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  1. What game have you been playing the last couple of years? xD The WoWS I've played is doing the same thing for over 30+ time with each individual ship (exluding the lower tier ships) before moving over to the next ship and doing the same thing. Then I did the same with the max tier ship or went back to a lower tier and did the same thing I did when I was passing through that ship on my way to max tier. There is almost no grindier game than wows. The name of the game should be World of Grinding Warships. Do I mind? No. But don't go bitching about grinding in games or grinding in new added content when taking the time and effort to play World of Warships xD. "im not suprised they put op or very strong ships behind the grindwall to justify a poor system." EVERY ship in this game is locked behind a grindwall if you don't want to spend your cash to get them.
  2. tedious? Lol, tedious? You are playing a game where you grind and grind and grind to get to T10 ships, then grind, grind, grind the same ship to get legendary modules, then grind, grind, grind the same ships to get loot from events, mostly ships. And now they added a way to grind, grind, grind the same ships for loot, especially ships, and everybody is losing their mind xD
  3. No, again you give the RC game mechanic the blame for a ship that could be replaced with any other ship in the game. What you can buy with the currency you get for using the RC is in the same catagory as the other currencies (fxp, gold, coal, steel). So it could have been something in the direction of Krashny Krim or Roma. So the price isn't an intricate part of the mechanic that makes up the RC. That in contradiction to the buffing of ships in the lines you regrinded, which WAS an intricate part of the system. You aren't blaming the clan battles and ranked battle game mechanics being crap because the rewards for the currencies you get for playing them are stronger than lots of other ships in the game, right? So why say the regrinding mechanic is crap BECAUSE you get OP ships for the currency you get from using the RC? The RC isn't the reason for the OP ships, it's those unbalanced ships put in the RC store by WG instead of in the fxp store or the steel store or the coal store. So stop saying RC is unbalanced because the mechanic is perfectly fine. The loot is unbalanced, not the gameplay mechanic. If you call regrinding a line a disappointingly transparant credit/time/exp sink, you should really think about why you are playing Wows in the first place. This whole game is build up as a major time/rl credit sink. The standard gameplay grind/rotation of shooting ships, uptiering and getting new ships by using your growing ship collection is exactly what you are discribing in your post just now. Apart from grinding a new line for new ships, what do you do in ranked? Using your collection of ships to play the same grind over and over to collect currency for a few new ships. Clan battle? Same. Naval battle? The exact same? French/russian/brittish container event? Exactly the same. Working on your campaigns? Still the same thing. This new Research Center? Guess what? :O You are using ships that you have grinded for and played a dozen times already to farm currency for new ships. Why? Because you do that with every single event, gameplay mechanic, etc (apart from halloween, april fools, etc where you indeed play with different ships and do some really different style games). Why? Because that's what this game is: one big grindfest filled with lots of exp, credits, money and most of all time sinks. It's a lot of different ships on a handfull of maps doing the same thing over and over and over and over. You have been playing the wrong game if you don't like that. Only the RC is more explicit in its use of old content to get new content in players' hands. So? Everyone is using old content. The RC only gives you the opportunity to do so via a specific ruleset and in exchange gives you special loot as a reward for playing the game a certain way. Just like clan battle, ranked, events, campaigns etc, rewards you with stuff for playing the same old gameplay in a specific way.
  4. That's not the subject of this thread. The balance of the reward ship has nothing to do with the RC as a concept. And if people want to play their silver ships as it is now, nothing will be keeping them from doing so and forget the RC even exist. The RC is only there to play the game in a different way and bring new rewards with it. You won't get stronger or see more of the game just by using the RC capabilities. It's the rewards that are unbalanced, which I agree to, but then the balance of some of the fxp/steel/coal ships aren't that great either. So your issue is ship balancing, not the RC.
  5. This. I don't understand the negativity surrounding the research bureau. I could understand the issues surrounding the old naval training centre buffs, but this is just new endgame content. Like what a new raid dungeon (including new loot) would be for max level characters with up to date gear in an mmorpg. You got everything, so now you get to put some more time in the game progressing towards new loot. My situation is that I got 3 T10s now (Mino, Daring, Moskva), a handfull of T9s, a few T8s and a lot of premiums spread over all levels. With a few silver ships I adore, I got 78 ships atm. I love to play all tiers, depending on my mood. So, what's my opinion on this game mode with the ships I have in port? I for one got a lot of Gold ships I love playing, so there is always something interesting for me to play. I had a lot of fun playing through the RN DD and Cruiser lines, so I wouldn't mind experiencing danae, Caledon, Leander, Fiji, Neptune, Jervis, Jutland and Lightning again. Moskva's line was cool too, but I think I will leave her out of this. Then I got Iowa, Kita and Izumo as the closest to completion, from which I had a lot of fun with the US BBs, mid tier IJN BBs and high tier IJN DD gunboats. So I'll prolly leave Yama and Haru out of the RC. So that's 3 lines I'd like to redo just for being able to play those great lower tier ships. Taking in account WG upped the amount of T10s needed to 5, this system is most certainly aimed at people in the endgame position of this game. Plus you could grind out the same line again and again and again and again without losing out on anything. The seasonal 2 times bonus only counts towards the first line you grind per season and if you regrind the same line again, you get the same amount of tokens. You can also regrind your old lines with your old captains. I really can't see the downside of the research center. It's optional endgame content that let's me replay my favorite lines with a reason while I lose none of the progress of the other lines and in the end I get to trade in the currency I got for having fun with older content for new ships or literally boatloads of fxp. No p2w, no unbalancing the game (more than it did before, talking about T10 players in low tier matches), nothing that couldn't be done before. I see only a win here and WGs most logical decision made in years. A reason to play old content for new loot without disrupting the rest of the game in any way and with the most minimal of sacreficing: giving up only 1 T10, which you have at least 5 of and will be regrinding again if you made the decision to use the RC instead of grinding a new line. Plus you know how to play the old line and that (next to having a 14+ captain) will make it that much faster.
  6. FukushuNL

    Think they will Remove Friendly Fire ?

    Ah, another Sun-style discussion where when you are wrong you are using some crazy logic and reasoning to try and omit the point in question. What was the topic of that other discussion where you used those same tactics? Well, in this case, the answer is: DON'T throw torps from the second or third line if there is a chance someone might catch them and if you don't want to TK. No one is actively steering towards friendly torps but there are a lot of people that for some reason or another lose contact with what happens in their surroundings. And even if you can discuss how much one should keep his or her surroundings in check, one should never be worried to be able to sail into friendly torpedos, so friendlies should never produce a scenario where one could sail into a friendly torpedo. Yoshinos, asashios and shimas should imo keep track of their torpedos the whole time they are in the water to noticify friendlies if they get too close. It's not that when you drop your 20 km deathtraps, they are other people's responsibility. Your torpedos, your responsiblity.
  7. FukushuNL

    Submarines: the next step.

    My clan name Bodemcampers translates to something akin seafloor campers, just so at least we can say it's in our name if we do so too ;)
  8. FukushuNL

    Rewards Are on the Way – Stream Incoming!

    Why do EU codes work for US and Asia, but not the other way around?
  9. FukushuNL

    Do you want submarines in the game?

    Neh, simply because the submarine event wasn'tthat interesting from a gameplay standpoint for me.
  10. Got Murmansk as it was like 6 euro and it looked like a fun little ship. Should've prolly gone for De Grasse too. Next time, Gadget. Next time.
  11. Well, that is the thing. Might be a good ship, but I'm not interested. I got Massa because I thought she'd be interesting as I love NC to bits and love secundaries. And even though people were quite negative about Roma, I couldn't NOT buy her. But I got no spark with Gascogne, nvm her ratings and stats. She's just not interesting for me.
  12. Agreed. Was tempted, as I heard good stories about her, but I'm not interested enough in her to buy her. Thanks for the tip, though.
  13. WG has been shooting themselves in their leg with this sales for me personally adding these random containers to ships. Everytime there is a ship I'm interested in, it comes with these bloody random containers full of possible stuff I'm not interested in. Yesterday in was Vanguard, today it's Duca. If they just had made it an optional something instead of forcing one of the two ships on sale with those containers. Ah well, next year.
  14. I like Varere and Goito. And I don't really care either way so if you want it changed, fine by me.
  15. FukushuNL

    Funny and sad game situations shown with map screenshots.

    KGV is a great ship, love how you decided the battle with a ram and your nick is awesome :)