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  1. SturmGonzo

    Matchmaking at his best

    this is how WG setted up match making.. just an example, it's going like this since 4-5 games in a row, i give up. see you guys next year.
  2. SturmGonzo

    Admin Abusing?

    look, i don't go further in this, i will just make you some examples in other games what should, in my opinion, be banned. i am not 12, i was myself an admin in other games, if he got mad about "pro english" (which is obviously the truth and it was not ment as an insult but as a "dude, public chat, speak in a way evrey1 understands instead of spamming languages that only you and your friend can decifer" that's not because english is established as the common used language, but it is a matter of respect towards all other players in the game, otherwise, create division and talk whatever you want). me myself are not english and i am glad if some english guy corrects my gram. errors, that's a way of learning, anyways, he got personally mad and banned a guy for 3 days, it's fine. i'l post a collection of peoples that should be banned for things much worse then "pro english" as soon as i got some time to put chat schreenshots together, he might get some examples of "harrasing, missbehaviors" and whatsoever. greetings.
  3. SturmGonzo

    Admin Abusing?

    the 3 days chat ban is the problem, what did i write that bad to get a 3days ban?
  4. SturmGonzo

    Admin Abusing?

    Hello, do i smell some admin chat ban abusing or did i rly say something that bad to get a 3 day chat ban? i've uploaded the screenshots of the only 3/4 sentences i wrote in the game since it was just started.. some explaination would be much appreciated. thx
  5. SturmGonzo

    Division system

    a little thing i've noticed in the division sytem, pls lower the same ship type pro division, especially for DD's, nobody goes 3 cruisers, some peoples go 3 BB's, if you get a division of 3 destroyers where the average max DD's of a game is like 2-3 it mostly ends up with all 3 DD's in 1 single spot making the team loose eyes. the BB's spawning at the opposite side of the map can already quit the game after start, and last but not least, it is a failure by the player going a 3 DD division and hanging arround all on 1 spot.
  6. SturmGonzo

    Match Making suck! and this is what I think about it!

    just select players randomly, not by their stats, winrates and whatsoever!! it's a failure putting strong peoples with noobs, it just ends up with the noobs camping and the better players getting harassed and frustrated! MM teaming up peoples by stats is a failure since ever!!!!
  7. SturmGonzo

    MatchMAking and RNG

    You made no points at all, and i have no time to waste talking with peoples that doesnt know what they talking about, good luck there o7
  8. SturmGonzo

    MatchMAking and RNG

    Tungsteno, you are, honestly, either working for WG, or you want to lick there asses (not sure what you get from it) or you are totally retard. Sorry for the bad words but i am pretty direct talking. and You wont get any answer from me in future. what i said above MAKES WG make money, you might be 12 or so, you will get my point when you grow up ;)
  9. SturmGonzo

    MatchMAking and RNG

    I can give you the 1st reason i got in my mind, they sell credits, you get too good? you will earn your credits with time and move on, so you wont pay anything more, last year till fall/winter begin it was totally different, 10-15m credits and buying and selling ships to test them and have some fun with different ships, nowadays i struggle get over 3mil credits, 180000 for a tier 10 ship maintainance and you will get 200000 in a very good game without premium (money again). to get some decent credit ammount is playing tier 5-6 and doing well on them (IF RNGod is with you) so you maybe earn 80k to 100k in a good game. With premium you can move down till 4th-5th of the game ranking in your team and still get the ammount to at least pay your maintainance, without premium account you MAYBE get maintainance payed off with 2nd or 1st place depending on the game, but 80% tier 8 to tier 10 you will loose credits evrey game. If you dont do damage or get killed by random flying shells then well, you will loose 150k each game. that's 1 of the reasons i got stuck in my mind, match making should work with avg damage done and battles won, in the proper way ofc. now it seems to be working to team up 2 good players with 6 total fails VS 2 fails and 6 good players. what's the outcome of that? peoples getting frustrated and leaving the game ^^ i will take a break from it, hoping they get it right again as it was last year when it was really RANDOM!
  10. SturmGonzo

    MatchMAking and RNG

    Tungstonid, please explain me why when a Battleship shoots to you from 20km, you already started a turning because if you count down approximativley from the last time he shoot you know when he is ready again, a full broadside land's 500mt on your left or right side where you would ve been approximativley if not tryed to avoid, and from this 8-12 shells there are 2 that fly in a totally different direction from all the others, and guess where? to your citadelle.. i am not a forum warrior, in fact this is the 1st time, or maybe the 2nd time i write something on this forums since i like more to play and relax myself, but this is getting really ridicoulus. The last drop was yesterday, stealth shooting with a fletcher from about 14km to a BB, i was not spotted, he turns the guns, shoots a full broadside to me, 5k dmg.. ok it can happen a lucky shot, 30 seconds later he shot's a 2nd time, i still was not detected, doing full speed and maneuvering, detonated.. but yeah, there aint magnet shells.. Games with 200k dmg on kurfurst and citadelling evrey 2-3 salvoes, others in wich you just get overpens and shells splashing 10mt left and right from the enemy makeing him disappear in the water columns.. come on let's be honest at least on games! to the match making part... evrey update i have the feeling that winning and loosing team are being so much different that in fact last 2-3 monthes i ve seen teams loosing with 0 kills at all on the enemy.. best thing is 4-5 ships left on 1 team while the other s dead. last summer there where such nice and close games here.. what happend?? explain me that too.. please.. and i am not talking about 1 or 2 games, that's normal nowadays! it can be only a faulty match making system.
  11. SturmGonzo

    MatchMAking and RNG

    I will be pretty short in my topic, i play this game since it was on beta, i have seen this game evolving to the worst game online ever, matchmaking seems like to team up loosing sprees with winning sprees and getting worse evrey update, RNG makes magnet shells possible, try to remove that ship marking and let the shells land where you actually AIM, but yeah, WG has no control anymore on players if they do so, try focus on 1 ship and shoot the ship behind it, shells will still land on the ship you focus. i have, sadly, after 2 + years, uninstalled this 20gb of waste from my HD. Be happy with that, RIP
  12. SturmGonzo

    [TTT] Tora Tora Tora recruiting competitive players

    is TTTPL some part of this clan or?