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  1. BJEagleDK

    Update 0.10.1 - Updated Brawls

    Which more often than not will be extremely unbalanced.
  2. BJEagleDK

    Update 0.10.1 - Updated Brawls

    I guess it could be OK if CVs were only matched with CVs... :D
  3. BJEagleDK

    Update 0.10.1 - Updated Brawls

    This is far too unbalanced under many circumstances for the actual combat to be much fun. Its more or less boiled down to a true MM lottery.
  4. BJEagleDK

    Sunk myself !?

    Hmm - not that I'm aware of - but I might have snipped somebody without noticing. Strange mechanic though.
  5. BJEagleDK

    Sunk myself !?

    Can somebody explain what happened here?
  6. of course :) EDIT: Note that my NVME SSD is no loger compressed, but preloaded upgrade to 9.9 still took ages. Pagefile size is system managed but only allowed on the NVME SSD.
  7. BJEagleDK

    0.9.4 - Submarine battle

    Who said they were submerged, and why do you claim they are unable to do anything themselves? Nothing changed for the sub which has plenty of torps... Actually one of us BBs was in vicinity of sub and kept him submerged, but the other had an easy time evading, behind islands, out of detection range etc etc so we ended up going for cap instead. It was by far the most boring battle I've ever had. I'm not talking about turning BBs into DDs, but rather a limited consumeable. I.e. call in depthcharge airstrikes - which would even be historical. The issue is that subs can be submerged indefinately, so they are very much in control of how long the battles lasts once the last DD is sunk... A "cunning" strategy could quickly become the standard, in which the subs simply wait till the enemy does something stupid out of pure boredom. If even a low percentile of battles ends up like this WG is gonna have a serius issue on their hands. Thanks for tuning in
  8. BJEagleDK

    Whats wrong with this news-reel?

    If you mean focus on time and relevance - then yes
  9. While we wait for the too long patch installation - 20min on NVME drive? - whats wrong with below picture ?
  10. BJEagleDK

    0.9.4 - Submarine battle

    Im sure this has been discussed a lot - but here is another example of a near "stalemate" - after 10 min battle we were two enemy subs and 2 friendly BBs left. Neither being truly able to damage eachother as the subs were too carefull - and I understand their reluctance to risk their boats... Below is the result. Maybe CVs, BBs and heavy cruisers could get a limited amount of depth charges or other consumeable to damage submerged but detected subs?
  11. BJEagleDK

    Server down?

    But it really isn't - is it?
  12. Had a look into this (more necro - I know). Seems strange to me that I have 2-3 processes running named wgc_helper_host.exe which are accessing somewhere between 50 and 100 files simultaneously (vast majority being "c:\System Volume Information\..."), all of which have "Background" I/O priority... Combined read/write is approximately 70MBread/60MB write - on a Samsung 850 Pro NVME SSD... As for CPU and RAM specs; Intel I5 quad core at 3.6Ghz, 16GB RAM, and 100GB NVME SSD to spare. I must admit that I compress the entire disk, but disk benchmarks still gives me a 2.39TB read and 1.46TB write speed (random IOPS 300K read 58K write), so I guess my disk is not the issue here. Install time for 0.9.3 (all content preloaded on a 100/100 Mb fiber connection) was about half an hour! That... is... just... ridiculous... I noticed that my network traffic seemed to spike to about same amount as disk I/O during at least some part of the patching, but I hope that was just a coincidence. Please tell me you are not running the upgrade process over the IP-stack
  13. BJEagleDK

    0.9.2 - General Feedback

    make that a +1 one for me - exact same issue. Bug report incomming.... sigh EDIT: Well not exact - "Synchronising Premium shop" forever might be the culprit in my case...
  14. BJEagleDK

    Stop camping

    I think there is a very good explanation why this camping mentality shows itself. It is much easier than try to coordinate a good attack with total strangers. I get frustrated as well when people play really dumb and I'm sure some get frustrated with me from time to time. The thing is to take a chill a realize there is probably, from the players point of view, a very good reason why he played as he did. I've often been blamed for camping/being in the wrong spot by somebody who just died and obviously had no clue why I was where I was or what I had done. Even after I had asked that player to fall back several times because he was obvioulsy on a suicide course... So before starting the blame game please make absolutely sure you are justified in your critism. Or ask "why?" instead of yelling People have a tendency to reflect when asked and lock up when yelled at
  15. BJEagleDK

    SERVER DOWN !!!!

    That statement was for the Data Center itself - not for some multiplayer application running on top of a customer server... So its actually quite plausible.