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  1. hjsteg

    Collector's Club Launch

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich became my ship number 200 in the port.
  2. I used to convert elite XP to free XP. And free XP ships and modules. But then I realized I can just as well play the ships and enjoy the grind. It is not like in WOT where the stock tank is totally useless. So this is how I do it now. Sitting on 1.2mill free XP++ atm. Of the two ships definitely go for the Musashi. It is the more fun ship, (owners say) it is more or less the same as the Yamato less AA. I hardly use the Kronshtadt, much higher skill ceiling, and less powerful. It is difficult to write correctly too, even @MrFingers could not spell the name correctly (sorry, just had to point that one out). Too bad they over nerfed the Alaska. Notser was so frustrated that they had balanced it again. It was perfect he said before the last iteration (AP and citadel). Still I am waiting for that ship with coal and free XP ready. What else to use free XP and coal on if you have the premiums? Answer - NOTHING!
  3. Why black versions of the existing premium ships? Did you not learn from WOT? Or perhaps black tanks were well received? Take an existing in-game model, change camo to black, and sell it as a new ship. That is just a rip-off. Wait, i can finally buy the Massachusetts at 30% off! It is a ship I have not bought yet. Only problem is it's the "black" version. A saving of 30% compared to the standard premium variant is worth it. As the offer expires in 13 days I have time to consider.
  4. This is true. The vast majority of player never reads the forum, and even far fever writes in them. Wargaming is the one that sits on the statistics. So this poll is not statistically significant. Coming from WOT it was natural to look for an alternative game when WOT started heading in the wrong direction with the Rubicon update. I registered and installed the game in December 2014. Did get my progress reset a few times during the alpha and beta testing, and did not really start playing until late 2016. So about two years. During the first year or so I did use free xp to upgrade ships, to skip ships and so on. I also used "real money" to convert xp to free xp, a lot of money. About a year ago I stopped that practice, and now I grind the stock ships, and never use free xp to upgrade or skip ships. It works fine, and saves me a lot of money. I have premium time, and it is totally worth it. I have lots of free XP (1.2 million), coal, (200k) and enough credits (atm about 10 million). When it comes to steel that is a totally different matter. I will not in the lifespan of this game earn enough to buy a steel ship, something that is true for 99% of the player base. Those who are active on the forum does absolutely not reflect the player base, but I bet that most of them will not earn that much steel either.
  5. Seems the test server will close tomorrow:
  6. That is a great solution, best answer so far! I feel your pain. I did buy the Mutant the day it appeared again in the premium shop. It is (or was when I played the game about a year ago) a good tank. At least you got that special camo. I too quit the game partly due to super toxic chat that only got much worse when they removed the possibility to chat with the enemy team. There is one thing certain here, never trust Wargaming when they say something. Subs will come, now you can buy tier IX for *REAL* money etc.
  7. hjsteg

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Same here. Just installed "Game Center" on this computer, and the region "TST" is not available.
  8. Notser is right on the point. I am disappointed. I have been saving up free XP and coal for months end for Alaska, and if leftovers for Jean Bart too. for me the Alaska is the more desirable ship. Suddenly without any announcement JB appears in the premium shop, and in game in the arsenal available for coal. But not with free XP which I believe we all thought it would be. I am still waiting for the Alaska, and will not get the JB until I know how to obtain the Alaska. I do not understand why Wargaming is unable to inform us, the player base, of how the ships will be obtainable. It would be easy to say this is a free XP ship, this is a coal ship etc., so we know and can plan the grind ahead.
  9. So you can actually buy a tier 9 premium for money now? I guess all promises are to be broken. Now we understand that the Jean Bart is also available for coal, at a much higher cost than the Musashi. At least we get to chose how to get it. But what about the Alaska? Maybe that ship will be a free XP ship then? I might have enough coal and free XP to buy both.
  10. hjsteg


    Use AP, don't fire all your guns at once. Don't show all your cards right away, and punish him for taking chances. If he dodges the first salvo, and turns to fire his guns, then it is your chance to hit him hard. RNG adds a spice to the game. Sometimes it is not possible to start a fire using HE in a game, and then in the next game "every" other salvo starts a fire. It might be frustrating, but that is how the game works. It can be great to citadel a cruiser from 20 km, and frustrating to miss at 8 km. Remember that RNG works the same regardless of skill. For me a mix of RNG and skill makes the game more interesting. Wargaming just need to find the correct share of RNG in the game. Maybe there is too much RNG in the game now, maybe not.
  11. hjsteg

    Make german BB's great again (Prinz E. Friedrich)

    It will probably be announced close to Christmas. So we just have to wait to see what happens. Regarding the PEF, it's still a work in progress, and has just gotten a nerf. Hopefully the finished ship will be playable. Lets hope they will buff it somewhat. This is from the developer blog: German battleship Prinz Eithel Friedrich, tier VI - The surface detection has been increased from 12.78 to 15.08 km - The visibility after MG fired in smoke has been increased from 10.97 to 12.92 km - The MG traverse speed has been reduced from 6 to 4 degrees per second - The MG recharge time has been increased from 26 to 28 seconds According to the test results, the battleship Prinz Eitel Friedrich showed too much efficiency in battle due to the low detection, MG fire rate and traverse speed, which were comparable to cruiser stats. For this reason, these parameters were changed to be closer to the values of other battleships. Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary.
  12. hjsteg

    Make german BB's great again (Prinz E. Friedrich)

    Might be instabuy then?
  13. hjsteg

    EU server down?

    It works for some, but seems that half the capacity of the servers are out. Obviously not a planned maintenance.
  14. hjsteg

    Terrible - pretty much as I wrote (and even more)

    The "Le Terrible" as it is now is not a good ship. You should have done your research before you bought this "pile of crap". While the ship is not that good, I am still evaluating if I should buy it. It could be fun in co-op as a crew trainer. Wargaming does evaluate the performance of ships, and they do from time to time buff ships that does not perform well. This will (probably?) happen to the Le Terrible. Regarding the Graf Zeppeling I truly regret not buying the ship. I actually decided to buy it the day it was withdrawn from sale. Those who bought it has received a lot of compensation in return.
  15. The "Le Terrible", seems there is no interest in this ship at all. No smoke and not great concealment. The Aigle was also not well received. I think this ship is in need of a buff. Also according to littlewhitemouse's review this ship is pretty bad: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/173415-premium-ship-review-112-le-terrible/ The name suits the ship very well as it is now, it's terrible!