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  1. locky92003

    Funny and sad game situations shown with map screenshots.

    two games and two lots of this smh
  2. locky92003

    Funny and sad game situations shown with map screenshots.

    just yeah, words fail me
  3. locky92003

    How is that possible? Miss something?

    I had the same problem but I think a spotted ship that breaks contact will be classed spotted again after 90 seconds of undetectability so you can spot the same ship twice but will only count as 1 spot.
  4. locky92003

    Can i do a return on my purchase of the musashi?

    steel conversion rate is 1 steel=10 coal it was put into patch notes for 7.10 or 7.11 i'm old and cant remember
  5. locky92003

    Ship just gets obliterated?

    I made the same mistake I started off with the british cruisers (well I am british lol) and really struggled with them up until tier 7 when you get to the fiji great ship and lots of fun the line gets better from there i.e Fiji great ship, Edinburgh was my go to ship for tier 8 ranked, Neptune I have over a million xp in her and the minotaur very fragile but also devastating. My advice is the same as others either look forward to tier 7 and suffer or try something else. I personally went American BB's and Cruisers. If you can play the old pensacola you can play anything lol.
  6. locky92003

    The Ranked One thread (post here when you reach Rank I)

    28 games and all the gallant. Got to rank 6 in 6 battles then the problems started but hey it was enjoyable. Sorry about the pic but posted after ranked results reset
  7. locky92003

    Is the Daring as bad as the Jutland?

    I too struggled with the lightning and up until I was advised about IFHE and the british DD's insane AP I now love my Daring so much I even take it into clan battles. I never used to play DD's that much but with my lightning, jutland, daring and my Cossack means you rarely see me on anything else now.
  8. locky92003

    Last Prinz directive

    I got suckered in and bought the PEF best thing about it was I did 5 of the last 6 missions with her so instead of earning 24m credits I only had to earn 8m and got 6800 doubloons back for the duplicate. All in all it took me 4 hours to finish with flags and camo. I used the PEF the mighty mo and the boise
  9. locky92003

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich

    As it is a premium ship I stuck my 19 point kurfurst capt on her. Main guns still terrible but AA and secondaries are a lot better. I bought this ship at launch and even though firing the guns singly helps I still find i'm missing a lot of targets I'll never say i'm a good player but surely I can't be that bad?
  10. locky92003

    Tier X Carrier gameplay, threats and insults

    I played about 50 games in co-op in my midway before I dared to take it into battle, Played 6 games in random and won 1 I apologised and went back to co-op tried random again and lost again I apologised and went back to co-op. All I can say is co-op is a different beast to randoms and I haven't touched the midway again since
  11. locky92003

    Spotting system is a farse.

    Thanks for the help guys just something else to try and remember lol and the jist of it is never smoke up alone
  12. locky92003

    Spotting system is a farse.

    does my smoke affect my ability to spot enemy ships? I was firing on a kurfurst from 5.4km away in chung mu I smoked up and boom he disappeared from 5.4km away. He re appeared 2.6 km away from me at which point I was spotted and destroyed
  13. locky92003

    Tell me WG what about player like this one

    actually a cruiser main we're not all sit back and snipe kinda players
  14. locky92003

    Tell me WG what about player like this one

    Call me what you will but I never look at win rate I always look at damage caused for the simple reason I've been in battles and watched battles where I have got 200k+ damage and lost also getting krackens and losing and I know i'm not the only one yes there are some really bad players in this game and I've played with a few of them but some players with low win rates are actually trying and doing well just the rest of the team lets them down.