worth it, especially since new BBs like GOD MODE Kremlin came out, and Yamato has extremely weak armor and can not tank for s@@t. And i have to mention Smolensk here, if you like to look at big stack of cloud from which comes nice red line of shells that can set 3 fires on you in about 6 seconds, if you like to see how Yamato burns, yet you can not do anything to anyone due to smoke smoke smoke everywhere, sure buy and play Yamato. Best BB at the moment is Kremlin, by far best, but i personally like Conq for two simple reasons 1)Conq can repair wast fire damage and you will bur a lot and every game, hi FFFFing smolensk 2)I can troll Smolensks on Conq - shoot, see smolensk drop smoke and turn on the fire machinegunX1000 and GO DARK AHAHAHAHAHAHAH F U SMAOLSNSK
  14. Fonfalks

    German cruisers - worth it?

    F NO. JUST FFFFFFF NO. Hindi used to be good ship, but now it is just trash. Sure you can get lucky in certain situations and even have devastating strikes on some ships if they show you sides, but at this day and age of maps covered with smoke and FFFFFFFFFFF SMOLENSKS endlessly filling sky with shells you will be nothing but target for fire practice. If you want to enjoy cruisers you have ONLY two options - RUS OP ships or US OP ships, rest is pure manure, garbage and vomit compared to them.
  15. Fonfalks

    Done with this game.

    I simply have no more wiill to go on grinding ranked, random is just something i was not even remotely interested anymore, WG you have truly and totally ruined this game for every player, unless they are playing OP ships. Here are some of the issues - 1)CVs - broken, OP, game breaking for everyone you have not gone even close to making them fit in to game. Good CV player is worth 3 good non CV players especially in ranked. Broken. 2)Russian ships. You really have to stop doing this WG. Every Russian ship is more and more and more powerful and OP. What is wrong with you???? Why are you doing this? Last game, that was last straw i got citadeled so hard by Stalingrad WHILE BOW TANKING IN CONQ, that it was simply awe inspiring, he took about 60% of my HP. Right thru the bow. And in SAME GAME there was Kremlin on red team that decided to cap C (it is that big map where you can flank and where C is very tricky to cap), Kremlin just got in and it started raining fire on him, but he would not die. He simply would not die. I saw him first, gave salvo from CONQ HE, 4 nonpenetration, 0 damge, 0 fires.... why, what, how? Ok second salvo minimal damage about 1k again, some non pen, no fires. And only on 4th salvo i got him on fire. Then he was in range of other ships and they rained and rained and rained on him, he came to c understood that it was bad idea and slowly went backwards and just fire raining on him. He survived..... If it would have been any other BB he would have died at least 3 times and i am not exaggerating. Why do that. It is just insult to players who play older ships. It is spitting in their face. 3)Radars. Balance them, both in their effectiveness and in MM, there should never be team that has more radars then other. It is almost guaranteed that team with no radars will lose to team with radars. Radars AND SONARS should not go thru islands!!!!!!!!!!!! 4)HE. It is doing way too much damage with fires. Fix it. 5)MM - it should be balanced somehow, i do not care how, just do something about it. ENOUGH already with one sided games. If necessary punish those who just yolo die in ranked in first minute - two, nobody should die, also make it impossible for DDs to go in raked without anti detonation flag, i have seen some idiots detonate. You know i wanted to make large post but f it i just dont care anymore, because this will not have any effect anyway and i am burned out by this utterly shitty ENRAGING game. Enjoy it if you can, i can't.