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  1. philjd

    killed by torps past their distance

    Have to say that I have always loved that gif :)
  2. philjd

    is a worst BB than FLORIDA?

    Can I suggest - for some hints and guidance. Flamu - Florida - Review & World Record Damage - YouTube
  3. philjd

    What would be you'r dream ship in the game?

    HMS TIgger - boing boing boing (And Agincourt)
  4. Silly point perhaps, but, depending on era, wouldn't she have a straight stem, the same as all built heavy cruiser and upwards post Deutchland class? (Tirpitz being the only exception AFTER lessons learnt with Twins).
  5. Not that many ships have radar - although it never seems to work that way when you are in a T6+ DD :) Safe to assume - US/Russian cruisers/supercruisers T8+ Chance of, RN cruisers T8+, PA DD's T8+ Uniques: Missouri, Black, Indianapolis, Belfast, Smaland (May have missed a couple of recent additions to the premiums)
  6. philjd

    What purchases have you enjoyed the most?

    For me Premum DD - Harekaze and Cossack Premium CA/CL - Atlanta by a long way. Premium BB - Ishizuchi or Warspite (although Scharnhorst for Op's is great fun also)
  7. philjd

    Do you want submarines in the game?

    Nope - been here long enough to remember the original discussions on this topic, while WG were still developing WoWs (so from when the original forums were opened to the public, pre alpha, pre anything). They made the right decision then, which I 110% agreed with, to promise never to include them... go figure.
  8. Just some quick feedback:- 1) All ships need the ability to damage submerged subs if they get close enough (give BB/CA/CV rear launched depth charges, but not 'sonar/asdic'?) 2) I assume that higher tier DD/CL will get forward launched ASW weapons as rear launched is... painful (can be).
  9. 34. Any of the ships would be great please
  10. Thanks for doing this again lup, I am in for the raffle please - philjd And happy xmas to every one :)
  11. philjd

    Panasian BBs? :D :D :D

    Here you go :)
  12. philjd


    My understanding is that it is linked to paying hard cash for premium ships whereas silver and resource ships are not paid for with hard cash (yes there is a cross over, which would give lawyers a nice Christmas if it came to it). But that is my understanding, so not 100%. If WG started changing stuff that you pay real cash for, a fair chunk of players would wait for the final version to be available which has a knock on effect on cash flow. ________________________________________ OT 1 smolensk isn't too bad, 2 or more close to each other is a complete PIA, especially during the early stages of a battle when they are not the only red ships around, plus most of them seemed to have discovered the WASD hax when they open water gunboat and it is quite a nippy ship, especially if you are using a BB to shoot at it, plenty of time to dodge incoming (this last bit may change once they are more widely used).
  13. philjd

    Tired of all the firestarters

    The way that HE shells work in game is totally unrealistic, but are generally in place so that the smaller ships can deal with BB's who would otherwise totally dominate (*cough*) the game. WG take this balancing concept and play around with it, at times to ridiculous,levels, the 'spike's' of HE effectiveness are, in theory, balanced out by emphasising other vulnerabilities. eg. Atlanta is extremely fragile and not very sneaky, fast or manoeverable, but has very capable HE. The Khabaovsk initially was OP, it has been nerfed, Smolensk however is unlikely to be nerfed given that it is not a silver ship so will probably be withdrawn at some stage, then sold at inflated prices, it is not OP, it is currently in 'nightmare' mode, it's not invulnerable by any means, just painful.
  14. Just had fun trying to work out what the M word was without resorting to a ? failed, hence :) _________________________ tried it once, thought, ok, went back to randoms/clan wars.
  15. philjd

    Sucking at Implacable: A Plea for Help

    @El2aZeR Is your best bet for good advice on this. (Not saying that he is the only expert, but a forum regular who is generally happy to chip in with such a topic).