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  1. YukiEiriKun

    Collector's Club Launch

    Wait ... what's this? Well whatever this is ... HI! Hi all! :)
  2. YukiEiriKun

    Went to Kure again...

    Still ... without Wernher Von Braun, the USA would not have been in the moon before the Soviet Union. Which, ironically were second just because they could not snab the best German rocket engineer. Both USA and Soviet Union ballistic missiles AND the space programs are to German engineering. DISCLAIMER: AGAIN, I am just talking about the techical advances, not about the humane misery and suffering that the war, or of any of the parties participating of the war, caused. During or past the war years. STRICTLY talking about the TECHNICAL advances.
  3. YukiEiriKun

    Went to Kure again...

    But I still find to hard to see both of your points. I understand them, yes... But I was trying to say that they are in strange maelstrom where they (especially Japanese) are proud of their history, but still present themself like an losers just because of the history written by the winners. No, I am not talking about the concentration camps. We will not go there. I am talking about the technical advances these two nations gave to the rest of us! Also Captain_LOZFFVII; The opium wars were BRITTISH against the China. Nothing to do with Japan. Anyhow.... I love Japan, I love Japanese culture, especially the Shinto! Respect all living things, respect all nature, respect you fellow dweller. I respect (and have respected) you all. :) I may be a bit difficult to understand, english is not my native language, but I still try to make my point. RESPECT all! Live your life well, respecting all, living and static things (like mountains or rivers). Have fun, but do not annoy or disrispect anyone/anything else. Enjoy! :D //eiri..
  4. YukiEiriKun

    Went to Kure again...

    Please elaborate. Both nations, after the defeat in the WW2 have been quite silent of the (especially the Germans about the rocket technology) accomplishments during the war years.
  5. YukiEiriKun

    Went to Kure again...

    So .. I went to Kure again. Looked at the dock where Yamato was made. And the 1:1 mock up bow section they have made of the Yamato there. But since we are getting submarines for our Halloween event, I decided to go to the Japan Maritime Self Defend Force Submarine display that they have next to the Yamato museum. :) The museum .. or display, is free admittance, which was a (somewhat) pleasant surprise, I would have gladly payed for the entrance but they did not want my Gaijin-money. :D At the lower level, there was some information of the forming of IJN (and JMSDF): 1889 - Naval station and Kure 1916 - Pre JMSDF History 1954 - Birth of the JMSDF 1976 (my birth year! yay!) - Growth of the JMSDF 2012 - The 60th Anniversary and the Future of JMSDF All very interesting if you are interested .. but I wanted to see the "not-so-float-botes", i.e. submarines. To my dissapointment, this truly was JMSDF excebition and there was almost no mentions about the second world war and the IJN. Poor japanese people are as shamed (as the germans) of their history. Well ... winners write the history and so on... There was a BIG Know your BOTE!! cross-section of the bote "JDS Akishio", a diesel-electric Yūshio-class submarine. This is the same bote (Iron Whale / 鉄のくじら館 (Tetsu no Kujira Kan)) I was about to enter. Most of the excebition was focused of the after-war mine destruction and such, which is understandable. After the Hiroshima and Nagasaki events, Japanese people have been very .. peaceful. Still they put up these great "peace" museums for their great machines of war, not to boast, but to remind everyone how destructive wars are. :) Still, there were comparisons of the old IJN Myoko and the modern JMSDF Myoko as well as the old IJN BB Ise and the new JMSDF Ise. Many others as well, but these were the closest to the WoWs, so I did not take pic's of the others... :-/ Also they were showing how gatling guns were used as anti torpedo armament even though I'm pretty sure gatling guns were way POST WW2. :) But hey, a gatling gun! :D Interior shots, and a shot through the periscope can be found from my JDS Akishio folder here. And if you are into Formula 1, I've uploaded some vid's here. No need to comment or upvote, they are there just for my entertainment, not for any kind of monetization. :)
  6. YukiEiriKun

    Ideas for Cruiser/Battleship Rebalancing

    Well the BB's used to have +3 MM and what happened? So no, problem not solved by giving xruisers +/-1 MM. Even that I would like to get the old +3 for BB's, that just brings confusion to divisions. Well at least to those who like to mix'n'match with classes and not all sail with one class.
  7. YukiEiriKun

    Battle objectives

    Are you really suggesting that this game should be dumbed down even mor from the current state by removing caps? Please god no! I just snatched an Solo Warrior against 7 enemies by capping. :D Then again, I also loved to force draw back in the day when enemy team was unable to play to the very clear and simple objectives "cap or sink all". I hope that braindead damagefarmimg droolers won't fet their way this time. But looking back, unfortunately WG has been catering for them..
  8. YukiEiriKun

    Update 0.7.2 General Feedback

    Please. Stop. Dumbing. Down. The. Game! First you removed draws because people who could not play to the win conditions (cap or sink all) wanted to hang back and sniep cried so much. Now people hang back and sniep and win and think that's the right way to play the gaem... Now you cater to the whiners about the detonations... I have 0,73% detonation ratio even when I play alot IJN DD's and cruisers. AND you can still "detonate" people with multi-citadels from 100% to zero. Stop licking the poop-deck of the whiners and grow some backbone and tell them that "HEY! Play the game by the set rules, or go play mine*****..." plz? :) This is your game. Do not make it the game of the selected few "good" youtube-games. Let them whine. Please bring back the DRAW if you do not play to the winning conditions (CAP or sink all). Please. (2,5% draws when they were happening and that is an acceptable rate...) Let people be detonated from the 100% again. You get 10 anti-detonation flags from every detonation. If you run out of them, you are doing something wrong! (or play too much [personal opinion]).. You do not detonate in every game. Some bote-classes are not so easy to detonate. 10 anti-detonation flags a day SHOULD be enough to shield you from unwanted detonations. (I has 0.73% detonation rate and I'm not that good player) Umm .. Bye...
  9. YukiEiriKun


    So you are not here to play the game and to get free stuff while doing it. You just want free stuff. Remember that NONE of these gifts we get from playing the game are by any means mandatory. No one forces WG to give these things for us. And if a casual play-4-fun weekend warrior like me can get this stuff it clearly does not require any heavy grinding.
  10. YukiEiriKun

    Emblems and insignias huge success

    I like to cross torpedoes...
  11. YukiEiriKun


    Are you here to play the game or to demand free stuff? Only "grind" I have done wasduring the Bismarck giveaway and that was due to the fact that I usually play only during Fridays/weekends. And even then I got the Biz without any true grinding. Just played 2-3 games a day. :P **edit** Go for @venderbomb as well..
  12. YukiEiriKun


    I think that @siramra quite nicely wrapped this thread up. No further discussion needed. :) Well I could add free t8 german BB, t9 USN BB, t9 IJN BB etc. but point is that you get way more free stuff by playing than what you get with the "welcome back" packages.
  13. YukiEiriKun

    Again MM..

    Perhaps "Waaa! We has 321 battle nUb in t8 BB! We lost! *back to port*" I still do not understand is he whining about someone who has grinded to t8 in 321 battles or nUbs buying high tier botes (yadda-yadda dev's have to make money part). But most likely this was just utterly pointless whine thread.
  14. YukiEiriKun

    Again MM..

    Ummm... What? I'm a bit confused now.
  15. YukiEiriKun

    Segal's departing

    I'd say that John Doe is less offensive than Steven Seagull copared to Yamamoto. :P