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  1. If you cant beat them, join them! CV

    Saipan doesn't count
  2. CV Rework Discussion

    Line of sight spotting is coming for planes. Hmmm...
  3. Do you enjoy playing against CV?

    Irellevant, as you clearly cannot be in every CV game. The overall picture matters. AA dps and captain points are not ubiquitous on "lower" tiers ( as in not in t10 MM bracket ). I've also played more than 100 battles in t4-5 bracket after the last cv update to see that it had good effect. They haven't made them weak, just less powerfull. It's also exciting to watch some of those t4 double carrier duels. Even though I may be overly critical (in chat), they still do well enough with the way they play.
  4. Do you enjoy playing against CV?

    All tiers are not equal. Especially when you can't get the AA spec 19 point captain. Get off your tier10 horse.
  5. Stats

    People are different. You don't have to understand it. He certanly has no problems with researching all the ships, why do you ? Hes doing his own thing.
  6. I've used Montana for last season. I'm using Montana for this season. I'll use Montana for next season.
  7. Do you enjoy playing against CV?

    Look at it this way. Only 30 people out of 20-30k players want CVs to stay.
  8. Container content

    Trump is playing wows on EU server.
  9. What I said makes perfect sense. HP is just abstraction of buoyancy and combat power. You can blow as many holes in it as you like. The amount of steel wont change.
  10. Montana with 35hp has the same mass of steel as montana with 96k hp.
  11. Slow progress game-play

    You can buy higher tier ships if you do not enjoy grinding.