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  1. same here - warships only, airplanes works fine... firewall is set up correctly. Just when I hit 'play' the buttons greys out for a moment then reverts to 'press me now' colour.
  2. Very much this. Accidents happen, but confusing carelessness with accident is a perception issue that that particular player needs to resolve. (Personally, I have never turned pink, that doesn't make me a great player, just one who pays attention to what is happening around him, and yes, I have been TK'd both by carelessness and also deliberately, not frequently enough to annoy for other than the instance of the act, though but I not recall the perpetrator turning pink so it is not automatic on a single TK.)
  3. If you are going to use facts, you should actually use them not your imaginings. Slavery within the British Empire was legal in the self governing american colonies (but not what became Canada) and also in the Caribbean (which actually retained slavery until shortly after the US abolished it) - but the BE did what no other nation in history even attempted, AFAIK, which was the global abolition of slavery. And when it was in place, it certainly wasn't because of tea, try sugar and cotton instead. _____________ Back on topic - politics like most people is at base, an extension of political ego's as used on a national stage. So mostly posturing and ignoring actual facts because either they should be ignored and confined to history books only (such as hostile acts by one nation or more to another or even to it's own population), or because they are inconvenient truths. "[I refuse to write his name so that he is not remembered]" was what the father of History wrote about a particular person, and guess what, no one remembers that person now. With respect to ships/captains etc, the Pan asian line seems to be a bit of political juggling, but who knows, out of the thought that koreans, chinese, taiwanese etc can all drive the same ships, something positive may come out of it (just as likely as some one using it to imagine a 'unified' country incorporating all those elements).
  4. True enough, until you achieved a straddle then it was open season on rate of fire (unlike the RN BC's post Dogger through to Jutland where it was the other way around...). During USS Idaho's 'fire to exhaustion exercise' each salvo averaged 1 min 24 seconds intervals. (In the exercise the ship continued firing salvo's as quick as it could until the magazine were exhausted - but given that the time taken to move shells from within the magazines to the hoists would get longer as the crew would have to actually shift the things further.. but it is still a long way from 2 shots per min). WG - "reasons"....
  5. In China the scale can be massive without being noticed, yes Mao/Communists caused mass murder both directly and indirectly (famine etc), but the Kuomintang weren't gentle either when they fought their civil wars.... but we digress. _____________ Lo Yang/Anshan - hadn't noticed that they fly different flags. I'll check when next in game :) Both Communist China and the ROC have moved on from the worst of their cold war positions, so don;t see an issue with flying whatever flag would be appropriate for each ship (although ti does seem weird that they might have different flags depending on which ship...)
  6. Begs the question - if all the AA that is affected by Defensive fire are destroyed, does/should the Defensive AA consumable still work? Would be logical that it shouldn't, but chances are that it still works and panics attacking planes.
  7. I use the same Captain for both Duca and GC - without optimising the skill set (not worth it at this time), yes it makes a difference, but not that many changes needed to optimise, so still 'decent' without cfhanges. I think I got a 10 pnt with GC (though might have been Sims, not sure, got both at the same time-ish).
  8. No you don't - it's usually a zero point Captain. However, you can place any of your Captains in the ship to 'drive her' without changing the Captains ship specialisation - so even a T2 premium ship might have a captain on board that usually drives a T10 vessel (it's good xp farming for the Captain as you get more than 1 daily win bonus, plus whatever seal clubbing xp is gained). eg. I have 3 premium RN BB's but only 1 silver ship (T7), the same captain drives all those ships for the extra xp.
  9. ^defensive fire only increased the effectiveness of the AA already in place, it doesn't add range etc. Your scenario - it might have been stock v's fully specced squadrons, to add insult to injury, if the stock squadron was an IJN 4 planes, then that would get absolutely murdered by a 6 strength USN squadron. The CV captain skills also have a huge impact on air to air combat.
  10. No beating round the bush here at all ;)
  11. YOLO - "you only live once" What this means in game terms is that basically the player charges into the enemy without any thought or consideration of the result, they just want to shoot as much as they can, as quickly as they can before they die. The end result of which tends to be that they do minimal damage to the enemy team, but the friendly team has lost a member very quickly. ie. Bad play.
  12. The US Massachusetts (sic) was part of the USN covering force during operation Torch and battled with the partially completed Jean Bart.
  13. Guadalcanal didn't have any invasion in November. Ahhh...eureka.... operation Torch ! (North Africa) Which probably means the release of the Big Mammie ;)
  14. November invasion - also there is Suez.. but i doubt that would be 'acceptable'.
  15. Armada - Lots of premium ships available/offer