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  1. Tebelianov


    MM is total crap. There is no logic to put in one team high skilled players who have 1st rang in rang battles. This battle is over before it started. There is no fun at all here. It is total wasting of time. At the moment players on line on sunday are only 13k it is too low from my point of view . Game is dying and WG dont care about it. P2W in CV class is not acceptable at all. If somebody reach tier 7 he has to fight against ships with 9 tier fighters on Saipan. When lost 20 times in row ...game should be delated. What is your opinion in this?
  2. Tebelianov

    Project R Results

    You got 195 battles and have 2925 post. Great exp for this 195. For me you are not a gamer you spend your time in forum. Or work .... to poast here
  3. Tebelianov

    Project R Results

    Please let's go back to topic
  4. Tebelianov

    Project R Results

    Why you did this? Is there any benifits? Pls answer me to the other questions? What do you think?See next similar case 181 battle. Another genius may be? All of them registered and started game only for event? http://worldofwarships.eu/en/community/accounts/534527100-Przemyslaw_Banczyk/#tab=pvp/account-tab-overview-pvp
  5. Tebelianov

    Project R Results

    Evrika Evrika. EXACTLY. He has all information. He know exactly what to do and how to do. Isn't too suspicions for beginner? Bot ? Genas? World champion cyber sport?And voala win prise. Do you work for WG? You have very strange profile :http://worldofwarships.eu/en/community/accounts/search/?search=Commodore_Ahsoka_Tano%2C. Very untypical information for player. Explain me pls?
  6. Tebelianov

    Project R Results

    No man- just 100 battles. I this normal for 100 battles 150 pearls? This is the point. Only 50 battle win from beginning and ...Is that enough for project R conditions?
  7. Tebelianov

    Project R Results

    I hape you are right. But take a look at this one. http://worldofwarships.eu/en/community/accounts/504079428-Chronium/#tab=pvp/account-tab-overview-pvp
  8. Tebelianov

    Project R Results

    I have chose random player from "winers"Take a look at player Chronium "-Battles Fought 118 and he is winner Kamikadze is that normal from you point of view??For each battle perls???2. nex one is Doctor_of_Doom 280 battles-WR 50%3. ips1973 -380 battles WR 46%4. Ragnaroek30 -239 battles WR 44%5. xXxGhostRiderxXx - -300 battles WR49% There is more and more but i dont have time to check all of them.What is you oppinion? is that deception?
  9. Tebelianov

    Project R Results

    From my point of view this is was good WG cheat.The event finished exactly sunday 10 pm.We didn't have a chance to win.For the first time since 2011 player had to enter in event.WG didn't want to give you good premium ship to all.See WOT there you have chance to plan and win marathon.Not like this..Once more - too cheap trik from WG.