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  1. FukushuNL


    I agree the German BB line ain't the best line to learn how to play a BB. There are 2 things I think you should learn on your path to BB greatness and the Germans can only teach you 1 consistently and that's angling. The other thing is finding citadels, which is total rng with germans no matter where you aim. I must say I learned fairly late in the game how to use those two points effectively too as I learned how frickin awesome angling can be on the T8 North Carolina (Best bowtanker in the game imo) and learned to Citadel on the T5 Kongo. Japanese just have the best setup to give you proper lessons in how to actively hit citadels consistantly. They shoot small, acurate shots at long range and have 5-6 turrets so you can practise more per reload. Because of this, Japanese BBs promote individual shots instead of firing off full broadsides. You will fail lots of times before you constently be doing citadels because of your own skills, but knowing where to aim on ships sailing in different angles and with different speed on a medium to long range is a core BB skill to do good damage. Kongo should not be too long of a grind, is a very powerful ship in itself, gives a great idea how the whole line plays and if you can find citadels with Kongo consistantly, you can find it with every BB. Or cruiser for that matter. And Bismarck is already a good teacher at positioning, angling and pushing. She and North Carolina are fortresses when angled correctly, teaching you that slowing down and angling correctly instead of turning to flee is a viable tactic and will protect your sides from heavy impacts. And as long nobody gets smart enough to use HE, most of the time, you'll bounce everything.
  2. FukushuNL

    [QUIZ] Meet the Ship of your Dreams

    Got Atlanta. Seems there are not many other types of ship you could end up with other than Cossack, Atlanta and Asashio :)
  3. FukushuNL

    Old style RTS CV or not?

    Where do you get your numbers from? Do you think the votes in those threads count for the whole wows community or did you got the numbers straight from Wargaming? I am curious though with how many players the game has decreased irl and what the stats are with the amount of recurring CV players that play the game now vs the old days. I mean, despite the hate towards the rework, I see 2 CVs in every game in every tier game now, while before the rework, I had gaps if up to 10 games before encountering even 1 CV in a game. So for now, WG seem to have succeeded in bringing back more CVs to the game and also you seem to say that 92% of all those CVs are playing those CVs while the are intensely hating it. Interesting.
  4. FukushuNL

    Old style RTS CV or not?

    That's just it, right? Those that mained CVs in the old version did it because they liked that particular playstyle. Creating a vastly different playstyle will drive lots of the old fans away. I think WG knew that, but there was no win-win situation. They had to change the old CVs because that gameplay wasn't sustainable in the long run. Two mayor issues were that they were waaaaay too OP as a class, easily domination the outcome of a match, and they were too much an elitist class to play for the overall player base. To work your way to CV main was to either be brilliant from the start or work your way through lots of insults, degeneration and flak, while ruining a lot of other players their game. Now, while not balanced correctly, which is regrettable but logical due to it being a very new and still tested system, CVs don't rule battles as they used to and having a harder time doing well in the charts. And sure, there are lots of isues you can discuss that are wrong with the current CV gameplay, but bottomline for this particular discussion is that the old CV gameplay wasn't viable to keep for different important reasons and will not be coming back. If you got issues with the details of the currebt gameplay, I'd say "Wait out before quiting, because there is always hope", but if you really can't get with the core of the new gameplay, don't bother remenissing or discussing it. It will never come back because no matter how much fun it was for the minority that played them very well, it wasn't for the rest of the player base. Not for those CV captains that tried to master them nor for those that suffered because they had no unicum in their team or had to endure the unicum's unslaught. The only real reason old style CVs weren't bitched about that much is because the amount of matches with CVs weren't that much.
  5. FukushuNL

    When the the Russian BBs come...

    ....could you please introduce them in a trailer or vid with this song? Fits them perfectly imo. Polyushka Polye with those armored fullmetal behemoths <3 Looking forward to the Soviet Battleship tech tree.Also Can't wait to see sow Lenin handels.
  6. FukushuNL

    Where is the 20 second concealment "error" hotfix?

    Indeed it is :)
  7. FukushuNL

    0.8.1 PTS - General Feedback

    I got the same problem. Launcher says it can not instal the updates. Then it tries to resume the download, but fails. After that it says again it cannot instal the updates, etc, etc. "You can gain access to the new ship branch using Crowns and Florins, temporary resources that can be used in the Arsenal. Exchange them on the main server to get the following British aircraft carriers: IV Hermes, VI Furious, and VIII Implacable." "Crowns can be earned for completing the Directives of the "Fly! Strike! Win!" event, while Florins come from new British "Air Supply" containers. These particular containers may also drop a combat mission that can reward those who complete it with one of the following British ships: Edinburgh (Tier VIII), Hood (Tier VII), Duke of York (Tier VII), and Vanguard (Tier VIII)." https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/public-test/bulletin-081/
  8. I love how you hotfixing the CVs, Wargaming, but it seems you have forgotten to turn back the "error" "fix" for the 20 seconds shooting behind cover concealment bloom :) Would be nice if you'd fix that "fix".
  9. FukushuNL

    1701's Verdict On 0.8.0

    All I read here is that adapting to the new things takes too long, that you couldn't do the things you could in the past and there is no will to adjust to the current game. People keep trying to shoehorn in the old way they played into this new game and failing. I'm adjusting to to new gameplay and having a ball. I hope that those that threaten to go really do go and be done with it. I'm not one to defend Wargaming as I also have taken a hiatus from the game when their priority seemed to be 60 euro premium ships instead of the rest of the game, but I hate it when people threaten to do things and aren't following up on them. What we need is people that want to work towards making this current game better, not people that are stuck in their ways and will not adjust. Best of luck with whatever you will be doing after WoWS.
  10. FukushuNL

    Game not really fun anymore after carrierrework

    I agree. CVs are a lot harder to be competent with than the other classes in these tiers. The staying together part is what the game needed imo as that, including focus fire, makes for a strong group. Oldskool gameplay when CVs were still played regularly included aa focused ships screening others from aircraft. I'm glad they brought that back and CVs promoting teamplay again. Now it's not the task of DDs contesting caps on their own anymore, but for the whole team together to actively take caps. Sure, it takes a few tweaks here and there to balance things out, but I think overall, this CV rework worked out just fine. Even at high tier, I don't really notice the difference. Not even with Kitakaze and Jutland.
  11. FukushuNL

    It's not 8.0...

    I'm sorry, but I'm of the opinion that a lot of the majority is being a bit oversensitive. This shitstorm happens so often with WOWS that I can't take it seriously anymore. Certainly not while experiencing not much more different in any tier game than I did before 8.0. Sure, I don't have high tier Carriers, but in the low tiers, CVs struggle to make a difference in matches and while playing Jutland and Kitakaze after the patch, I don't really feel things are that much different from pre-patch top tier CV matches. So, DDs get permaspotted by CVs. What's new there? At least these days, not every DD can be spotted at once. And tbh, I haven't had that issue in my Jutland, Kitakaze matches. Maybe I'm lucky, maybe people overreact. Didn't hear people [edited] about getting perma-spotted by a CV in the old days, but now.... I think all this "end of the world" heralding comes from multiple issues: 1. people don't like changes: since the patch, CVs are back in great numbers. Previously, that part of the game was missing, rebalancing the game to favor the DD gameplay. Now CVs are back, players, esspecially DD captains, have to change their strategies again. That doesn't sit well with them. When power is forcefully getting limited, those that got that happen to them always complain about the change. 2. people have a hard time to adapt to changes or refuse to do so: Now that CVs are back in the game, captains have to readjust their gameplay style. Things they previously could get away with, they can't now. And it's not that the game is now unplayable, but people refuse to change their gameplay, rather calling the gameplay broken. It's not broken, it's changed. It got lots of rough edges, some able to make nasty cuts, but the overall product is good. But it's easier to just say the game is broken than to adapt to the new gameplay style, even if it hasn't changed that much. People just try to force their old style and complain it doesn't work, than adjust a bit and play the class in such a way that it works again. 3. CV rework has taken such a long time that people have gotten comfortable with them not being in the game, while they were originally part of the game. And I would be sympathetic to those that love the non-CV times if the CV rework situation was as bad as they claim to be. 4. It's so easy, convenient and popular to just howl with the pack every time a big change comes along an a group of people don't like it. That's why so many people take to the forums and whine ingame. I see this irl too. People that have even the slightest reason scream the loudest when a few individuals don't like something. And it happens every time something new comes to the game and shakes it up a bit. A few people make a big deal out if it, lots of other people just follow suit for no particular reason and after the core group stops screaming because things aren't that bad after all, the rest stops too. 5. We are now in a time of transition, where everyone is trying the new stuff. This is not a normal situation, nor can we make any conclusions about how normal games will play out after everything is settled and people have adjusted. It's just a rough patch.
  12. FukushuNL

    CV vs DD: works as intended?

    I don't mean with this thread that I reckon everything is ok and people shouldn't complain about the issue, but I would like to take a look at the issue from a different standpoint and see if, when we are all honest, things are really that bad as some think they are. I'm talking of course about the DD vs CV issue. DDs have a long time, in the absence of CVs reign supreme in stealthiness and the obvious advantages that brings. And that brings a certain gameplay with it. The few times they would encounter a CV would change that gameplay a bit, but only for that match. But now that CVs are back, DDs don't sparcely encounter them anymore, but (for now at least) encounter them in every match. just as intended, might I add, as the Alpha of WoWS shows us. CVs were never an afterthought, but just as intended to be in the game as the other classes. So what happened (in a nutshell)? CV gameplay was on one side hard to master and not to everyone's taste, while on the other side they had quite a lot of imput in the outcome of the match. Pthis resulted in the better CV dominating the match, while the worse CV player receiving lots of flak. This in turn left only the most hardcore CV players picking up the class, leaving the DDs off their leashes to create a gameplay style that might not have been intended. Thus here we are, with DD captains who have over the years adopted a certain gameplay style while CVs were mostly absend from the game, encountering CVs in almost every game they play, making the big question give rise: Do DDs have to adjust tactics and, as a consequence to that, do all the othe classes have to use other tactics to win the battle? Or is the game we have been playing moat of the time these last years the WoWS experience we want and need, which is getting broken by CV implementation? Again, I'm not bias to any side of the discussion, just want an honest look at the situation. So, I think we can all get behind the latter side of the issue, as we have all been playing the game this way ever since the decline of CV appearances in the game. So I won't have elaborate the positive points of that way of playing. DD players like to play the old ways otherwise they wouldn't play the class for so long. It's a fair thought that with the new CVs, the old way to play DDs will be in danger if CVs are here to stay. So we all can get that point of view, right? Right. Thus, let us (with a neutral and honest viewpoint!! I stress this a lot!) look at the former main question, where DDs have to adopt another way of playing the game. What would that game look like? Well, for one, they can't rush to the flag and try to capture it the way they did before without getting spotted by scout oriented CVs (unless CVs might be getting a delay in the first launch of heir planes). To protect themselves, DDs have to adopt a more realistic type of gameplay, staying near other classes to benefit of their AA support more. This also has consequences for overall gameplay. Cruisers and DDs will have to work more in tandem with eachother and have less chance to go lone wolf, just like they used to do in real life. So teamplay is getting more important for both the survival of the DD as capturing flags. Now as Cruisers have to work together with DDs to capture flags, the team with the more supporting BBs will be having the best chances of succeeding in doing so. So in supporting DDs with AA cover and supporting cruisers in capturing flags it's the team that works together the best that takes over flags instead of the best DD. Going at stuff solo will now most of the time be punished by hawkeyed CVs preying on lone ships. Does that mean DDs have lost their worth in battles? Not at all imo. Most DDs were already excellent gunboats which were using their guns 90% of the time anyways, apart from the Shima line. Giving support fire instead of being the main target has been the most healthy situation of DDs anyways. And old traits of DDs are, while reduced in potency, still very much there: 8+ km torps of those that carry them are still deadly and useful, they are still hard to track with their low air detectability and are still quite manouverable, making them hard to hit while under cover of friendly AA. And with only 1 squadron per CV in the air, taking the right oppertunity to make your move is still an option. TL;DR: You are just not that invulnerable anymore in the stealth department while in close proximity of planes plus CVs have better anti DD weaponry, thus you have to rely on your team more. Is that a bad thing? If you are set in the old ways and love the lone wolf gameplay, you are going to have a much harder time, yes. If you can adapt, play more carefully and use your team more, then it's not a bad thing. I might even dare to say that if people would start to play the new game and tried to counter CVs as intended (stick together more, use AA bubbles to support and be supported, attack caps as a tight group), the game would be all the better for it if played correctly. The game has changed, no doubt about it. The DD's strength, between radar and being mostly gunboats, has only been reeled in a bit. If it has been reeled in too much, that is for everyone themselves to decide.
  13. FukushuNL

    A possible solution to make CVs more welcome in the game

    So? Unicums always will drive circles around newer players or those that can't get to grips with the gameplay. Bad cruisers will broadside, bad DDs will fail to torp correctly, bad BBs will do everything bad BBs do and Unicums will rule the game. But after 2 days, you can't really tell which players will git gud and which will keep on failing, right? So, you got to grips with the new gameplay fast. Good for you. Not everyone is like you. I do agree that fully AA specced AA kings like Atlanta, Kii, etc do very crappy against planes. I do think people using AA in smoke and giving themselves away is an error on their side. They just have to learn to use P while in smoke.
  14. FukushuNL

    A possible solution to make CVs more welcome in the game

    You can still steer your ship in position while controlling your planes via the minimap. Yes, the versatility(= power) of the CV was n I don't think two days in, while the majority of the playerbase still has to figure out the gameplay, you can make that assessment. We know for a fact that the rts managing of multiple planes gave the CV player too much power over the game AND had a very high skill ceiling, making it a too large step for people to make worth the time invested. Now, flying through openings in flak will take some practise to get it right, but over time, I believe way more people can learn the skills necessary to fly through flak than managing 4-5 squadrons, learning to cross drop, etc. But before that you gotta give them more than 2 days to learn it. THe counterplay to a CV will always be a tough one. On this point I have not enough specifics to clearly give an answer either way or what should be done to fix it. I do believe that whatever gives AA ships reason to cover others, or people to sail together more, is a positive thing. (Not that I aprove more lemmingtrains. Planes already reached the cap in 99% of the matches in the old days too, though then they had multiple squadrons to contest multiple caps and spotting multiple DDs This sounds a lot like "I can't get it to work, so it sucks" Yes it takes skill, yes it's hard to manouver through the flak (AA ain't there for random funny effects. They are protecting the player you are trying to damage), they can fix the dive-bomb recticle easy and dropping stuff takes a bit of experience, just like torping in ships. Also, DDs got spotted in the old style continuously whithout any counter apart from smoke too. Nothing's changed there. It's funny how there are lots of people that say CV gameplay is too easy as flak is easily dodgable and another group yelling CV gameplay is too hard to master and will scare of people. Your situation only is correct for the matches where the other CV actually tried to defend it's DDs from getting spotted and untill the better CV or the one with the better fighters killed off the other CV's fighter. Then it was spotting heaven for the one with the fighters. plus in the old days, CVs could use a spare squadron to keep a DD permaspotted while they went on killing the rest of the enemy with what they had left.
  15. FukushuNL

    Lunar New Year

    Why would you do the follow up Arsnal bundles, apart from the money it could, might, possibly, but not probably, make? 8888 dubloons for 1 container with a crappier Kutuzov, a captain and 3 crates was interesting, but having to spend 17000 dubloons first on rubbish pottery stuff is a crappy decision. At least you made the decision to spend doubloons for me :)