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  1. _ramrus_

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery
  2. _ramrus_

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    I'm still annoyed that plane control is not unified mouse control. Using keyboard to control planes is not acceptable for me. Planes should snap where I point, hold right button to pan camera.
  3. _ramrus_

    Cant find the TST server

    Did you log in ?
  4. _ramrus_

    Cant find the TST server

    Restart the client ( WG game center )
  5. _ramrus_

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Ctrl+C -> Ctrl+V -> repeat... Servers are laggy. Combat missions are not working. I can't get xp or credits.
  6. Half AP damage... Double the HE damage. Balans™
  7. _ramrus_

    CV rework poll 2018

    I don't have feelings. I'm empty inside.
  8. _ramrus_

    MUSASHI credits

    |damage with credits flags| x 2.5 ~ credits
  9. _ramrus_

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Overspotting ++ You cannot do cap spotting without sacrificing some degree of strike power. + - You can spot anything anywhere for a period of time. - - You cannot efficiently screen your DDs. Skill balance ++ You can always play, enemy CV cannot deprive you of air power. - - Ability to control only planes or CV gives great advantage to players that can (ab)use that. Damage - - Hakuryu and Midway are ridiculous; You can have more alpha in a single flight than entire air group has now. I don't feel this is balanced by lower hitrate. The fact that you have no servicing delay skyrockets your DPM. I don't feel this is balanced by having to do more attack runs on the same target instead of a quick in&out. Now onto new things Gameplay ? - No more player vs player air interaction + - You can charge trough any AA to deliver your initial attack. - - CVs are geared to attack. They have no air control element and token defense. I don't want constant harassment by CVs as a thing. Plane controls - - Needs new flight physics. Control is difficult and turn radius is too dependent on speed. Needs to be more responsive. - - Needs unified controls. I should not need to operate 3 controls to get my planes to turn. AA ? ? Does it matter. Lets ask ArnoldCV.
  10. _ramrus_

    How fast is your "Free XP" gathering?

    I put more importance on coal now as I think WG will want to rely on coal to control the more "interesting" (not op at all) premiums. Free xp is just too cheap with all the bonuses.
  11. _ramrus_

    If you cant beat them, join them! CV

    Saipan doesn't count
  12. _ramrus_

    CV Rework Discussion

    Line of sight spotting is coming for planes. Hmmm...
  13. _ramrus_

    Do you enjoy playing against CV?

    Irellevant, as you clearly cannot be in every CV game. The overall picture matters. AA dps and captain points are not ubiquitous on "lower" tiers ( as in not in t10 MM bracket ). I've also played more than 100 battles in t4-5 bracket after the last cv update to see that it had good effect. They haven't made them weak, just less powerfull. It's also exciting to watch some of those t4 double carrier duels. Even though I may be overly critical (in chat), they still do well enough with the way they play.