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  1. Promeetheus

    Summer Days in the Armory

    Seems odd to me too that the German container can contain a GJ Maerker which it classes as a unique ship... all other ships obtainable from the container are special/unique, except this T8 tech tree ship, feels like something was overlooked here? Same with the Kriegsmarine container containing an Admiral Hipper (allbeit it doesn't say it has to be unique/special) Can someone from WG confirm? How do we get their attention @The_EURL_Guy ?
  2. Promeetheus

    Summer Days in the Armory

    I might be remembering poorly, but didn't they use to do a rotating sale on individual ships? Seems everything has turned into tokens and 'sales' that are adding things you dont want at a discount...
  3. Promeetheus

    Summer Days in the Armory

    True, so in that sense it's roughly £200 to end up with no doubloons gained, guaranteed T9, T8, T7 ship (~£120 average for that), £80 left for roughly 105mil credits and all the other containers worth of unlikely-to-get ships / other content. That amount of credits would sell for about £100 in the armoury, so even not counting the extra containers, 'technically' you are saving money overall. Technically................ :P
  4. Promeetheus

    Summer Days in the Armory

    Your'e spending £400 to get £400 of doubloons and all the containers. Effectively, the containers are all free on top of the doubloons you'd have bought (if you were to)
  5. Promeetheus

    Public Test 0.11.7 - Bug Reports!

    Ram usage definitely massively increased on ptr for me too - played a few normaly battles, in and out of the armoury and into the dockyard - that's when it froze up - checked memory and it was 100% usage which never happens. Something glitchy happening on ptr and i'm thinking it may be dockyard related for the RAM. Also, using dutch cruisers and going from ariel bombardment (4 button) back to guns changes the camera angle from where you had it for guns.
  6. Promeetheus

    Coal in the auction house

    You make it sound like you don't get your credits back if you don't win the auction....
  7. Promeetheus

    Research Bureau clarification

    Hi all, just after some clarification on the reset mechanics of the RB as I am free-xp 'rich' and credit 'poor', so am trying to be credit efficient. I've reset the Shimakaze line this season, giving x2 bonus to T5 - T10. I've bought and played everything up to T9 and have researched the T10 but have not bought/played it. Can you clarify on thse assumptions: - If I reset again now, I will have a 1x bonus on T5-T9 and a 3x bonus on T10 - If I reset in the new season (in a month), i'll get 2x bonus on T5-T9 and a 4x bonus on T10 ie i dont lose any T10 bonus and would do better to reset the line, fully research it but not play it and reset it again (once or a few times) to get as many RB per credit as possible? (but spending lots of fxp to do so)
  8. Promeetheus

    Rico/Chet: Östergötland Versus Yūgumo

    This is a dd at 5km, stationary. If a dd is sitting still, 5km from a preussen then yes i think it's weak to take 50 seconds to send them back. If you read the rest of what i said, the better test would be to show them moving in circles/changing direction and doing it a more realistic range like 10km or so so that people like you don't say 'oh look, it died in 50s, nerf secondaries more, it's unfair'
  9. Promeetheus

    Rico/Chet: Östergötland Versus Yūgumo

    Two at 24seconds is one at 50... and they said they were fully specced, not sure what i said wasn't correct.
  10. Promeetheus

    Rico/Chet: Östergötland Versus Yūgumo

    Nice comparison, i love both of these ships :) For the secondary battle, it'd be better to have them moving in a circle or alernating left/right movements - gives the advantage to manouverable and fast dds. Having them both sit at 5km is just a size/hp test. The French and European dds are designed to be faster and more manouverable so you're ignoring one of their advantages. Also it would show just how bad secondaries are at hitting targets that keep adjusting their movement ;) In fact it would be very nice to see one Preussen against one dd going in a circle at 10km and show that it'll take many minutes for them to die, to really show how secondaries aren't as good as people think - they see these stationary never-going-to-happen tests and think it's how the game plays out. I know that wasn't the point of the video but to see a fully specced out secondary preussen take 50seconds to kill a stationary T9 dd at 5km shows how weak secondaries are against dd's.
  11. I still have an issue with the inventory. It takes an incredible time to load, i can then go to 'modules' but none of them can be sold or allow you to click them, the game is frozen from that point onwards. Has been happening since the last major patch.
  12. Promeetheus

    Twitch Drops in Update 0.11.0

    I'm not sure what's happening but i'm quite certain i've recieved none of the missions even though i've claimed them all - this is the first time in many months (years?) twitch drops haven't worked for me.
  13. Promeetheus

    Roadmap for 2022

    So just to confirm on the replacement ships. If you have researched and have Khab in your dockyard, you will - be given 9 400 000 credits - need to research delny - commander needs to be respecced to delny at commander xp cost If you have researched and do not have Khab in your dockyard, you will - be given Khab - need to research delny - commander needs to be respecced to delny at commander xp cost So it sounds like if you dont have Khab/GK yet (are levelling it / just finished) there's zero point at all in buying them, because you are going to spend 18mil, to get 9mil back and be in the same place - correct? Sources; https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/221 - credit compensation https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/general-news/roadmap-for-2022/ - everything else
  14. Promeetheus

    Holiday Lottery 2021 - Try your luck !

    I would like to participate :)
  15. Promeetheus

    Update 0.10.11 - Bug reports

    Have found since the latest update that sometimes the main salvo is invisible (no tracers, no gun smoke) if you zoom back out right after firing. It's happened to me a few times but i caught it on a stream today so did a short clip of it; https://clips.twitch.tv/SmilingEnjoyableEndivePlanking-dlNTyrXylALRefHv The salvo still exists, i've had mine hit enemies, it just seems to be a visual glitch.