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  1. Cruisers in a cyclone

    My last bad experience of cyclones was running into a Flint when in my Leningrad... needles to say it did not end well (for me). Cyclones can be very tough.
  2. Did WG changed code for MM?

    edit - redundant post....
  3. 5x Sierra Mike Bonus Code

    Cheers, worked for me. :)
  4. Battleship Projects. Historical

    Excellent find - thank you :)
  5. This game does make you jump at times - for me it is usually when I am in binocular view and some bugger citadels me to death, makes me jump
  6. Clan Wars Season 2 (A Captain's Rewiew)

    I thought I would chip my impressions in as a first timer in clan wars this time around. 1) fixed xp for win/loss is great idea for leveling the contribution/calculation/"you were guarding the empty spaces" 2) Rewards etc - seemed fair when taken in balance with the xp above. (NO comment on the highest rewards as didn't get there, but can fully appreciate the time/effort put into getting and staying there). 3) Map selection - worked for us, some we did consistently well on, others badly on, but we learned :) 4) Member availability - was fairly consistent throughout, we rarely didn't play and at times were just short of fielding 2 teams. So days, times and participation levels were good. 5) Gameplay - I am not a fan of static gameplay (park/bow tank/shoot) but with mainly cruisers, this was rarely an issue. 6) No CV, didn't miss them, to be honest. A real shame for CV main's though 7) A great environment to see the 'clan' work together, learn together and [edited]/joke/celebrate together 8) Superb school for the game :) 9) Don't know about you guys, but for 90%+, we had only 1 FC who must have bitten a minimum of 4 tongues off completely during the duration, hats off to @JP_steeland also @tomo123789 for bearing with us all. Will certainly do it again, even if it was unchanged and I hope that we, the clan, were all inspired enough to do KoTs etc in future.
  7. About all these premium ships in testing...

    There does seem to be a high ratio of premium ships compared to silver, but they are easier to knock up and balance compared to a complete tree which needs 'flavour' to work.
  8. I did, just how many games does it take to get from T4 to T5 - it's not that many if you focus on that particular ship. I ground out all the available lines up to T6 initially, missing out on missions etc that needed T7+ because I wasn't ready for those tiers, as reflected in my 2 premiums of the time Tirpitz and Atlanta. Yup, there may be events around that require you break off your grind to complete them, but, only if you want to do them, no one if forcing you to play ships that you do not want to play.
  9. But with almost all of the missions and campaigns, you can do those with your normal silver ships and 'progress' in credits and xp as normal, in addition to completing the missions/campaigns - it is not usual for events to be tied to specific ships similar to the recent French events
  10. Fair enough - sometimes the lessons have to be learned the hard way. Personally, I played ,maybe, half a dozen space battles then thought why bother, reskinned T10 battles with snazzy terrain, I'd rather play my own 'real' ships. Halloween etc was good fun, as can the scenarios be, but space battles just wasn't different enough to be a break from the normal game. Missed out on the bath tub event, but it looks fun (looks like T1 ships without being a seal clubber and in a fun light-hearted environment!)
  11. It looks like the OP has given up on the thread, fair enough. Let's hope he has learned something, unlikely as that seems.
  12. With respect OP, most of the players here can decide with quite a lot of substantiation based on your posts, just what sort of lessons you have learned in the mechanics of WoWs - and it would appear to be not very many. But the worst aspect, is your failure to listen. Your opening post showed a lack of understanding of the game mechanics, that's fine for a player with 150 or so games, but not being willing to actually take the feedback to your post just impacts on peoples patience. This is the internet, not many show real patience when interacting with others who are either looking for lessons, or proper feedback, but reacting the way you have just amplifies that.
  13. Tell me what's wrong with this screenshot

    Looks like the guy has used the reload booster, yolo'd into cap every one of those 139 games and bumped into a fair chunk of the red team before his torps have finished loading, hasn't realised he has guns and actually managed to ram something in maybe 6 of those games?
  14. Tier gap

    One of the points often missed out on grinding in WoWs (and WoT, not sure about WoWP) are the ship modules (NOT the upgrades) - these are expensive and if you are not willing or able to pay the gold to dismount when selling a ship, you only get part of that investment back, so have to regrind those credits before mounting them on the next ship. So there is quite a bit of "Pay to progress" that is not available to totally F2P players. I sympathise with the guy's problem, but not his holier than thou approach (although, lets face it guys, quite a number of the regular posters react like cats getting put into a bathtub when faced with queries raised like this, especially when not done in a more acceptable way).
  15. Ship Detection Changes on the PTS

    Wasn't this supposed to be the other way around... on screen same time as mini-map.. or was that wishful reading/thinking by me and most other people who saw the announcement?