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  1. BJEagleDK

    Stop camping

    I think there is a very good explanation why this camping mentality shows itself. It is much easier than try to coordinate a good attack with total strangers. I get frustrated as well when people play really dumb and I'm sure some get frustrated with me from time to time. The thing is to take a chill a realize there is probably, from the players point of view, a very good reason why he played as he did. I've often been blamed for camping/being in the wrong spot by somebody who just died and obviously had no clue why I was where I was or what I had done. Even after I had asked that player to fall back several times because he was obvioulsy on a suicide course... So before starting the blame game please make absolutely sure you are justified in your critism. Or ask "why?" instead of yelling People have a tendency to reflect when asked and lock up when yelled at