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  1. BlackFish__

    Please keep carriers out of ranked

    At this stage of (un)ballance CVs have no place in ranked. Wagaming for the love of anything you deem sacred please consider the feedback and keep the CVs away from the next ranked season.
  2. BlackFish__

    Stalingrad - Do i still get it?

    Having one Stalingrad in the CB fleet lineup provides the team the capability of creating effective cross fire. That can be achieved by coordinating with a hard hitting battleship.You get a second BB for your team when only one is allowed. Stalingrad has very accurate and hard hitting AP shells, I reliably hit targets at 22-23km. I am often sent to the off cap, and while guarding it, I turn my guns to the contested cap area and more often than not I catch unsuspecting people's broadsides. For that of course I use the range mod. On the other hand if Stalingrad meats another cruiser head on, its just a matter of time when she will go down if the opponent angles well and knows what he is doing. The better rate of HE fire is deadly to Stalingrad as she has a hard AP punch but totally lacks HE dpm and it needs favorable angles to get those AP shells to penetrate.. The only possibility then is trying to knock out the turrets which is quite hard to do. It is very vulnerable to HE and fire even though I use the special russian captain with full tank setup (all the fire preventions and repair time optimizations.) All in all if you are the patient player type you can do a lot of good to your clan with a Stalingrad. I personally believe Wargaming is doing it wrong to lock such a unique capability behind a steel grind wall.
  3. BlackFish__

    Battle Royal mode

    Battle Royale has no place in games like WOWS.
  4. BlackFish__

    EU CB playing time changed. WHY???

    True that. To be honest it's my bad as I overlooked the UTC time thing and I did not know how it changes or not with the summer time (and that will not be valid on the long term too.). It would have been easier to understand if for each server they had posted in local time values.
  5. BlackFish__

    EU CB playing time changed. WHY???

    That makes the situation a hair better but the problem remains.
  6. I was shocked to see that the EU Clan battles play time changed from 19:00h-23:00h to 17:00h-to 21:00h. WG why on Earth do you do that? Or clan members have jobs and many of them are from UK that means 16:00h-20:00h and that is impossible for most of them to manage. Can we have our old time back??? Pretty please!!!
  7. BlackFish__


    I concur with OP. Even one CV is too much but still much better than two per side.
  8. BlackFish__

    Game is seriously flawed, XP and free XP booster

    The game is grindy enough as it is. If you don't like it or find it too easy I suggest you move to World of Tanks. There you find your grind. For me, NO thanks.
  9. BlackFish__

    CB Test rewards

    Did any of you receive the promised 500 steel and 15000 coal? I played 10 battles on EU and 10 battles on RU server last week and the promised rewards did no reach my account. How come Wargaming?
  10. BlackFish__

    Ranked Battles: Eleventh Season - Discussion Thread

    Making Arms Race the format of ranked games is a very bad idea. Should have been one of the sprint seasons instead for testing first.
  11. BlackFish__

    Poll: Will you keep playing the game after v.8.0 goes live?

    Very exactly the same with me.
  12. BlackFish__

    Tier 9 Ranked: ARMSRACE???

    I regard arms race game mode for ranked as a very bad idea. And yes I concur with the OP I would welcome more front lines like game mode than stupid arcade ones. While WOWS is not a combat simulator it does strike a very nice balance between action and tactics and the more historical flavor it retains the better. Arcade is a very bad direction.
  13. So am I. You could lear to give some respect towards people you have an argument with.
  14. I I don't agree with that. I would have been far better off simply buying goods from the store for that amount, instead of getting overpriced cr@p from loot boxes.
  15. They are gambling because most of the time you will not get your money's worth back. You do lose money.