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  1. philjd

    Chumphon & Co

    I have the 3 'freebies':- I find them lackluster - suspect that due to the HE/Smoke combo WG nerfed the RoF too much, the DPM is bad, hence the threat level is also bad and I feel that I am making no contribution to the battle. RoF can be buffed at some future stage to 'make spreadsheet better', but would that be a good thing either ..... Not my next choice of line to grind (still have quite a number of lines to do).
  2. My view - it's a bit like Narai, but with players on both sides (is that an improvement?), great fun if you like brawling or just something 'different' from everyday play. You do get the usual players who fail to understand what the mode is about, winning by moving your airship while stopping theirs, but those players are in all other modes also. All T10, not really an issue, single tier only works better anyway. I've only ever played BB once and DD twice, so usually cruiser it (radar mino, DM or Zao), cruiser works best for achieving the objective (winning), for me. For me, one of, if not 'the' best temporary mode attempted to date.
  3. Does the dinner come with Russian language lessons?
  4. philjd

    Code to share

    Not sure what is behind this - but, a freeby from WG to me to 'share':- 22NYU-AN3PU-T3BYA No idea how many uses, so good luck, bon chance etc. (I'm curious as to what you get,. so appreciate some form of feedback even if 'why the fuk did I waste my time' :D ) cheers and happy new year. Phil
  5. philjd


    They all worked for me, thank you (didn't try the tanks one though) - so thank you.
  6. many thanks @lup3s (again! :) ) I want to join the raffle (Can i also say well done to @T0byJug for being so generous)
  7. philjd

    killed by torps past their distance

    Have to say that I have always loved that gif :)
  8. philjd

    is a worst BB than FLORIDA?

    Can I suggest - for some hints and guidance. Flamu - Florida - Review & World Record Damage - YouTube
  9. philjd

    What would be you'r dream ship in the game?

    HMS TIgger - boing boing boing (And Agincourt)
  10. Silly point perhaps, but, depending on era, wouldn't she have a straight stem, the same as all built heavy cruiser and upwards post Deutchland class? (Tirpitz being the only exception AFTER lessons learnt with Twins).
  11. Not that many ships have radar - although it never seems to work that way when you are in a T6+ DD :) Safe to assume - US/Russian cruisers/supercruisers T8+ Chance of, RN cruisers T8+, PA DD's T8+ Uniques: Missouri, Black, Indianapolis, Belfast, Smaland (May have missed a couple of recent additions to the premiums)
  12. philjd

    What purchases have you enjoyed the most?

    For me Premum DD - Harekaze and Cossack Premium CA/CL - Atlanta by a long way. Premium BB - Ishizuchi or Warspite (although Scharnhorst for Op's is great fun also)
  13. philjd

    Do you want submarines in the game?

    Nope - been here long enough to remember the original discussions on this topic, while WG were still developing WoWs (so from when the original forums were opened to the public, pre alpha, pre anything). They made the right decision then, which I 110% agreed with, to promise never to include them... go figure.
  14. Just some quick feedback:- 1) All ships need the ability to damage submerged subs if they get close enough (give BB/CA/CV rear launched depth charges, but not 'sonar/asdic'?) 2) I assume that higher tier DD/CL will get forward launched ASW weapons as rear launched is... painful (can be).
  15. 34. Any of the ships would be great please