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  1. philjd

    Should I buy Nelson?

    I've had her more or less since day 1 - very nice ship, clumsy and somewhat slow, when you do not angle properly you will get punished heavily. But, the guns are great for both AP and HE, turret arcs are much better than presenting broadsides in her peers and her accuracy is 'average/middle of field' for a BB at her tier. AA is..weak (being polite here) and secondaries are nothing to write home about. Heal, superb. More than worth it :)
  2. philjd

    Do you want submarines in the game?

    Only from the top sekret russian design bureau archives
  3. philjd

    Do you want submarines in the game?

    The mechanics. Guns (broadly), ballistics, ship performances, armour piercing (broadly). For subs to work... speed changes from circa 15knots surfaced and 5knots submerged to ... [insert values here] - less than 20 knots is not workable, IMO. Torpedo ranges and firing ranges - most sub 'victims' were at distances of up to 1 or 2 km - practical for this game, [insert value here], but 8-10km It is possible to squeeze them into the game, but they do not belong in it (similar to CV's really)
  4. philjd

    Do you want submarines in the game?

    I usually don;t point this out, but, using stats in a discussion when you hide your own?
  5. philjd

    Do you want submarines in the game?

    This old thingy again. Simple answer nope. Too much fantasy involved in the mechanics, even for an arcady game.
  6. The last WG developers employee 'jolly' was obviously a cultural tour of Italy with opera thrown in :)
  7. philjd

    [POLL] Great Match but no time left

    To a degree, the total time allowed is not that important - how many games go to the actual limit, not many, I have no idea what that % would be. OI do agree that if you are having a good battle then enjoy it for as long as you can, but something enjoyable for you may not have been as enjoyable for others (in a good or bad way - we all make mistakes!) and they will want their ship back :)
  8. Voted yes, due to 1) historical is historical, use them :) 2) I know a bit about IJN name structures and assume that the OP does the same about the RM, so good luck with the idea.
  9. philjd

    Talking Ship, A.K.A. teach us, Wargaming!

    Japanese names are fairly straightforward - you pronounce each pair of letters in turn without emphasis. Eg Fu-So (not FusO) YaMaTo (not YamAto)
  10. philjd

    Something to spend Gold/silver/XP on

    The Fearsome Kitakami! :) (Ultimate yolo ship)
  11. philjd

    Ranked, a failed atempt ?

    Yes, I agree, the random factor is strong on this mode - but if you cap the number of battles the quality of the players in the random mix will improve and, in theory, reduce the impact of the 'random quality' level that you currently exist within - which should, again in theory, improve the quality of the battles - it might not impact on the number of games it takes as it would become tougher to rank out. But 50 battles should be enough to get a net 13 stars in total (which would give a 26% win rate...). But it might, MIGHT, let those players who think they are better than they are to actually think about what and why they play the ships the play in competitive mode - which ought to filter back into randoms etc.
  12. philjd

    Ranked, a failed atempt ?

    Apologies but you are missing the point - the purpose is to put a cap on the games players can use to achieve ranking out, with a fair amount of leeway for those who wish to experiment. Season 5 of sprint took me 40 games to complete with a 42.5% win rate, which I consider to be appalling. 50 games would be an even lower performance, never mind needing more than that to complete.If you can';t complete a competitive game mode without some form of 'never never land' level of battles, then what purpose does it serve in saying to players, 'you need to consider how you play so that you can get better'? This is purely an attempt to make the overall quality of play better, not to beat poor players over the head with a baseball bat like some would prefer.
  13. philjd

    Sailing straight into cap in the first minute...

    That worked very well in the last ranked season (6) - as you can tend to predict that the red BB's will be border humping or camping in a place they cant shoot from (huge generalisation).
  14. philjd

    Ranked, a failed atempt ?

    I'd just like a cap placed on the number of battles that you can play in the mode - say 50 for Sprints and 200 for full ranked. Maybe it might flag a need to improve synapse in those who spend a huge quantity of time/effort.
  15. You missed off Z-39 , very strong premium for cap contesting