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  1. Most Operations can be done by 6 players in division (5 if they're very good etc), what about your clan members, usually clan members are willing to help other members as the Op's can be great fun when in a team.
  2. Genuine Clan hack or chance?

    I've had hic-cups when a newly spotted ship 'appears', doesn't have to be the first time it's been spotted, just when it get's spotted that particular time - just seems to be a short shudder and flicker on screen, but has never led to a disconnection (yet). I get more frequent instances of the reticle locking up in the middle of the binocular screen (can't aim) and also the left mouse button not functioning at all - just need to restart the game to fix those, but not pleasant for the battle you're in.
  3. RNG and individual gameplay eperience

    Team RNG As we are all aware, the skill levels of the playerbase varies tremendously and, on occasion, you will get a team made up of those players who like to sit back and snipe or fail to support those trying to cap (yolo capping is opportunistic, but need extra caution). These games happen, but not that often, but routine enough to be disproportionately memorable, IMO. Just clock them up as learning experiences and try to incorporate your early game assessment of your team into how you play - trying to learn this myself :)
  4. Having been there, done that with a broken fuel gauge, it was not fun at all on long journeys.
  5. Personally I think it would be less realistic if you had no idea that a target ship was heavily damaged - damaged ships list, burn, have bits missing, sail around in circles, not moving etc etc etc. Such a route would actually dumb down the game by removing the 'advantage' of seeing then choosing to remove damaged ships from the enemy roster instead of farming the full HP BB's for more actual damage points.
  6. British Ports

    Id like to see the Grand Harbour, Valetta (Malta) added as a 'British' port (But Scapa is probably the most appropriate for the game). http://www.worldnavalships.com/malta_harbour.htm
  7. HMS Queen Elizabeth

    Slight misunderstanding - no FAA fixed wing aircraft initially, but it will use USN fixed wing squadrons 'when needed' and also for operational training. My main issue with the use of 'Large Carriers' is that they will need more support than the RN can physically provide to actually operate safely in a hostile environment (they cannot even fully crew the ships they do have at present). The Russian commentator said that they are 'a large target' is correct, unless she (they) is(are) expected to be part of a NATO squadron at all times. Secondary issue is that there are only 2 of them, 1 on duty, 1 in transit/training 1 in refit...oops, ran out of ships, and that is without combat damage.

    So far I have received 15 containers (10 to go), I have 6 pictures/emblems still to go, but have 6 duplicates (they convert at 2:1 IIRC?), so should be able to complete the whole thing.Only 1 ship, T5 ,mission set to date. Fairly happy with those at this stage.
  9. Same ships - different torpedo damage?

    All I can add to this is that I "KNOW" that when a torp hits me in a DD and has the smallest possibility to 1 shot me, it always does... :) [and I always thought they did fixed damage, less TDS %, so good to know that there is hope for less than maximum sometimes]. Hmm, puzzled now. Wiki article:- Torpedo hits into bow/stern -- deals about 0.9x the listed torpedo damage, independent of ship type. Torpedo hits into citadel with Torpedo Protection (e.g. anti-torpedo bulge, anti-torpedo belt) -- reduced damage, coefficient determined by the Damage Reduction value for the ship. This value can be found under the Survivability dropdown of the ship's specifications in the port. Not all ships have Torpedo Protection. Torpedo Protection also decreases the chance of flooding. Torpedo hits the mid-section of a destroyer -- reduced damage (multiplier of 0.9x to the listed damage, as of patch 0.4.1). So only the possibility of doing 90% of the listed damage on a DD, no RNG involved. Again, using the wiki, Akatsuki torps should do just over 16k or 17k depending on upgrade, both of which when the 90% is applied do more than enough to kill that DD outright (anal moment, if 1 has SE and the shooter has stock torps, then the target would survive, just). So either the Wiki is wrong/out of date, or... weird???
  10. @Cime With all due respect, you are asking us to fish in the dark a bit here. PARAZ might have been needing to fight a relegation battle and you were the only opponents available, so you take one league off their grading, you were fighting for promotion, so add 1 grade to your own.... ...... that makes a +1/-1 grading difference, which is acceptable. [as an aside, is there an easy way to see who is in what league currently?] Have you assumed that they are in Typhoon based on their win rates/player stats, they may have just been late in getting going, improbable, but possible, so are actually fighting their way up the leagues?
  11. I have no idea if the MM works in a different way for the promotion battles to the normal league battles? @MrConway I suspect that it works no differently. Also, no idea at what time you guys were playing to get this match up, if you hit the battle button at a particular time and only the OMNI team were also available in the queue to be selected as opponents, then it ought to be rare, very rare for such a thing to happen, in which case,take it on the chin and move on. Two other points:- 1) How do you think the OMNI players reacted to such a match up, it's effectively wasting their time if it was such a one sided match as you seem to be indicating. 2) and I repeat, did you guys actually take away any lessons from it? (I know that I usually keep an eye on top clan players in randoms to see if I can pick up anything to help my understanding of the game). EDIT Below is from the news section:- Your clan team might have had a very successful run of battles and the MM AI decided that you were good enough to have a crack at a very good team, or you haven't played enough for the AI to make that judgement? Team matchmaking will be based on your Clan's skill level, which is manifested through the League and Group your Clan occupies. The more battles your Clan plays, the more efficiently your opposing teams will be selected
  12. @Cime Some times it is good to bump up against a much better team - what lessons did you guys take away from that encounter? (and I don't mean the 'they are better than us' one).
  13. ^This - but more interesting than Co-Op games and much more rewarding in terms of credits/xp.
  14. Nuked by CV - no rewards

    Usually you get xp for shooting planes down, you got 2 of them, it wouldn't be much, but Id still expect ''something', for that.
  15. The Language Barrier in game.

    What WG need to offer in the shop is this...