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  1. manecub

    Weekly Combat Missions: April Fools' Day

    its better than nothing, though feels about the same.
  2. manecub

    CV modifications

    this could be a nice way to add a mix into it so still mostly assault based but with a 4th support based option. also I think you would have to put in a way to improve the fighters similar to how with the commander rework it has created some soft counter cv planes, maybe having support planes be faster with quicker fighter drops?
  3. manecub

    CV modifications

    So it always seems that there's a lot of hate on being a CV player, and I have seen the idea of support carriers around every once in a while. so what I was thinking was would it be possible or even good if they released a modification upgrade for the CV, called support package or something and would like opinions and takes on how it could work. support package modification Slot 5, Replaces rocket planes with flare drop planes, Replaces torpedoes bombers with smoke curtain planes Replaces bombers with thermobaric bombs Fighters deploy 20% faster. Flare drop planes as far as I see them have two ways of using, 4 planes that you can drop over an area where it keeps ships spotted in a large area 7.5 km? except those in smoke. the second option where if you drop the flares into smoke it reveals all ships in smoke cloud but no other ships. Smoke curtain planes, 3 planes that each perform a short bombing run that deploys a thin line of quickly dispersing smoke over 1 km smoke lasts 30 seconds that can break line of sight. (planes making smoke run can keep ships spotted) Thermobaric bombs , 3 planes with one drop each, thermobaric bombs I see as doing a low damage but hitting a large area with a high chance of damaging modules/ knocking them out. (to balance this effect, modules knocked out should only be disabled for half the amount of time as normal and still fixable with damage control party) Hopefully this should add a new mix to how to play the game in a more supportive manner, any feedback helpful as long as it isn't remove CVs. Final note maybe another module called war room, that changes it back to the pre cv rework, RTS version.... but lets face it that will never gonna happen
  4. manecub


    Anyone else notice how GTA got subs before us