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  1. Fonfalks


    No doubt.
  2. Fonfalks


    It was not that bad before, game has degraded, i was not even in clan for wast majority of time, just joined not long ago and wanted to farm certain TX ships - Yama and Minotaur, after that was thinking maybe do some platoons, now i am banned from chat...
  3. Fonfalks


    Every word i said no matter how "rude" was 100% justified and correct, teams i got were so bad i can not tell you, i can not describe it, i can not comprehend the depth of *edit to be able to play like that. The fact, that in the end it was me who was punished and not once - by chat ban, but twice by chat ban and MM who put me with those *edit. This is why this game should have option to exclude players you hate and never see them in your team again. At any rate now i have 48 battle sin coop to play if i want to play normal game and month chat ban all because *edit me so hard with these teams. Just fing outrage.
  4. Fonfalks


    Yeah i would have maybe stopped that and tried to do some platoons, just for a change, but guess what - i am FING CHAT BANNED ALL THE FING TIME AND NOW FOR A MONTH. I CANT EVEN SPEAK TO MY CLAN MEMBERS. And why? Just because i was reported by ret__ded losers who did not enjoy me talking to them on chat and pointing out what they do wrong and how it will end, which it did end like i said 99% of time, may it be i was using a lot of 4 letter words while doing that.
  5. Fonfalks

    Gearing or Harugumo first?

    Always pick most recently released ship, they are usually better then old ones. I have Gearing and it is not bad and you can sometimes do ok in it, but newer DDs are either better or way better, it is called power creep - WG makes newer ships better so people who want to do well and do not want to get rolfstopmed by new ships have to farm again every new ship that comes out.
  6. Fonfalks

    Unlucky or do i just suck at Tier X?

    Well, Gearing is a victim of power creep, probably one of the worst victims. Newer and new TX DDs are all 100% better in every aspect. And like i said, before WG delete my comment - WR depends on you at about 2 - 3% rate maximum if you play solo. MM can do whatever it likes with you. Like i said, i had WR 65 - 66% after 120+ games on Yamato, MM decided F U and gave me so many crap teams i could not get 15 wins for mission for 3 days, even tho i was playing a lot and in 3 days my WR went from 66% to 56%, just like that. Did my "skills" change? No, MM decided i will lose and that's that.
  7. Fonfalks

    Unlucky or do i just suck at Tier X?

    *edit ALONE. I had literally no support and only reason they killed me was that fricking OP radar. Being unicum in this game while playing in 3 man platoon is like being a ok boxer, fighting vs cripples, yes you will beat them all.....
  8. Fonfalks


  9. Fonfalks

    How this game works

    Played them all, except doom, which i don't like.
  10. Fonfalks

    BB's AP vs destroyers is broken

    Hi, since new patch this has become a serious issue, more and more DDs are now aware that you can just yolo charge BB from any position, without any consideration or danger and even if BB can unload all 9 or 12 shells on DD, if DD is full HP he will survive. That is just broken. This kind of yolo charge should be always punished by death, especially if BB has rightly positioned and managed to unleash a full salvo on DD, sure if DD manages to shoot torps before death he can kill BB, but the way it is now its just broken, there simply are no consequences for DDs.
  11. Fonfalks

    teamplay is op

    Team play in randoms is way different then in clan wars. Clan wars, when you play with people you know and can choose ships, it is not even as much about team play, because there are no idi_ts on team, it is about ship synergy and strategy, tactics and real time coordination. In random battle there is no team play 90% of times, there is some maybe 8% and once every 50 games you get really good team play, at least on flank where you are. So what is good team play in random battle? 1) You have to understand your ship, its role, strengths and weaknesses. 2)You have to have people around you who also understand their ships. 3)You have to act according to what ships are around you 4)You have to act according to contacts you make with enemies remembering 1, 2, 3. If people do that you can have superb battle.
  12. Fonfalks

    Please, return possibility to kill teammate.

    Yeah. Yeah. Killing player who simply does not do ANYTHING positive is only consolation - satisfaction. And again, leave the punishment for it, i don't mind, but sometimes you just want to kill that one IDI_T player so much......................
  13. Fonfalks

    Ticking clocks and my hard time recommending this game

    Because i have noting better to do. Literally nothing. I like concept of the game, i like graphics, ships design, overall concept is good. I have tried every possible other game, watched all kinds of tv shows, in the end this in a way best to kill time. But it is also so WORST & UTTERLY FRUSTRATING. Good thing is, here i get to play with and vs other people, not dumb AI in solo games, but that is also THE MOST WORST THING THERE IS. That is why i recommend not to play this game, if you will like some of it and you get hooked, your life will be destroyed, blood pressure thru the roof and anger, anger, anger at stupidity of humanity and ret___ded RNG and MM.