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  1. hjsteg

    British Cruisers: Obtain Cruiser London

    I am one of the players that opened a lot of crates without getting a single british heavy cruiser. So this part 2 is not doable for me, being punished for being unlucky in part one. Wallet is closed, just as it was for the Puerto Rico Christmas disaster event. Thanks to Wargaming for once more having an event not easily doable with normal play and no luck.
  2. hjsteg

    0.9.1 - General Feedback

    All of a sudden, missions started working. Weird.
  3. hjsteg

    0.9.1 - General Feedback

    As someone else stated here, there are double missions. And I do not get progress in the daily missions. What now, do we get "compensation"? Are someone else affected by this?
  4. hjsteg

    Combat Missions in Update 0.9.0

    I was to open my wallet for Christmas, but then the PR fiasco happened, and my wallet has been closed ever since. Not spent any money on Warships for some time, and do not have plans to do for the foreseeable future.
  5. I already have almost one year of Wargaming premium time, so this is not for me. Please get rid of the "special" premium time. Premium time should be for all tree games (WOT, WoWS and WoWP) as before. I play both tanks and ships, and would never dream of paying for double premium time. I don't understand why you do this.
  6. hjsteg

    What the PR PR fiasco cost wargaming?

    I can say now in the aftermath of the event that I did not spend any money on Warships this Christmas. This was of course due to the impossibly stupid requirements in the directives to get the Puerto Rico.Therefore I did no buy the tier Gorizia, nor use any doubloons to boost the building of the ship. I have only played a couple of randoms during the holidays, but kept myself busy doing the snowflakes in co-op. That is all. Checked a couple of days ago, and discovered that I had recently completed the first of seven directives. Happy to say I did not even try. Hope Wargaming learns something from the PR disaster.
  7. hjsteg

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

    Year was good, although the ending was pretty bad, with the PR disaster, followed by rework of the legendary upgrades. This time I hope Wargaming learns something from the reaction from the community. Hope to see more good stuff in WoWs next year. Been here since the beta, and absolutely not giving up on the game. Looking forward to two weeks of vacation and being with my family, and a bit of gaming of course. Wishing you all a merry Christmas and the best.
  8. hjsteg

    Combat Missions in Update 0.8.11

    Flamu said in the video that even him that play 8 hours a day, and is an unicum, would not be able to complete the directives. What was Wargaming thinking????
  9. hjsteg

    Update 0.8.11: New Year

    There must be an error in Wargamings development where they factored up the requirement values by a factor of 10 when the patch went into production, thus making the missions impossibly hard. They are so hard I won't even try. I will completely ignore this event if they don't lower the requirements. I am watching this video of Flamu ridiculing the mission requirements. Flamu is calling the requirements absurd. And yes, they are.
  10. hjsteg

    Combat Missions of Update 0.8.8

    We don't always get what we want. I was interested in the West Virginia, but got the Monaghan. It did not matter, and I am fine anyway. I already have all the other tier 6 premiums on the list anyway, so it was just these two possibilities. Thanks Wargaming for informing us about when this event ends. I wish there was a timer in-game too. You can find it out when you progress through the missions, but it is not straight forward. I would also like to thank Wargaming for comfortable missions. It was not stressful, but made me play every day.
  11. Still waiting for an invite, so I am obviously not alone. No stress, invite will come sooner or later. Just be patient guys.
  12. hjsteg

    French Destroyers Event: the Full Guide

    When do the "French destroyer event" with french tokens end? The first one(with the republic tokens ended suddenly, thus I failed to complete the last directive. I want to avoid this with the second one. Last directive just started. I can't easily find information about the end date. This should be clearly stated in the client. Maybe I am just blind...
  13. Directives ended abruptly, thus denying me the tier 5 premium DD. This is a very small compensation for this. Hopefully end dates in the future will be clearly stated in-game as well. Thanks for the tokens.
  14. hjsteg

    Research Bureau: New Rewards for Leveling Up

    Some players just grind through to get to tier X, not keeping any previous ship, while some keep all ships, and play and enjoy them from time to time. Those players are the ship collectors, and do give Wargaming a lot of money for port slots. The ship collectors are punished hard, being forced to "sell" the ships, while those only caring for the high tier ships are not affected. Nice one Wargaming. PS. I will never reset. Not to grind, not to free XP. If it had been done in another way it could have been ok. I would enjoyed revisiting the ships, and grind xp for a mission. But to lose all my ships in a tech line, that's no, no.
  15. hjsteg

    Update 0.8.7: French Destroyers – Part 2

    Who believes this? You dont have to play a single game from tier 1-5. This is just a way to get players to use up free xp and credits. Nothing more. Who want's to grind a whole tech line from tier 1 to tier 10? Certainly not I. And the free XP I can much better use on free XP ships. This is only for players with massive amounts of resources. Or perhaps no-lifers that has a *lot* of time available.