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  1. Gallant works well in it - although her AA is very short ranged. Done it once, 5 stars - not a French ship on our side (all Anthony's bar my Gallant), was interesting. I wondered about the French Captain for the event, but thought it a nice touch towards the French army units who stayed behind and maintained the Dunkirk perimeter (assuming that is why that choice was made).
  2. Well, Lion and Temmeraire did have their keels laid.. does that take them a little bit, itsy bitsy past fully paper?
  3. ^This Although there are DC's between hitting the red button and actually starting the battle itself - I've had those a few times over the last couple of months (the 'start battle' button never appears). You need to restart to client to reconnect. So late into the battle, but not AFK.
  4. They are boosters to that particular ship for 30 battles - so extra XP.
  5. Ok, she is in my harbour now, just need to finish work and get home - it will seem a long day! Looking forward to doing the Dunkirk and associated missions.
  6. I found that quite useful for my Perth :)
  7. Yaskaraxx - apologies, but I thought that this might be better coming from me than some of the posters on the forums who can be less than kind. But... your performance in the Atlanta is not exactly inspiring. I consider myself to be poor player in her but out perform you by a decent margin. So perhaps you may not be the best person to advise on the skills and equipment needed to make her perform well. Your average damage in her is a touch over 19k, the server average is 26.6k (mine being 27.5k).
  8. These :)
  9. Totally agree - still grinding my captain skills so this type of discussion is very useful.
  10. 10th of August I think - I have seen that quoted someplace (so not gospel/concrete). Update - 9th August - it's in the July calendar.
  11. This is it for me also. Much better place to learn how to drive your ships and play the game.
  12. Ditto also - add this to the suggestions thread?
  13. CE is also a requirement for CA's.....
  14. Personally, I would ignore those types of comments as everyone has the right to both play the game and put forward their views/opinions. If those views are not in agreement to those of others, then the weight assigned to them does tend to prefer those who perform better, which is fair enough. eg. would you prefer to accept the views of a medical student or those of an experienced medical surgeon, it does not guarantee that the surgeon is correct, but the probability is that they are.
  15. Flamu has a very good video with just what you are looking for - he's a very good player and also provides good 'how to' vids. Also