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  1. I signed up too. Never ever in my 4000+ games played a carrier, not even in coop. I did buy the Saipan a couple of years ago, and even have the two first US and Japan carriers in the port. Just have not taken them out of the port yet. This test might entice me to start play CV's..
  2. A nice Idea, but you must follow through. Please link directly to the appropriate discussion thread. To just have a link to the generic discussion forum is not good enough.
  3. Bug Reports

    Ok, sorry, did not catch that. My bad.
  4. Royal Navy (Event & Arsenal)

    They said the directives would be easy to complete. And I have done them all. But that RNG! Not a single British DD mission. So not possible to complete all the missions in the directives as I of course do not have tier 7 & 8 British DD's. So basically locked out if I don't spend real money on the Cossack.
  5. Looking forward to this. All ships needs a way to counter the submarine threat. So depth charges for all ships, including BB's? Will be really interesting to see the gameplay in a random battle. Lots of stuff that needs to be worked out.
  6. Can I say all? Except for an handful low tier ships I have not sold any of them. When there is a sale on ship slots I will buy more so I can "have them all". And rebuy the ships I sold.
  7. Got a ST Ship E-mail?

    I demand compensation!!
  8. Thanks to WG for GO NAVY! event!

    Sadly, I chose the Eagles from the start, and got 73 of 75 on loyality, and 95 eagles tokens in total. Was not aware the event ended abruptly yesterday. I though I might just make it only to realize all efforts were in vain. And the last straw, to buy containers, that possibility was also gone the same day, unbelievable. This was very, very disappointing. I really don't care about the 5 million credits or so I get from the exchange of my tokens. So disappointed. All I wanted was the Wooster permacamo. What a mess. and waste of time. Next time, do not force us to play the event. Allow players to "opt out". It was just annoying to see the sharks lemming train take all the victories, and at the same time fool us on the other team with the "loyality" stuff, and the constant recruiter reminder. And why remove the possibility to buy the containers?
  9. Seems you are the "special" one with IRL issues since you always wants to have the last word lol.
  10. Don't you tell me what I think. I am entitled to my opinion which I raised in this forum. Use your patronizing techniques on someone else.
  11. Well, I don't mind whatever bonuses I get, but to repeatedly have to chose team etc. is annoying. If there was an option to disable the recruiter message I would not mind the event at all.
  12. I dont like this event at all. I wish there was an option to disable the messages to recruit you to the other team, and to disable the whole thing for those of us that just want to play as usual. This whole event makes me want to play WoWs less.
  13. The new system with unsporting conduct is in my opinion far overdone now. Yesterday I got a warning for hitting another friendly DD in the midst of the battle in my Fletcher. There was damage, not a kill. Result - 2 battles in pink. Next battle it was my time to get hit. Then today, after getting rid of the pink color, I played the Hipper. Ambushing a BB, and a friendly DD nearby, I launched torps, and our friendly Gadjah Mada turned straight into one of my toprs - bang! another warning (damage caused 3796 and him still alive until the end of the battle, teamkill penalty 177 whatever that is), now 9 battles in co-op only. That felt very unfair. Never had a punishment like that before. Team damage has never been a problem to me. The occasional team damage from a friendly has just been casualties of war, something you just have to recon with. There should be no punishment for one stray torpedo. Team damage should only come into consideration when REPEATEDLY and intentionally hitting another friendly, not random team damage. Why not do like this - repeatedly team damage in a battle - start reflecting damage upon the player that does the team damage. Not punish someone for one stray torp. Perhaps WG needs to adjust the "torpedo" bit of the penalty system? Now just finished "enjoying" my punishment in co-op.
  14. Bug Reports

    1. Description I researched the Minotaur cruiser by grinding the Neptune cruiser fully, and got the message "Cruiser Minotaur acquired elite status" TWICE. 2. Reproduction steps It is not possible to reproduce as a ship is only elited once per account. 3. Result Message of elite Minotaur appeared twice, message of Neptune elited missing. 4. Expected result First a message saying the Neptune acquired elite status was expected. Then a message stating Minotaur elite status was expected. 5. Technical details N/A.
  15. Soon I will finish the campaign. Bought the DoY to get a headstart in the "New Year" campaign and did that one in a few days. That campaign was good, the "Battle of the North Cape" was not. Just a couple of days of grinding mission 5, and I will be done. Rinse and repeat 75k XP task, together with 11 torp hits and 10 BB kills. Will take a break from the game. Those mission requirements did not promote good gameplay, and were anything but "comfortable". The randomness of getting those achievements like torp hits, epic achievements and such is not good. Regarding the Duke of York, it is a rather weak ship. That rear turret has really bad angles, if you use it you expose your side too much. I doubt I will play the DoY much if anything at all. Hydro on a slow ROF BB is a waste. And no british BB heal. Probably one of the weakest premiums. At tier 7, Hood is better and vastly more fun, and Nelson is much, much better.