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  1. homerNEIN

    ARP Kongo

    You need to select the yakuza ingame to se he arp ships.
  2. homerNEIN

    Forum Reputation Changes - January 18

    One thing I really dislike about the idea: Well now haters gonna get likes from other hater. Wg you gonna make your own work harden because you cannot see post that need to be deleted (like 20 dislikes for resist as an example). You cannot deferenciet a good, constructive topic from one a hater create, it will look like everyone is happy with everything oo
  3. I don't know if you guys mentioned it but, why not put ships that are a limited time offer in the ingame techtree for doublons? Them there would be a bundle for those who want premium and doublons with there ship and the ship it self, that you can buy ingame?
  4. homerNEIN

    increase division size

    Well this is very hard to balance, In fact the chances of getting 2 5 player devisions in mm at the same time should be pretty rare for same tier, and if on team has a 5 player division and the other like 2 2 player divisions, there is no ballance 5 player division can carry pretty easy. In the current stage 3 players is more then enough imo.
  5. homerNEIN


    Even if you have a noobteam, enemy has too. So no point in getting mad at mm, the mm doesn't think about good vs bad (correct me if I'm wrong), it looks at ships. When you lose every second game then means mm work wonders (50%) if you are an average player.
  6. homerNEIN

    Happy new year

    Happy new year to wg and all players I wish you all good luck in the battlefield and have fun
  7. homerNEIN

    Arpeggio for blue steel

    Here is the link for conformation(staying in game): http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/61945-for-anyone-wondering-about-the-arpeggio-mode/#topmost Seems like a private massage but is from wg staff from na. You can read the thread if you want to.
  8. homerNEIN

    Arpeggio for blue steel

    Yes Sir (confirmed)
  9. homerNEIN


    there is only the prem camo pre installed, but looks really owsome imo (its the historical one)
  10. homerNEIN

    Arpeggio for blue steel

    After I already asked in the German speaking forum, want to ask in the English too. Who will enable the special arpeggio for blue steel mode? I will, watched the anime and having some dlc like thing in the game imo is pretty nice (free). And it looks like the ships currently showed by youtubers are premium
  11. homerNEIN

    Impact of submarines

    The thing is, the i-401 in the extended techtree is from wg modpack which means they are doing something with submarines. Even if it's only for arpeggio there is a submarine, kind off
  12. homerNEIN

    Arpeggio for blue steel

    Also wie ich gesehen habe sind dies premium Schiffe, heißt die Kongo formt richtig gut.
  13. homerNEIN

    Arpeggio for blue steel

    Befor es hier dislikes gibt, wollte mich nur mal informieren. Also ich persönlich werde den Modus einschalten Sry für english hatte gedacht währe im anderem Forum ^^
  14. homerNEIN

    Anime Skins

    Du kannst aber auch wenn du willst mit dem modpack von aslains custom skins installieren, dann kriegst du vielleicht ein kleines gefühl wie es so ist.
  15. homerNEIN

    Impact of submarines

    Since the arp sub was spotted in the ingame files, or better said in the tech tree in the wg modpack from ru, I would like to hear your opinion about the impact if there were subs in the game. Personally I think the game would not change that mich, Since dds (IJN) are like submarines (invisible and torpedos of death) I attached the file where you can see the "characteristics" of the submarine.