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  1. Loyalty?

    So you are not here to play the game and to get free stuff while doing it. You just want free stuff. Remember that NONE of these gifts we get from playing the game are by any means mandatory. No one forces WG to give these things for us. And if a casual play-4-fun weekend warrior like me can get this stuff it clearly does not require any heavy grinding.
  2. Emblems and insignias huge success

    I like to cross torpedoes...
  3. Loyalty?

    Are you here to play the game or to demand free stuff? Only "grind" I have done wasduring the Bismarck giveaway and that was due to the fact that I usually play only during Fridays/weekends. And even then I got the Biz without any true grinding. Just played 2-3 games a day. :P **edit** Go for @venderbomb as well..
  4. Loyalty?

    I think that @siramra quite nicely wrapped this thread up. No further discussion needed. :) Well I could add free t8 german BB, t9 USN BB, t9 IJN BB etc. but point is that you get way more free stuff by playing than what you get with the "welcome back" packages.
  5. Again MM..

    Perhaps "Waaa! We has 321 battle nUb in t8 BB! We lost! *back to port*" I still do not understand is he whining about someone who has grinded to t8 in 321 battles or nUbs buying high tier botes (yadda-yadda dev's have to make money part). But most likely this was just utterly pointless whine thread.
  6. Again MM..

    Ummm... What? I'm a bit confused now.
  7. Segal's departing

    I'd say that John Doe is less offensive than Steven Seagull copared to Yamamoto. :P
  8. So there is no issue when you can 100% counter it? I have not bought a single flag set, I use them on my every DD. Except when I feel that I'm getting low of them and try to get an deto to have more. And I do not have any issues with my detonation rate. I see this more of an issue with certain type of people than mechanics or frequency. This is purely from "how I see things" perspective and can be denied and countered with the same. But I argue that life is easier on my side of "the wall" where you do not waste all that energy of whining about marginal, non-real-life issues. It's a game mechanic. ;) Ooh! It's snowing outside! Happy! ^_^
  9. Valentine’s Day flag

    What? It's my favourite flag! :D Perhaps you have some underlying issues you need to talk with someone if this flag makes you embarrassed. o_O; There are way more embarrassing things in life that happen to basically everyone than this cute little flag. :D (also it seems to annoy certain people to be sunk "with a kiss")
  10. 12K battles, 101 detonations. Not bad. Does not look like any big issue. You do have replays of these five detonations?
  11. Enough is enough.

    Could this mean that you have not adapted to the new way of playing? Things you have been doing for few years do not work anymore due to the new ships and changes to the mechanics. Then you call the chage "powercreep" so that you can continue to do what worked before and blame other things. Works for me. I'm too old to try to adapt every change immediately. It takes time (for me) to accept that I need to change my comfy routines. :D
  12. WoWs Warpack - Is it legal?

    I'm pretty sure that the server does not tell every client that "this bote sent torps that way" unless said bote is within the spotting distance of the shooter *EDIT: I meant torps, not shooter* Thus I really don't know how this could ever work. But feel free to educate me.
  13. Game started to suck

    But it was his fault! Really! There was two enemy Königs and enemy New York there as well and a friendly König with me. I was focusing the t5 botes but after they were sunk he was still there pew-pewwing at me. I tried to say not to shoot at me but he tried to cap and made many little dents on my Kongo. What else could I do? :/
  14. Game started to suck

    I once shot an broadside Myogi with my Kongo fro 1,2 km only to get 8 bounces. Now that was something. :) I consider that to be my best salvo ever in WoWs. :D
  15. Why are the servers down?

    OK, I was wrong. Sowwy. But these threads pop up so often I get annoyed and sometimes bark withot any real reason. :D