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  1. FukushuNL

    British Cruisers Part 1 Random bundles

    What are you talking about, mate? The original way of playing this game is grinding the techtree from T1 to T10. THAT is how you normally spend your "most valuable and limited resource" on all F2P games, including this one. If WG then comes with a random event that WG doesn't owe to us to do, they could just let us grind or fxp it, for a chance on getting a headstart, you can't go and come here telling WG is doing you injustice. Burn out the player base?!?! WTF xD The exact thing you do in this game is choosing a ship, play a match of 12 vs 12, get xp for it and repeat that until you get to T10 and then you keep on repeating to do that with either that ship or go to another line and do the same with that line. And you keep on repeating that until you got all the lines grinded. And guess what? That is exactly you are doing in this event, with a chance to skip a part of that T1-T10 grind, so you can get to T10 faster and burn out there. If people would burn out on the game, they will do so anyways. The early access is only a temporary bonus. Everyone will be able to play all those ships without paying a dime. If anything, this is an extra incentive to play the game so you have a chance to get ahead or get some other extras for free. And you are entitled if you are going to [edited] about something that you get for free. WG only hands out free lottery tickets here with the prize being something that is available for everyone for free and attainable by playing the game. I implore you to step back, look at this event again and hopefully get a reality check. WG is a moneygrubbing company that is even worse than the grinch when it comes to stealing christmas, but here they do nothing wrong.
  2. FukushuNL

    British Cruisers Part 1 Random bundles

    You are asked to play the game. Nothing more. Again, the head start is an extra chance, nothing more. Yes, you can pay to get ahead, but more than that it isn't. In the end you end up at the same point as people that just play the game. And that are the marks of a good F2P game. You can play the game and spend time rather than money to get where those that pay are at. This event is nothing more than a random extra chance to get ahead. Otherwise you have to play the game like the rest of the people that join after the event. You still end up at the same place. What you are doing is taking advantage of the PR debacle to try and blame WG for everything they do so you can get everything the easy way. WG isn't predatory here specifically, you are just entitled.
  3. FukushuNL

    British Cruisers Part 1 Random bundles

    Another entitled person if you ask me. This is a random event with a chance to get a head start in a silver techtree line. That is all it is. Are you new here that you think all the techtree lines started at T5-8? I had to grind most of the lines from T1 to 10. THAT is the normal way of doing things in the game. All extra boosts , including the random chance of scoring a midtier ship in this event, is a bonus. It's not like an event/premium/golden ship that you otherwise have to buy. You are treating a extra bonus chance to get a head start as something you are entitled to or "otherwise, why should one bother grindin?". Maybe because that is what all other people have been doing this whole time and will be doing after the event? Some people around here..... First WG comes and thinks they can screw people out of their christmas bonus (and sadly many willingly bowed nice and deep) and now some community members think they should automatically be getting everything out of an event. Common sense is hard to be found these days I guess.
  4. FukushuNL

    A small psychological insight for you WG

    Lots of times, yeah, true :) But the whole PR business was worthy of a forum meltdown ;)
  5. FukushuNL

    A small psychological insight for you WG

    Although I am in no means a WG fan at the moment, I think the OP is a bit overreacting here and greedy. These pre-techtree ship event are there only so you have a chance to get ahead in the techtree grind. Nothing more. You don't lose out on anything if you don't get these ships in the boxes."Yes, you do! You lose the time you have to grind up until the highest ship you get in the event". DO NOT mistake an extra bonus for a regular thing. It's totally fine to [edited] about promises WG ain't keeping or WG loving cash grabs, like the PR event and stuff. But that doesn't mean with all types of events you are entitled to everything it has as a prize. This event is just a way to give you a head start at grinding the T10 of a line if you are lucky. Sure, it's a way for WG to do a cashgrab with people that are either dumb, rich or time-limited enough to buy lootboxes to get the ships. But this is a legit way IMO for a F2P game to get peope to play the game. Can it be frustrating? Yeah. Is WG cheating you out of anything? Not at all. Again, this is a bonus. The usual way is to get a new line and grind your way up to T10. It's only an pre-launch event to have a chance on a head start with the new line. Maybe you get something, maybe you don't. Just don't buy any lootboxes, ok? Edit: Crossed timelimited and rich people out of my text. Those people have way more solid ways to get to T10 asap. So only dumb people buy lootboxes for techtree ships IMO.
  6. FukushuNL

    Another PLAYTo Rico arrives, along with some thoughts

    I'm sorry, but while I do respect you wrote the part about whales and grinders show WG that even under the PR event circumstances "play WG's game", you then go and throw all that understanding out of the way with your last paragraphs, saying that WG pitches the community against eachother. WG does not do any such things. It's the gamers that willingly choose to "play WG's game" that have to take responsibility for their own actions. WG does facilitate it, but it's the players choice to actually participate. Nobody held a gun against their head. Everyone knew it was going to be horrible grind from the start. It's like someone putting a gun on the table and you pick it up and shoot someone, then you go "It was this bad person's fault for us shooting eachother!". And I know a perfect way for you to bridge the gap between the player base: Stop dancing to WG's tunes! It's simple, you don't play the stupid things WG thinks up, then nobody will hold you responsible for doing it! Stop acting like the innocent one. You are the one "playing WG's game", then you are the one that is at fault. So look to yourself first. "Things will only get worse, WG will not stop" Not if you keep consenting with their ideas by playing their stupid events. "I hope most of us can move on from hating whales, hating grinders, hating haters, hating something, hating everything, etc" Again, stop playing WG's stupid events. If you refuse getting the prizes connected to the crappy events, nobody will hate on you. ...and just focus on adapting to wg's increasing inhumany." Don't blame WG for your inabillity to refuse WG's crappy events. This is mostly a good community, but the priority is not focussing on how bad WG is. It is looking at which part of the community just can't help themselves by buying everything that WG drops into their stores or by playing every single community dishonoring event. If everybody stops playing these evnts, WG will stop putting money and anpower in creating them. I do wish all the PR owners would stop blaming WG with these "I'm a victim" treads and have a good look towards themselves and their own accountability instead of shoving the blame on WG for their own actions. Stop coming here and defend yourselfs for getting the PR. I don't mind you getting the damn ship, but if you really had to get that one cursed ship, at all costs, then man up and take the heat that comes with it like a responsible person. If you all do value what other people think of you and you really want WG to stop with these kinds of actions and events, refuse to play (along with) them.
  7. FukushuNL

    2019 - a year in retrospect

    Got a nice song for you: Based on the song of Gotye ft Kimbra: Somebody that I used to know. I can't sing so I can only give you the text, so you will have to sing it for yourself if you are so inclined. I can link you to the instrumental song though. You take the lyrics Gotye usually sings and WG will take Kimbra's lyrics. Have fun :) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now and then I think of when we played together Like when you said you felt so happy I played your game Told myself that this was right for me Fun with products from your company Mayhaps it's nostalgia but I still remember One could get used to a kind of greed'ness And resignation to the grind, always the grind But when I found this one did not make sense Well, you said we'd have the ship in the end But I'll admit that I doubt that it was like that But you didn't had to f*** me up Act like it never happened and that there was nothing And I don't even need free stuff But you treat me like a fool and that feels so rough No, you didn't have to stoop so low Have your workers hide the facts and then change the outcome figured that I needn't take this though Now you're not the comp'ny that I used to know Now you're not the comp'ny that I used to know Now you're not the comp'ny that I used to know Now and then I think of all the times I screwed you over And believe me it was always something that I'd done But it's just because I live that way, reading not a single word you say You said you couldn't let it go Still want your money though we ain't the comp'ny that you used to know But you didn't had to f*** me up Act like it never happened and that there was nothing And I don't even need free stuff But you treat me like a fool and that feels so rough No, you didn't have to stoop so low Have your workers hide the facts and then change the outcome figured that I needn't take this though Now you're not the comp'ny that I used to know Now you're not the comp'ny that I used to know Now you're not the comp'ny that I used to know Compa-ny, I used to know Compa-ny, now you're not the comp'ny that I used to know Compa-ny, I used to know Compa-ny, now you're not the comp'ny that I used to know I used to know That I used to know I used to know Compa-ny
  8. FukushuNL

    Directive 7 done.

    "I am mad at WG, so I will complete the objective I am so mad about. Grrrrr, let me do that complete travesty!!! WG will not get away with this one! I will just throw 180 hours of my life at them as compensation for my otherwise graphical expressions in how stupid I think this event is! Raaaaaaahhh, let me at the objectives!" When WG "proves" it's viable, it says really nothing at all. When you all gone and done it, then you proved it was doable. And it's nice that you refused to pay for the manipulation, but manipulated you were. And ofcourse it wasn't worth it. No ship ever is. If it was, all hell would break loose. Many sailing PR already get judged in chat. What do you think would happen if the ship was worth 180 hours of grinding in a few weeks of Christmas holidays? You'd be buried by your own teammates the moment the match started :)
  9. Sorry, but at the first question I could find a fitting answer, so I'll do it this way: 1. Did you have any goals? I.e. PR/Gorizia/collecting Snowflakes... Yes, but when the PR missions came online, I directly took a break from the game for the holidays. 2. Did you collect all your Snowflakes? No, see Q.1. 3. Did you grind Gorizia? No, no interest 4. Did you grind PR? No. This was my goal for the holidays, but then WG screwed everything up. 5. Did you complete the Shipbuilding Collection? No. Same reason as with the snowflakes. 6. Did you get the rewards from the directives you wanted to? No. Got tired from just looking at them. 7. Did you complete the T6 techtree ship + New Years Camo missions? No. Same reason as with the snowflakes.
  10. FukushuNL

    Puerto Rico

    ....including those of your own team xD If the PR will get on sale or into the armory, these things should be in the selling points of the ship :) Way more important for the ingame experience than how she plays ;)
  11. FukushuNL

    Directive 7 done.

    Why sympathy? It's not as if he needed or was forced to do it. I agree with the determination. Those 77 others have mostly paid for it and because more people entertained WG by getting the PR (one way or the other) doesn't make it suddenly right ;) Also WG, like all human beings, have 100000000x easier time of listening, abiding and conceding with people and events that are positive to their way of doing things than those opposing them. Yeah, they are wont to ignore 5000 people that are critical towards their actions, but a handful of people that prove their way will work makes a much more convincing point for them. Mind you, I don't mind you actually grinded the ship without paying for it. I will commend you for keeping your wallet shut. But defending that it doesn't help WG make a point and if not something WG will use to justify their means, I can't agree with that. WG knew full well that they were doing this event around Christmas time, they confirmed that multiple times. They also came back on their words with saying that it was thought out as an event for the 1% of people that wanted to spend their holidays with the game, day in and day out. So after telling everyone the event could be easily done by playing the game, then coming clean with us it was only for the hardcore players, meaning everyone that either gave up their free/family time for constant WoWs or that couldn't and then would pull their wallets to pay for the ship, you played into their ideas for this event, showing them the plan was viable. And that is waaaaay more interesting for WG than all those that didn't even bother.
  12. FukushuNL

    wtf is going on with the people on this game?

    What people always seem to forget is that if they say the skill level of people is going down, it works for both sides. So effectively you got the same amount of chances as the other team. It's not that MM throws all the skilless people on your side so you have a fair chance to lose most of the matches. So you are just unlucky if you are on the side of the losing matches. Or by deduction, if you are the constant in losing most of the matches you are in....Well, you know where to look for the issue. But yeah, if it's not you, you are just unlucky. But there is no such a thing that MM is constantly putting you with the less skilled people as the opposition is also picked from the same group of players your team is picked from. So if as you say, everyone's skill level is bad, and your skills are the ones that matter most, you should have an edge to the opposition, Unless ofcourse there are a lot of different people with lots of variations in skill level and again, you are just unlucky to be put into the teams that eventually lost.
  13. FukushuNL

    I am a new player

    Hey mate, welcome! Seems like you are on the right way. The IJN CA line is indeed a good, solid line to learn cruisers with. If you'd ever want to go and get a good grip on battleships, I recommend the US line. bit slow, but sturdy, good range, heavy hitting shells and you can learn all the core BB skills with them. I also recommend the WoWs Wiki, Like Ex said in the second post. I find it very much fun to read what the pros and cons are for each ship and it gives me a good feel of how ships/lines play and at the same time use that info to be able to counter them. P.S. instead of what other people tell you who to listen to and who not to listen to, I recommend you listen to what you think is truth and what not ;)
  14. FukushuNL

    So...I got the PR....

    People living on to become 130 years old isn't impossible either. Building a tower that reaches into space isn't impossible either. Falling down from 20 meters high and not breaking a thing isn't impossible either. But if it's that amount of unlikely, should we really nitpick on whether or not it is? No-one would bet most people would be able to do it. That sounds better to you? Edit: I like you counter your own argument with the vid :) Though I like the song, nothing in the series or movies is impossible, but it's so damn unlikely they call it mission:impossible.
  15. FukushuNL

    So...I got the PR....

    Maybe, but I wouldn't look strange that it happened. And not because of people being an arse lots of times in chat, but because the reaction is logical if someone shows loyalty to a company that treats their community badly. Because the rest of the game is well thought out and unique in its kind. Is that how you respond to every bad thing? "You have an issue with you boss? Then quit your job. Have an arguement at home? Divorce your wife. Have a bad day in life? Just kill yourself." But if you have an issue with my reply, what keeps you from permanently leave the forums? ;) If that's the standard thing to do when something isn't going your way. Gruber, you are ripping things so much out of their original form that it doesn't even look remotely the same as it was. The F are you comparing a well crafted unique machine that everyone knows is going to cost beyond normal people's wallets and is a status symbol TO a digital ship that is no harder to craft than all the other ships ingame, one that WG can print to infinity and was promised by WG to be easily achievable for every player so everyone was getting their expectations up? Ferrari: a respected company making the most beautiful cars in the world that everyone knows only an elite few can get for multiple reasons. Wargaming: a company making fun free to play games for everyone in the world to play.