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  1. Matchmaking

    last week battlecount: tier8 + tier9 ?compare? tier10 example: Amagi + Kii + Izumo + Musashi ? Yamato ( 26573 ? 34381 )
  2. Bonuses > visual. I used camo with better bonuses to grind them. Once elite I would use freedom camo in cherryOP. Same for every permacamo.
  3. Well, I finished the grind on tier8 cruisers I have in this op. Never managed to pass 300k damage. Chappa was consistently close. Aegis is still my favourite.
  4. There is a big hitbox on the open hangars ( small ones ). Shoot there for big damage. You can avoid torp planes by simply waiting for them to lock on CVs. I always take hydro.
  5. As someone who played CVs, how did you not recognize escort command. Your points stand, but I don't belive that will happen. CV has no armor, It's free damage when spoted. ...while back I think I read about some mode they were testing, with bases, that would have similar mechanics. I think it's dead.
  6. kitakaze and harugumo

    No, Kitakaze is getting the speed. Might be a fun ship.
  7. Stage 5 is really boring. I'm just going to let it happen over few months.
  8. But do they mean 4 games on the same ship, or just 4 games in a row.
  9. Helping other players is never a reason to do anything. Other players are here to help me. You need to understand that selfish mentality.
  10. No, all results are not counted.
  11. CV can carry, so winrate is concentrated on few players.
  12. Updated operations

    Raptor was just fine, why change it. New Narai is a mess. Don't spread the objectives.
  13. T9 MM = 90% T10 matches

    I like tier 8 gameplay. I dislike tier 10 gameplay. This MM has me triple fucked. Wish they would include tier 7 in the campaigns.
  14. I'm doing ok. Will use this mission to grind all them cruisers.
  15. Got double strike from a snapshot (blindfired). Apparently cruiser I was hoping to finish off bumped into another cruiser. They deployed their nets and caught some citadels. Shame I don't save replays.