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  1. The new system with unsporting conduct is in my opinion far overdone now. Yesterday I got a warning for hitting another friendly DD in the midst of the battle in my Fletcher. There was damage, not a kill. Result - 2 battles in pink. Next battle it was my time to get hit. Then today, after getting rid of the pink color, I played the Hipper. Ambushing a BB, and a friendly DD nearby, I launched torps, and our friendly Gadjah Mada turned straight into one of my toprs - bang! another warning (damage caused 3796 and him still alive until the end of the battle, teamkill penalty 177 whatever that is), now 9 battles in co-op only. That felt very unfair. Never had a punishment like that before. Team damage has never been a problem to me. The occasional team damage from a friendly has just been casualties of war, something you just have to recon with. There should be no punishment for one stray torpedo. Team damage should only come into consideration when REPEATEDLY and intentionally hitting another friendly, not random team damage. Why not do like this - repeatedly team damage in a battle - start reflecting damage upon the player that does the team damage. Not punish someone for one stray torp. Perhaps WG needs to adjust the "torpedo" bit of the penalty system? Now just finished "enjoying" my punishment in co-op.
  2. Bug Reports

    1. Description I researched the Minotaur cruiser by grinding the Neptune cruiser fully, and got the message "Cruiser Minotaur acquired elite status" TWICE. 2. Reproduction steps It is not possible to reproduce as a ship is only elited once per account. 3. Result Message of elite Minotaur appeared twice, message of Neptune elited missing. 4. Expected result First a message saying the Neptune acquired elite status was expected. Then a message stating Minotaur elite status was expected. 5. Technical details N/A.
  3. Soon I will finish the campaign. Bought the DoY to get a headstart in the "New Year" campaign and did that one in a few days. That campaign was good, the "Battle of the North Cape" was not. Just a couple of days of grinding mission 5, and I will be done. Rinse and repeat 75k XP task, together with 11 torp hits and 10 BB kills. Will take a break from the game. Those mission requirements did not promote good gameplay, and were anything but "comfortable". The randomness of getting those achievements like torp hits, epic achievements and such is not good. Regarding the Duke of York, it is a rather weak ship. That rear turret has really bad angles, if you use it you expose your side too much. I doubt I will play the DoY much if anything at all. Hydro on a slow ROF BB is a waste. And no british BB heal. Probably one of the weakest premiums. At tier 7, Hood is better and vastly more fun, and Nelson is much, much better.
  4. Wargaming have stated repeatedly that they want us to be "comfortable" when playing. The missions here are anything but "comfortable". I bought the Duke of York a few days ago to get a headstart in the New Year's Raid campaign. The DoY itself is a weak ship. I used it just to activate the New Year's Raid. When I am done with the New Year's Raid campaign I will go back and try to complete the Battle of the North Cape campaign. I pity those of you that still struggles with the first campaign. One problem is that you need to select the task. And you only have 2 or 3 available depending on premium time or not. I have gotten confederate whilst not having that task enabled, and dreadnought just before that mission became available. Pretty frustrating. As it is now, everything is depending on luck (and skill ofc), but the randomness of getting the achievements guarantees ensuing frustration. It would be much better if task were completed automatically, just like weekly missions. This because the campaigns are very short, and with little time to complete each task.
  5. Tier 8 ships for ranked and random

    I watched flamu playing ranked on RU yesterday. He used the Lo-Yang with a 4pt captain, and did fine. But then, he is far, far away from being an average player. He would probably outperform the average player with a 19pt captain with him using a zero skilled captain. Obviously you are an experienced player with this as a reroll account, maybe you can succeed in the Lo-Yang too? From what I have seen the Alabama seems to be used a lot, but also the Lo-Yang has its place in ranked. Tirpitz might do good, but probably dependant on a captain with secondary build that your reroll acount does not have yet.
  6. What you got in your Santa containers?

    Bought 20 big ones just now. Got just flags, camo and 5 crates with 1000 doubloons. So Very disappointed before container 17 which contained a Kii, so totally worth it. Then I got two Okhotniks (which I already have) with 10pt captains., so 2x1350 doubloons again. I have most premium ships, just missing out on some of the latest. So I might give it another go. This is the list: 1: 15x Dragon 2: 15x Frosty fir 3: 15x Frosty fir 4: 15x Wyern 5: 15x Wyern 6: 15x Red Dragon 7: 15x Ouroboros 8: 1000 doubloons 9: 1000 doubloons 10: 15x Hydra 11: 15x Dragon 12: 1000 doubloons 13: 1000 doubloons 14: 15x Hydra 15: 15x Frosty fir 16: 15x Frosty fir 17: Kii+10pt cmdr 18: 1000 doubloons 19: Okhotnik+10pt cmdr (1350 doubloons) 20: Okhotnik+10pt cmdr (1350 doubloons)
  7. Clan Port Error

    It was the same for me yesterday. Dont know how it is today.
  8. Should I skip Izumo ?

    I only use free XP occasionally to buy the modules, never to skip a ship. At least that is what I do nowadays. I just did the Baltimore grind from stock to fully upgraded. It went rather fast and painless, using some flags to speed up the process. It seems that there is not much difference stats wise between the tier 9 BB's. If you skip the Izumo going straight for the Yamato you lose out of training, both captain wise, but also you as a player. And it costs a lot too. I would rather save up the free XP for the upcoming Musashi.
  9. Forum Update Incoming

    The background picture is annoying. I feel there is no need for a background picture. It just takes resources.
  10. Supertest is Opening the Gates

    @MrConway, @Tuccy Perhaps time to finally close this old thread now?
  11. How to get rid of rental ships?

    @Tuccy Wishlist: In port; have an alternative for setting ships to "reserve", ships you do not want to play or see in the garage. Then you can simply chose to not display reserved ships in the port (the same system as for the ARP ships). And secondly ships filtered out should not be seen at all in the port, not just being opaque.
  12. Random December Challenge

    Thanks for the reply. I will look into this. I know how to enable training room, this is the same principle. Time to remove the Juliet Charlie (detonation) flag from the Hood! Replay and training room should possible to enable in-game, not requiring the user to edit a xml-file. Hope this is on a to-do list for the developers.
  13. Random December Challenge

    Replay, is it activated in-game now? Or - how do we activate it?
  14. Musashi specifications

    Any news on the Musashi? No news in over a month now. When the Missouri was announced on SEA in the beginning of november 2016 it took about a month before it appeared in-game. From this, it might come in the end of the year. But since there are no leaks/news at all, how can they finish the ship before christmas?
  15. USS Salem TX Us Cruiser is on it´s way

    Fate of the USS Salem, from this: "It is highly likely that Salem will be a reward to players who qualify Rank1 7 or 8 times in Ranked Battle." If that is true then it will be one of the ships I will never be able to obtain. I comfort myself with the fact that she is a clone of the Des Moines. And that one I will have in a not too distant future as I am currently grinding the Baltimore. It is the same with the Stalingrad, the Moskva is already in the game. If they want to give out reward ships fine. But what about giving one year of exclusivity, and then the rest of us the option of purchasing the ships, either through free xp, credits, doubloons or whatever. I dislike the fast that some ships are just for the 1% (or much less) of players. Perhaps give them a exclusive camo for the ship (like the Alabama kraken for the super testers).