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  1. Shooting from the hip again. Yes stealth firing is a PIA when you have a team left around you, but manageable (same with smoke), it's not good in a 1 v's 1 - whether that is DD V'a BB/CA or CA/CL v;'s BB. I don't miss it since it was removed, do you? I disagree with the OP's stance that cruisers need some form of global buff to counter the BB numbers, but to be honest, while BB's may be consistently the highest overall proportion of ships in each battle, I don't find them to be the rofflestomping bugbears that some people claim they are either.
  2. you chase down a (normally) faster ship...? Hence why my 'unless they make a stupid mistake' comment.
  3. You can't outrun a ship that is faster than you are...., and yes, team play can counter, assuming there are any left.
  4. Because stealth firing without an answer to it is a game killer. Smoke can be bad enough, but smoke runs out.... stealth firing never does, unless the firer makes a stupid mistake, as they tend to be faster than their victims.
  5. true enough, but then just need to trawl through some old newsreel sltes Clemson I think - French secondary guns, not sure what from - Scharnhorst/Gneisenau - main and secondaries
  6. When you play a CV you are mirror matched, so at least the other CV is also a T8 - but that is a bye the bye I have Saipan, Enterprise and Kaga in my harbour, have done for some months, haven;t driven any o them because I am not ready for CV battles at those tiers - drop down tiers and play up towards T8 using CV's, you will get used to having to be lower tiered against the other ships. Nothing wrong with Lo Yang or Atago when up tiered either (Alabama Tripitz and Prinz agreed)
  7. Wow, hadn't realised that there were films around that even 35 year olds needed their parents permission to see.... AIGF...
  8. Might be interesting to know how many players have Seagal/Dunkirk and I guess any others that I might have missed. I have Dunkirk, but not Seagal (who I could have had if I had been willing or able to put the grind in to get him, can;t remember why I didn't at the time).
  9. As I have been informed many times - partway through the campaign myself. Campaigns - not sure anything can be tagged as 'permanent', but persistent, yes. [edit - english language burp corrected]
  10. And anyone can grind her out, so she is standard gameplay stuff (providing that that particular campaign stays alive, once it dies, assuming it does, then Shino' becomes yet another timelocked ship, but then they might add her to the premium ships at some stage, so again, from that point on, 'standard').
  11. The unique legally restricted stuff will probably never get repeated (Seagal etc), but nothing preventing WG was having an event with a similar reward that they provide themselves. For something to be a 'reward', it cannot be an everyday standard gameplay item. Otherwise why bother with them at all. I suspect that it is a case of - something will come along until then you the player will have to cope against those who did get the reward when it was available.
  12. Thank you - and get well soon. cheers
  13. I don't have any T0's yet and have been around for a while (to say the least): - 1) free stuff is always welcome 2) I fail to see why loyalty/thank you rewards should not be geared to the level of dedication and commitment of the players My quibble if anything over the structure of the current offer is that it isn't clear what you need to do to get the achievements.... live and learn, but hard to guess what is needed for those that you haven;t achieved yet and the descriptions don't tell you either.
  14. But we already know that you are loose.... ;)