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  1. FukushuNL

    If you uninstalled, leave a comment

    I have quit like a few months ago. WG keeps on screwing and ffing their customers and I can't blame them. I mean seriously, everyone just takes what WG gives to them hard and open up wide to receive it. If your playerbase just loves what you give to them and takes it so willingly, why would you, as a company that readily wants to give it to them hard, change anything. I for one don't like how WG treats me as both a customer and part of their community and to show them I uninstalled. I do like to come sculking around from time to time, but mostly out of habit and because better F-UP entertainment than WG screwing their customers is hard to find. But then, most of these people seem to secrectly love what WG does to them and the game as otherwise you would think they would leave the game too after EVERYTHING that happened last years, including the CC walkout. But then the CC walkout was fake also, because most of them still support WG by making the same content as they did before, instead of just supporting one of the millions of other games on the market. So yeah, loved what the game was, what its potentially could be, but I do not support it anymore in any way, just love to watch as people keep fooling themselves thinking things will get better, otherwise enjoying watching other people get spanked by WG. Call it a kink.
  2. FukushuNL

    On respect and CMs, Support staff, etc.

    That is exactly what's up. It's just bad that the CMs and staff are geyting in between everything. But instead of the company dragging them out of the way, they blame us for hurting their Community Team with our harsh and angered words. In my company, if somebody is angry about something that is beyond my control, my boss steps in, because he is the responsible person and the onpy one able to handle the issue. So why do the people responsible for all the problems we have faced keep hiding behind company people that haven't got the authority nor the responsibility to handle the issues?
  3. >>>Please be aware: I wrote this while being calm, being in complete control of my senses and treating everyone fairly.<<< Recently, Wargaming is trying to sus the recent fires with a hightend amount of posts "apologizing" and "explaining" their how's, why's and when's, etc. One thing that consistently passes the revue is this: "Please be respectful towards our Comminty Staff and treat them fairly when communicating your problems via forums, tickets, Twitch chats, etc. Communicating your issues calmly and with respect towards these people and in a reasoned and constructive way will let you be heard much faster". In other words, we as receivers of WG's unfair treatment, getting continuously ignored by the whole of the Wargaming staff and seeing the game getting reduced to a gambling house with a naval side game, have actively and unprovocatively been raising our voice and been directing our anger towards Wargamings first line of communication, so to speak. I am and have been a first line of communication for my company for many years and I understand what WG is telling us and I also do not condone harrasment of those that are the Mouth and Ears of the company. Let that be known! Now listen well, Wargaming decision makers, as this is not how the current situation is. The current situation is that literal years continuous reasoned and constructive feedback from both casual players as myself as well as the most esteemed, knowledgeable and loved members of our community (mine as well as yours) like Little White Mouse, your customers and playerbase, has been ignored, thrown to the dirt and walked across. Never ever has our communication been acknowledged, let alone meant anything for the big changes made to the game (Dockworks, lootboxes, CVs, Submarines, secondary ships, gimmicks, maps, opperations and the list goes on and on), except maybe the Research Bureau. Instead, you used your Community Managers to reflect and deflect the issues while those that make the decisions( and have the power to decide over the Community team's future) are safely sitting behind these people not putting their behinds on the line. Now the community's capacity of BS stuff that you have tried to stuff through their neck has reached its limit and we are where we are now. And again you use your Community Managers to bring us "apologies" and "explanations" in which you clearly indicate you know you f'ed up. I paraphrased those two key words and the company has not properly apologized and acknowledged any of the real mistakes it has made and the explanations only tell us that how you handled the scams was wrong and you are sorry they were so obvious. It should be obvious that what you are doing now is just adding oil to a housefire instead of douzing the flames. And who do you send in to pour said oil? Not the persons responsible for the decision makers, not the finance team that came up with lootboxes, not the team that has been implementing Subs and CVs into the game, no, Wargaming uses their Community Managers to catch the obvious flak the community wants to shoot at the company, preferably against those that are responsible for all these huge mistakes that made the game worse and now unnofficially renamed the company to Wargambling. To make a long story short, us community members don't want to hurt the Community Managers and the rest of the community team. I don't have any beef with them, apart from them just parroting the umphteened lie the company tells them to deliver to us, but I find that rather sad than that it makes me angry. Giving them the advantage of the doubt, I always imagine they sit in this situation, having to do this work, sitting between wall and ship and escaping it is near impossible. Finding a new job, maybe having to move away because of it, thngs are not that easy. But the only lines of 1 on 1 communication the company give us are the Community Managers and the rest of the Community Team, even in the situation we are in now, while in these situations those that make the decisions should come to the foreground and catch the flak which was rightfully theirs to catch. It's like you are putting pedestrians on your streets and telling us car drivers not to hit them because they are fragile and and should be extra protected becaue of that, instead of just getting them off the street and out of the "line of fire"/harms way for something they do not bear responsibility. I don't mind getting called out of something I am responsible for, but in this case I have to turn your warning/advice around and stop using your Community personel as shield to tell us your "apologies" and "explanations" as a means to quiet down your community, letting us feel shame for misstreating the Community personel while you put them in harm's way to solve your problems. If you, directors and decision makers, come to us yourselves to come clean and really explain everything and getting in discussions with us about the current state of business, there is no need for us to direct our anger through the Community Team to get through to you. And yes, the BS-o-meter is far past the point Community Team members should be a viable option for a regular company to be a reasonable source to use to handle these issues. That was around the Puerto Ricco incident. If you have to state in every document that we have to be kind and respectful towards Community Team members, it's time to step in yourself. Kindly and respectfully, a concerned captain that loves the game. P.s. Every word in this post is meant 100%. Also that I do not condone hurting Community Team members. That also means that you, the member of the Community Team, are not meant to be treated by the company as a continuous shield every time the company does something huge THEY have to apologise for. Seeing as you all have to put your name under all those apology letters you keep on sending us after every incident, I take it you are clever enough to understand what your decision makers are doing to their community and to the game. We, the community are not putting you up as scapegoats for the people that are actually responsible for every incident that led us to this point. You can agree to continu to be the bearer of bad news and useless apologies, but I can not imagine that it is your task to bear the responsibilities of the decision makers in your company and having to go through all of this as a job assignment on your contract. There has to be laws and regulations that gives you the ability to step away from these things when things have escalated to these heights, unles you choose to be in that spot yourself. Otherwise there have to be some kind of personel protection law. Again, I, and I reckon most of the community members, don't have nor want any beef with you if we can avoid it. You are just the messenger and we get nothing out of complaining to you. But you do keep on being the only way we can communicate with your company and you do keep on ignoring all the sensitive points we as a community try to address. Please, stop being the one that stands in the way of all the flak. You have done enough and to be honest, we rather look at you as allies than as the hencemen of Wargambling. I do.
  4. @YabbaCoe Server stats show Subs being played: WG assumes people are happy with subs. Can just as well be played to test subs or to check out if people's fears are true relating Sub gameplay and counterplay. Forum feedback: literally telling WG word for word "WE DON'T WANT SUBS!!!". Can't get any clearer. And what does WG do? Go with the first option, because that can be interpreted positively, so you all can come to Twitch, Reddit and the forums telling us people like subs. Have you spoken to them personally, asking them why they play subs? No. So WG is just guessing, interpreting and assuming. And all that while the places where you get actual, non missinterpretable feedback from (forums, reddit, twitch, CCs) you just ignore because we tell you what's really up. But that is just the same as with communication within your company and to the outside. The masses are fine with your communications, because none of them read or listen to any. So you use the masses as a measuring pole to how good your communication is. You don't hear them complain, so all is good. Sure, those that really bother with your game, the vocal minority, says your communication is crap, but that being a minority, what do they know, right? Instead of bothering with subs, shouldn't your whole company not be focussed on restoring the last bit of credibility it can restore? Maybe instead of promising to discuss current situations with LWM and the rest of the community, but then banning/ignoring them, this time really start a stream, shut up while people ask relevant questions and honestly answer them instead of useless nonsense streams. But why would the company care, people are still playing your game and buying whatever you dump in the store.It really frustrates me the company can do all this crap, walk away like nothing is happening, have it's community team tell a few BS nonsense lines for those that care, and still have the majority start up the game and buy up the newest pixels from the store.
  5. FukushuNL

    and again EU player got middle finger from WG

    Indeed, the whole game is getting undermined by WG ffed up monetization tactics, and people still walking through the minefield that has become of WoWs complaining about those kinds of things instead of just GTFO of there.
  6. So many potential people that could give the middlefinger to WG, so many meek sheep that happily keep on providing WG with enough reasons not to change one bit. Because of you stats say nothing is wrong with tbis game. I suggest you buy some more lootboxes. Don't forget the Missouri lootboxes arriving soon.
  7. And thus WG dictatorship and censorship keeps on going. If only more of them would stop playing. Doing anything that keeps this game alive is a disservice to gamers and gaming alike. I don't get it. Everyone that even infrequently is visiting these forums know what WG is and what they do. Why do people still play this game? Why isn't everyone here going on a strike for a couple of months? What does WG have to do before the majority of these forumgoers get really angry and turn their backs on WG?
  8. FukushuNL

    A week has passed.

    Of course nothing changes. -CCs leaving played right in WG's hands, as they want to introduce the affiliates program and get rid of the CC program. -most people rather keep on playing and keeping the servers full than see what happens when WG has empty servers for a month. Why? Because their own enjoyment goes above showing WG where the power lies, which I got wrong and seemingly fully lies in WG's hands... -...a fact that, looking at the forum, is even more supported by the fact people still have interests in lootboxes and WG other tricks and schemes. Do you hear those voices saying "WG is toxic, scandalously predatory and lieing towards their customers they treat as mindless cash cows" while sailing their freshly bought premium ship after having bought another set of lootboxes?
  9. FukushuNL

    Out Of Curiosity (returning players)

    It will be good for WG to know throwing out free T9 ships makes players come back to the game even after how they continuously treat their playerbase and volunteers. Even when every gaming news outlet is talking about how toxic and scandalous the company is, WG keeps on trying to screw everyone over, but players don't care, cause "no matter how drunk and abusive Papa WG is, if he brings presents, all is forgiven". "But it's just a free ship, not like I am going to support WG...." Blegh....
  10. FukushuNL

    @WG Already business as usual?

    You are joking about this, but I heard they were indeed working on a new program that would be a replacement for the CC program that wasn't exactly what they wanted anymore. I heard it from one or two of the ex CCs during their vids. Dunno if it was Jingles or others.
  11. This is a quote from Mademoisail in that topic: "I am talking to the NA team members who will be involved in the stream tomorrow. We are all on the same page that no one gets banned for bringing up the subject. Bans only start happening when people are disrespectful and spam. The reason we are planning this stream is because we want to talk to you guys and clarify everything we can. " I really wonder if they are going to keep to that. LWM has quite a few bullitpoints chalked up earlier in that topic. I am afraid that it will be just another forgetable stream with dodgy non-answers, because otherwise they really have to hang everything out to dry or as they can say so nicely here in the Netherlands "with their buttocks exposed". Which translates quite awkwardly, I must say :) But "everything we can" prolly roughly translates to "nothing at all".
  12. FukushuNL

    Questions related to Missouri comeback and ways to buy it

    Don't. Please, just don't. Don't let WG know that even though they try their most ffed up monetization schemes, there are still people that fall for it. If you really want the Missouri for emotional values, buy a model kit and build it yourself. It's fun, it's probably just as pricy and you got the model for all times. If you want the ship for the money making, it's not worth it over other T9 specials. Better have a ship you are really good at to earn the moneyz.
  13. FukushuNL

    WG code for "We f***** up"

    The fact that in these tiems you even considered openingyour wallet for WG felt like a bullet flying right through my brain. Brrrrrr, so scary...
  14. FukushuNL

    WG code for "We f***** up"

    So adding CVs to CB triggers everyone to play smoke cruisers and now they are banning the smoke cruisers to "get rid of the problem"? Is this a correct assumption? If so, that's like shining a flashlight in someone's face, who covers his eyes with his/her hands and to get rid of the problem, you peel away his/her fingers instead of just turning of the flashlight.
  15. What's worse is playing this game and expecting good things to happen. WG is a shitshow and they are doing nothing good for their creation. Those random skins are just another scam in a long line of scams and it is far from the worst one and by far the most obvious one. WG adores money, like hell they going to make it so that you get the right camo when there is a chance to get more money out of you when you get camos for ships you don't own. Same as sunk cost fallacy or something like that.