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  1. FukushuNL

    Anything changed ?

    Hey, am in the same boat as you :) But it indeed does seem the same. Was checking the blog with some changes to anti air through alternate mode of airstrike planes, so I came and checked the forums. Seems like it's still the same game with the same aweful developers, same aweful fun destroying games including lots of CVs and Subs and still the same people defending WG and CVs. We can easily stay away from this game for another decenia and nothing will be changed :) Sad indeed. See ya around, @Alchemist79! :D
  2. FukushuNL

    Making low tiers great again

    I lately play almost exclusively low tier. I always loved the slow and simplicity of low tier and it only got more fun after pushing CVs in higher tiers.
  3. I love doing low tier stuff, got many faves in those ranges, so I most of the time ignore early access silver stuff until the line is officially in the game.
  4. FukushuNL

    What is the hardest ship to play?

    For me, it's long rang BBs. I can't do well in ships like Yamato. If we are talking T10, that is.I don't have that much luck with sniping and those BBs are not made for mid to close combat. Minotaur and Dmitri, etc or Daring, Kaba, feel way better. But then I don't really like T10. I like everything up to T8 better.
  5. Nah, the higher the tier the extremer the gimmicks get. I think balance is hard to find with all the ranges and speeds running rampant. On topic: I love that T5 is in Ranked. Things go a bit slower, gimmicks aren't that absurd yet. Better maps too, except for Straights, imo.
  6. FukushuNL

    An extremely intelligent weegee employee enabled this

    So when I started off I was as good at the game as I am now? People don't learn through experience? That is the exact deffinition of the word "experience". Getting better at something through repetition :) And you say such a thing does not exist :)
  7. FukushuNL

    An extremely intelligent weegee employee enabled this

    Indeed, which is a current problem. But if you force them to play 30 matches per tier, then with a bit of luck they get some playing experience under their belt. Maybe 5 matches on T1, 10 on T2, 15 on T3, 20 on T4 and, 25 on T5. And to make sure they don't afk, they have to get at least a doable amount of base XP for the battle to count.
  8. FukushuNL

    genuine question

    I dunno about the KotS stuff, but the other questions are easily answerd in one word: money. CVs and certainly Subs are the new classes that can make them lots of money selling premium versions, putting them in Dockyards, etc. And enough people love to play these broken classes over the harder to play Surface ships. And people want to play their ships, otherwise they won't buy them. So WG will never lock them out of the most played battle style that is Random. That would also split up the players queueing for randoms, Although I think still 90% of the people will be in the same queue: the one without CVs and Subs). But yeah, subs and CVs sell, so they won't lock them out.
  9. FukushuNL

    An extremely intelligent weegee employee enabled this

    1. Probably not, as they have to work through the silver ship line first to get to, say, a silver T10. During the 300 matches in a certain ship type, I hope they will get a sliver of knowledge about how the class works and how the gameplay evolved through the tiers. And if then the stats are the same, then there is no helping them. This all with the assumption that the person in the OP has bought him/herself high lvl ships without going through the proper learning traject. So at least with my idea you force these people to play through all tiers up to the tier they bought the premium. Edit: banning them from PVP is not a good idea. they have to get thought how pvp is played step by step. The core "play through a silver line from T1 to T10"as it always has been is perfect for this, but the problem is ppl have options to skip that grind, either through FXP, buying ships with real money, etc, etc. Plus the grind has been lessened a few years back.
  10. FukushuNL

    An extremely intelligent weegee employee enabled this

    Well, useful and useless CVs are both equally strong at making the experience less than it should be for the rest of the players in both teams (with CVs in current state). I dunno if it is defending the WG monetisation that he does more than facing reality of WG rather screwing us over instead of those that want to throw money at WG. I would love if T10 would be so expensive to play that you have to play mid-tier to cover the costs. Might help with people learning how to play their class and it makes T10 more special again. But that will not happen as WG can sell high tier ships for way more money (something they promised they would never do, just like adding Subs), direct or indirect (via early access/dockyard EA, etc). So WG wants you to play lots of T8-10.
  11. FukushuNL

    An extremely intelligent weegee employee enabled this

    Probably the only way to counter this a bit is if Premiums ships are locked from playing until you have had like 20-30 matches in a silver ship of the same class and tier and every tier below it. Doesn't even have to be the same nationality. You can buy the ship, but you will have to put in the effort to unlock playing with it. Then you force ppl to put in enough game time to get to grips with the class.
  12. FukushuNL

    terrible mid-level ranks

    Ranked is still including CVs and subs, right?
  13. FukushuNL

    Wargaming: You win, I give up!

    Haven't played for almost a year. If the numbers go down, that would be nice, as WG only cares about numbers. But I doubt that will be happening. But I read Malta is out and OP as any other CV, so I can stay away from this game for a way longer time, as WG still doesn't seem to want to balance the game.
  14. FukushuNL

    What happened to CV plane spotting rework?

    CVs and Subs just don't fit in the game as it is. Both classes play by a totally different ruleset than the surface ships. The original triforce of Cruisers, DDs and BBs work well because of the slight differences between classes. But mostly they play by the same rules: slow gameplay, surface based, with strengths and weaknesses based on armor, hp, concealment, relative speed differences, agility and RNG, while having to risk something to get a reward. CVs shite all over this by going 10 times faster than the fastest DD, not caring about obstructions, not caring about positioning, having spotting powers that far outdoes the spotting skill of the fastest, most stealthy DDs, can strike everywhere on the map within a minute and does this all from impunity. CV gameplay is dropping your ship in the corner of the map, taking potshots at enemies, only worrying that your planes get shot out of the sky, which is not much of a worry. Real risk involved? 0% Subs also play a totally different game than the surface ships. They operate in a dimension almost untouchable by the other classes while they themselves can meddle with the surface ships. The only time they risk something is when they screw up and make a mistake not watching their oxygen at a bad moment. Contrary to these classes, surface ships are super slow, have thus to stick to one side of the map, have to angle, can only attack in a straight line from where they are at that moment, have to aim while hoping the enemy will be at the point they are aiming at 10-20 seconds later, have to deal with RNG, obstacles, concealment, etc while fighting other surface ships, putting their own hull on the line every time they fire or position themself. And then they have to compete with these other classes that don't play by the same rules, have to take almost non to no risk at all and have skills that far exceed their own. And then some people and WG don't understand why so many people don't want CVs and Subs in the game.
  15. FukushuNL

    What happened to CV plane spotting rework?

    Most likely. While CVs can be sold and the more powerful they are, the more people will play them. I do linger on a sliver of hope someone at WG balance team does listen to community team members like @Seraphice, so they at least take some action in the near future to take on the CV spotting problems.