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  1. BlackFish__

    Ranked Battles: The Second Season

    Do I see right, only 400 Steel for ranking out in gold??? How on earth did you think that WG? EDIT: OK I see bad interpretation on my part.
  2. BlackFish__

    Ranked is much better than Randoms

    I agree, ranked in much better than randoms. On level matchmaking - check Only 6 potatoes to carry - check No stats being ruined by random idiots - check Additional rewards even if they are meek - check No unicum divisions against you if you play solo -check However there still are massive negatives CV in a 7vs 7 format AFK/Braindead team mates even in gold Losing stars add to the frustration if losing
  3. BlackFish__

    Sell the Slava

    “Let me give you some advice, bastard. Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor, and it can never be used to hurt you.” - Tyrion Lannister
  4. BlackFish__

    Ranked battles CV toxic/unsportsmanlike behaviour.

    All DDs sailing to offcap at the start, the only one radar cruiser sailing to offcap at start, CVs not providing fighter cover even after several minutes a continuous enemy CV attack and request for air cover are just the usual way of ranked nowdays. Best was the instance when me in Burgogne were left together with a Stalingrad while a Shima was stalking us. I asked for radar to eliminate the Shima but Stalingrad player calculated that shima would torp me and he would save his star. No radar was activated. In the end I caught and killed the Shima but he managed to damage me enough so Stalingrad plan worked and the son of a **** saved his star.
  5. BlackFish__

    Interesting compensation decision

    I did not play because I could not division with my friends. So I get nothing. Compensation á'la Wargaming.
  6. To me it seems WG has no confidence on the longevity of the game and has turned into full extortion mode with complete disregard about hurting their own game on the long term.All their recent decisions show that. (Satan crates with ever growing list of exclusive P2W ships, the inflated captain skills, selling T10 premiums, Research Bureau enticing the conversuion of XP to free EP etc.)
  7. BlackFish__

    New ranked system looks cool af

    In order to undestand the "we are spoiled" sentence you need to go back in time till December of 2016. When EU site announced the Santa Convoys with their abysmal parameters Dasha smilingly asked in the video "You are being spoiled, arent you?" Since then the we are being spoiled is kinda meme in WOWS.
  8. BlackFish__

    New ranked system looks cool af

    In general the new format looks way better than the old one spiced with the usual greedy reward policy of Wargaming.We are spoiled aren't we? The good: -separated leagues hopefully less potatoes in gold league -not dropping back to previous league if an unfortunate loss streak occurs (worst nightmare was dropping out from premier league into the cesspool of rank 10-5 bracket) -gradual increase of difficulty in leagues -different leagues with different tiers of ships -option to qualify to the next league or not (having options is always great) The bad: -absolutely abysmal rewards for silver and especially for gold leagues. The prizes are not even in the same universe as the amount of effrort needed to get them. (Bronze is fine as it can be done in one or two days seems easier than the ranked sprints before, that is OK for a bronze league.) - One week is too short for the Gold league. You need to get 19 stars without irrevocable ranks (that is fine) and you need to do that in one week which is irrealistic unless you are a unicum or take a vacation for that one week. Suggestions -reconsider the rewards for silver and especially for gold league -make silver league tier 9 only (NO CVs yay) or tier 9-8 -change the length&amount of sprints per season. Some examples below: Five sprints, 4 sprints one week, last sprint two weeks, season length 6 weeks Five sprints , 3 sprints one week 2 sprints 10 days, season length 6 weeks Four sprints 2 sprints one week 2 sprints 2 weeks, season length 6 weeks Six sprints 2 sprints one week 2 sprints 10 days 2 sprints 2 weeks, season length 9 weeks. I guess you get the idea. -and alt last but not least BAN CVs from ranked!
  9. BlackFish__

    Are Santa Crates worth for dubloons?

    OP unless you are trolling us forget about Satan Crates.
  10. BlackFish__

    santa gifts?? law and WG

    I will relish the moment the EU will adopt the gambling laws of Belgium. Then its bye-bye to Satan Crates...
  11. BlackFish__

    Is it time to disengage and close your wallet?

    I guess from business point of view vetran players are like depleted Uranium bars. They have been squeezed out of all the useful energy available and all that is left is the toxic waste...
  12. BlackFish__

    Is it time to disengage and close your wallet?

    On black Fiday I have spent more than 100EUR on heavily discounted games. Not a cent on World of Warships. A couple of years ago most of it would have been spent here. Good job WG. NOT.
  13. If randoms was the only game mode I would have quit ages ago. Time and time again, day and day afgain all I get is teams of degenerates... EDIT. I really long for the 3vs3 sprint days when there was a good chance to carry even in 1vs3 situations and 1vs2 definitely. But carrying 11 potatoes is just too much.
  14. From what WG presented it looks promising to me but, the information is very incomplete. Ee don't know where and how many irrevocable ranks will be placed, how many stars one has to gain in one sprint, will you get one extra star by gaining a rank, will the star saving mechanic still be present, etc.