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  1. philjd

    Torp/hybrid DD vs CV

    I find that even if you survive the opening minutes of a game, come end game and you are a DD with the inevitably surviving CV, the CV is absolutely lethal against a DD (and other ships as well) and will clean up if enough time remains.
  2. philjd

    What is the easiest way to farm planes?

    You could division up with a clanmate who drives a CV, load up a strong AA ship, then go find some to shoot down...?
  3. philjd

    460 MM "AA gun"

    Not just WW2 :)
  4. philjd

    460 MM "AA gun"

    Although Yoshida Mitsuru (former bridge crew member on the final sortie) does claim a couple in his book "Requiem for Battleship Yamato". 100% anecdotal of course.... A good read if anyone is interested.
  5. philjd

    Neptune AA two long range auras?

    This might explain why my Neptune seemed to get more aircraft kills than my Mino some games - not a scientific observation, just situational I suspect.
  6. philjd

    F spam "fix"

    Dodge the flak bursts AA DoT damage does f'k all to planes unless their driver floats around far far too long within the auras. (Not yet tried the latest iteration so that may have changed, hope so).
  7. philjd

    Big Poll - economy status - Steel

    Interesting how many forumites (voters) have been around since 2015 :)
  8. philjd

    Fly Strike Win Event

    Ditto here - it seems to have been nothing but constant events and missions for the last 9 months or so. _________________________ But, on topic:- To be honest, simple, straightforward and actually easy, perhaps too easy... For me such events should stretch players to achieve something or learn something about how to be better players - stick and carrot - finish the event and get something 'decent' (very subjective I know). Most of the recent events have been something you can complete in ordinary gameplay without even really trying - with some selective ships thrown in, eg for torp/secondary hits etc. I appreciate that the 'challenge' may be considered to be within the 'hall of fame' part, but that is more grind than 'achieve' - if the number of games to be included was limited, with balancing for tier disparity, then it would be truly 'competitive', but then it would remove most players from contention. So a tough choice to make. Overall, it was more of a 'oh it's there' than a 'wow'. ps No flying needed to complete the event, so a bit of a misnomer?
  9. philjd

    Server "overloaded"

    Just come out of a battle where half of both teams got disconnected.... (as did I and too a mimute to get back into it, luckily was still alive, unlike a good chunk of my team :( )
  10. philjd

    Lets face it, CVs will "never" work!

    On the player control of AA - not sure I would agree with you on increasing the complexity of the AA to such a degree. The issue I have with that is that it will bring in a level of competence to manage in addition to managing the surface combat aspect - I suspect that that would raise it to the same type of level of multitasking etc that was actually represented by the RTS CV mechanics, and that just didn't work of the majority of players. I quite like the focus one side or the other, even if it's basis is totally stupid - it's 100% a game mechanic. On the 'should never be able to destroy an entire strike wing - again, I would disagree with you here. If the CV driver makes zero attempt to dodge flak, then against a strong maxed out AA ship (which are limited in numbers) then they ought to lose the entire strike - to encourage learning how/why to dodge. And that gives WG a basis on which to work out what AA capabilities should be: maxed out strong AA ship - 'auto' wipe out of any/all (buffed) strike wing from a same tier CV if no avoiding action is taken.
  11. philjd

    Lets face it, CVs will "never" work!

    I actually do not mind the skill element of CV drivers dodging the flak bursts - it's enough to separate the 'want to get better' from the 'hur-dur mob'. It is the 'fact' that it is only the flak that can actually protect you from aircraft attacks. The AA DoT does squat - doesn't reduce or protect against an attack and nor does it actually impact on the CV loadout, so why bother with it....? WG need to address the aura issue as the current set up just does not work - short = short only medium = short and medium Long = medium and long Should ease the situation, or attempt to.
  12. philjd

    Lets face it, CVs will "never" work!

    Personally, and I was saying this way back before the game was opened for Alpha testing - is that CV's are by their very nature OP for a naval game. Can anyone suggest a naval game that includes CV's that the CV are not 'queen of the seas'? First iteration CV was too difficult for most players to become competent generally, enough to at least put up a struggle against a good CV driver. This iteration is so hugely flawed in its present state that currently I think that WG are in desperate need to ideas to rescue it. AA remains 'all or nothing' - either you can destroy the attack wave or you might as well not have bothered trying (slight exaggeration, but not by much). DoT damage is now fatal if the CV wills it Constant attack (well, multiple repeat) means that you cannot do anything else but defend, or rather try to defend yourself. Currently not impressed. Perhaps the best idea is actually to remove CV's, but then ... submarines... yet another 'fest to suffer through, if I can muster up the 'willingness'.
  13. philjd


    1 cv isn't too bad, 2 can be a pain, but quite a number of battles with none. But for end game... they are a pain regardless.
  14. philjd

    Oak or Willow ? New Changes

    All I have to say is...
  15. philjd

    Demand Atlanta and Kidd refund

    Do you have manual AA on your Captain (that boosts it by +25%) - played my Kidd last night and do not recall a 150%, memory was 125%, but then I have grey hair that might be affecting my memory ;')