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  1. locky92003

    Important message for the community

    I haven't trusted WG since the whole "there will never be subs in the game" promise was broken and the absolute dumpster fire it has become. I used to spend a ton of money on this game (and probably one of those responsible for the growth of loot boxes) but for the last few months my wallet has stayed closed and will continue to be so unless some of these promises are undertaken. As I've heard before " A gentlemen is judged on his actions not his loose lips"
  2. locky92003

    0.9.12 - Updates to Ranked Battles System

    so one star away from silver league and the ranked battle become unavailable. This means i have to start from bottom of bronze league again?
  3. locky92003

    My ships are still in battle despite having already won or lost

    Yep same thing, 5 battles played, 5 ships stuck in battle the first of which ended an hour ago
  4. locky92003

    Shipyard & Puerto Rico

    Few Clan mates bought me boxes and one bought me the gorizia, put doubloons won from boxes and duplicate of gorizia and it's finished. Cost me nothing as I never spent a penny on it so may play it maybe not who knows
  5. 23 containers so far and nothing
  6. locky92003

    Black Friday

    I know now, doesn't help that every shop in the UK have started their black Friday sales
  7. locky92003

    Black Friday

    So the black Friday event appears not to start on black Friday?
  8. locky92003

    PTS - General Feedback

    Tried to download the new PTS updates and was met by this
  9. locky92003

    Just for Fun clan recruitment

    you're in bud, Mic is not a problem yeah i'd like to try some clan battles lol
  10. locky92003

    JHF clan is recruiting

    are you looking for an easy going, not taking things seriously clan? A clan that helps you grind ship lines and divisions up for all manner of game modes? Then we are for you, you just need to speak English and that's it as well as a sense of humour. If you have any further questions then message me in game Locky92003. Thank You
  11. locky92003

    Submarines are Coming

    Who in Gods name actually asked for this looking at the posts it's more no's than yes's