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  1. _PraetoR__

    8.8 sound mod or sound settings to make it bearable?

    Personally, I don't like any of the new sound changes. Not only is the balance completely off, but the "standardised" gun sounds spoil it (to me), I REALLY dislike them! Can we have a toggle option, perhaps?
  2. _PraetoR__

    Submarines are Coming

    Ummm... quick question... Quoting from the news article: " If a submarine is detected on the surface or at periscope level, she can be attacked with HE shells..." What about British Light Cruisers??
  3. _PraetoR__

    Get Your Tachibana Lima!


    Yes, Sir! All present and correct, Sir!
  4. _PraetoR__

    Get Your Tachibana Lima!


    Sorry! South West coast!! It has been a long day...
  5. _PraetoR__

    Get Your Tachibana Lima!


    Atlantic Ocean. Not too far from the South East coast of Africa.
  6. _PraetoR__

    Get Your Tachibana Lima!


    I can't. I'm... rather ironically... at sea, just now!