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  1. BJEagleDK

    Suggestions thread

  2. BJEagleDK

    Multiple accounts vs selections - REQUEST

    Not too big? So for "saving a setting" which could be in an individual 5KB (?) setting file I should install the same game twice. With all the updates to come that is an utterly waste of bandwidth and time updating, and for the NvME SSD (used in my computer) 40GB space its an additional cost of approxmately 20 euro. It might not matter to a game dev who has his computer paid for by his employer and updates available over LAN, but I would rather use that time and storage for something else than redundant data... Not sure who's oppinion it is you voice, but in my opinion it is utterly BS - and I don't mean BattleShip
  3. My son just started playing with his own WG account and I've set up a separate Windows 10 account for him as well. The issue is that game selections such as ship filtering and more importantly game mode is saved "globally" in game settings and not under specific WG/windows accounts. This means that each of us usually have to mess around with game mode and ship filters each time we start the game. So this request is simply to put what should be individual settings under WG/windows account and not save them in "global" game settings - thanks :) EDIT: Also harbour selection would be nice have individually - and have it revert to player selection after premium time expires instead of the first available - thanks :)
  4. BJEagleDK

    10 Guineas for the price of 1

    Thanks for the reply. I'm sure some people will be glad for the pop-up reminder, but as clearly illustrated you should probably have put it up as sson as the event was over. Thats just my two cents. About the shop and "personal" offers, maybe you would want to make that more obvious somehow. Either ask for login to enter the shop or state that such things might be available if you log in. Apart from that you are free to lock this topic - I fear it is already about to be derailed into who said what when.
  5. BJEagleDK

    10 Guineas for the price of 1

    Dont accuse me of lying or modifying the truth just because you jump to conclusions. All I edited is below the edit line which is why its there in case you need clarification. So yes - what I just quoted to you is exactly what I started this topic with. And I look super gorgeous regardless of what I write
  6. BJEagleDK

    10 Guineas for the price of 1

    did I now? " you would have presented me with that offer " So talking about the timing of the in-game pop-up
  7. BJEagleDK

    10 Guineas for the price of 1

    Please direct me to the patch notes that states a 10 for 1 Guinas offer will be available, because I usually reads them in full and have no recollection of seeing any such thing.
  8. BJEagleDK

    10 Guineas for the price of 1

    Which I did not know existed... And I'm talking about the pop-up notification about the offer arriving late. Clearly I had no clue when the offfer itself started, but that is irrelevant.
  9. BJEagleDK

    10 Guineas for the price of 1

    So why does it pop up now - so late after the event is done (and after I go and buy them with no discount)? Note not everybody reads forums all the time... EDIT - yes I see it now in the shop when I'm logged in. But I did it the other way around - entering the shop, pressing buy and then logging in to pay. So there we have it.
  10. BJEagleDK

    10 Guineas for the price of 1

    Really? Enlighten me where I can see that information and why on earth it is not in the premium shop then? You realize I'm talking about a personal one-time offer popping up in-game - 10 Guinas for about 1 Euro?
  11. BJEagleDK

    10 Guineas for the price of 1

    Thanks a lot WG... I just wish you would have presented me with that offer 2 hours ago - before I bought 6 Guineas for the price of 6 to get my COSSACK... I get all about the good ententions. The funny thing is that I was satisfied with my purchase, but now I feel cheated. Timing is key... EDIT 16:14 To clarify - what I am complaining about it the pop-up to notify oblivious players - who dont spend their time browsing forums or WGs premium shop while being logged in - arrives so late after the event is done. I do not recall at any time having seem this offer described in any news either, but I admit I might have missed it burried somewhere during the last two months...
  12. BJEagleDK

    Indianapolis Marathon (01.06. - 16.07.)

    Sadly I won't be able to complete the marathon. I guess that will teach me not to take a 3 weeks vacation before coordinating with WG Seriously though - a summer-marathon will probably always result in a lot of players in my situation. Just saying
  13. BJEagleDK

    Update 0.7.5 Bug Reports

    Yes sir - I'll go hide myself in shame I was under the impression that these rewards was given each time a scenario was "restarted". But good to know I get nothing from grinding them for 5 stars anymore.
  14. BJEagleDK

    Update 0.7.5 Bug Reports

    I try again; No I did not get the 150 doubloons the first time i completed the Hermes scenario with 5 starts on the 1.st of June 13:10 in my Belfast. Why on earth do you think I would raise this as an bug and highlight the 5-star completion date and time if I did? There
  15. BJEagleDK

    Update 0.7.5 Bug Reports

    I'm sorry ... I am specifically saying that I did not get the doubloons. How on earth can you misunderstand that? Yes the game states the reward was issue - but I still have the same amount of doubloons that I had before the Hermes scenario started.... Clearer ?