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  1. _PraetoR__

    Ships you kept

    Leander, Fiji and Edinburgh. On Neptune now, but I will keep her, when I get Minotaur. Love my Royal Navy CLs! Leander is my favourite. Black Swan. V-25. Orion. Clemson. I will keep Bismarck & Fuso. I'll also buy-back King George V, at some point.
  2. _PraetoR__

    I'm a submarine...you're a submarine...we're submarines

    Few things: Firstly, balance is king. They NEED to be kept in-check! Second, It would be cool if they introduced a 2-part Operation, which you experience the battle from both sides. Part 1, you're an Allied vessel, carrying the British Hedgehog anti-submarine cluster mortar, defending a convoy from sub attack. Part 2, it flips, and you're an Axis submarine, trying to sink the merchant vessels, while desperately avoiding the cluster drops. Even better if both sides were players, not AI. Thirdly, maybe limit the numbers, per team, in Random Battles? Maybe... 4 per team, max? Fourthly, in another, seperate Operation, can we have fleet protection Corvettes? Thanks!
  3. _PraetoR__

    Funny and sad game situations shown with map screenshots.

    *edit Heaviest team I've ever tried to carry.
  4. _PraetoR__

    Rightful Heir to the Cleveland in Operations?

    I always go back to Leander. She's a beaut. Also enjoy Perth, but it's much harder to make work.
  5. _PraetoR__

    AP bomb nonsense

    I'll do it! Worcester has marginally better short, mid and long-range AA, than Minotaur.
  6. _PraetoR__

    British Cruisers ??? Whats the point

    Well, that's what we've done up to now! It would still be nice for devs to playtest a customised British Cruiser with 0%, low-damage HE and report their findings to the community. I think that would be welcomed, on the whole.
  7. _PraetoR__

    British Cruisers ??? Whats the point

    Yeah, good point. Although WG proved with Winfast and the bull**** boat (Kutuzov) that they don't worry too much about that! There must be something that can be done though! Hell, I'd even be happy with special, low-damage, 0% fire chance explosive shells! Anything to offer SOME counter to angling!
  8. _PraetoR__

    British Cruisers ??? Whats the point

    Leander is my favourite ship. All the ships from her-onwards are keepers for me. Edinburgh is properly screwed-over nowadays, though. Currently on Neptune, but she might as well be classed as a T10... bloody match maker! British light cruisers are great fun; Love the rate of fire, love the concealment, love the handling, love the gunnery-accuracy, love the opportunistic gameplay and the fact that you have to get stuck in. I do agree on the power creep, though... What if the ships were left as-is, with their s-AP shells, but were given special s-IFHE shells (as standard) with good penetration, but a miniscule 1% fire chance? To the point that the IFHE Captain skill makes literally no difference? This would allow the cruisers to be more flexible and stop them being completely useless against angled targets, yet would still avoid the cancerous smoke-fire-spam that caused the removal of HE in the first place. It would also prevent the need to re-train Captains. Just a thought.
  9. _PraetoR__

    Abruzzi...Ap and general thoughts...

    The best thing about D'Aosta is the velocity-retention of the AP shells. Goodness knows why they chose to go in the opposite direction with Abruzzi! If they gave the AP shells just a little more damage (again, no idea why it's less than D'Aosta!?) and lowered the drag, so that they retained their velocity better, that would be enough for me to buy the ship. I love the hard-hitting, high-speed shells of the D'Aosta. Give the Abruzzi the same treatment! I was desperately hoping they'd address that simple thing, after the first round of previews were released... alas... Come on WG, she would make you more money!!
  10. _PraetoR__

    Premium shells in WOWS

    Alright, you caught me! It would just be the OP and Flamu; who just couldn't give up on the opportunities to lord his superiority over others.
  11. _PraetoR__

    Premium shells in WOWS

    Premium ammo would reduce the WoWS player base to about 5... globally.
  12. _PraetoR__

    Spotted cartoon ship in Raptor Rescue operation :V

    Looks like something from a Dr. Seuss book. I want it!
  13. _PraetoR__

    CV is too [edited]broken

    Easy answer: Des Moines, Worcester, or Minotaur. Then just forget CVs exist. |---------------| |----------------------------------------------------------------| |-----------------------------------| \ O O O O O O | \ | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ^ That's the British ship, obviously... the Captain is drinking tea during battle.
  14. _PraetoR__

    Top 5 Most Favourite Ships - What's your list?

    1- Leander 2- Warspite 3- Fiji 4- Edinburgh 5- Graf Spee Honourable mention- V-25, Vampire & Clemson.
  15. _PraetoR__

    #stopfusouabuse (but not in the way u think)

    #FusoLivesMatter #ButIStillMuchPreferWarspite #IFeelLikeABloodyHipsterUsingTheseStupidHashtags #AmmaStopNow