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  1. Hey WG development team, this is 2 years since I stopped playing the game. It was my favourite one and I spent really a lot of money on it. I stopped when you started changing values for premium ships, nerfing destroyers was the turning point since I spent ages grinding Blyskawica's captain to 19 skills to shot from stealth. Year passed and I gave a game another try.. played a few battles.. even bought another premium ships which arrived in a meantime.. but after about 3 or 4 battles I uninstalled a game again... another year passed.. I gave another try, noticed you nerfed even more premium ships I had .. after a couple of battles I uninstalled the game again. You told in ur video you are happy and listen to feedback and you are heading into right direction.. I think you are not. It is a big shame since I really wanted to go back to WoWs... but there is nothing in game to keep me playing.. just noticed that ships turned into stupid monsters with weird camos .. the game doesnt felt like sea battles with super huge and powerfull ships.. but like playing toys in a bath. Imo this is not a good direction. It is a really big shame there is still no reason for me to go back to this game. I am even loosing will to give it another try, just checking on your portal is there anything worth to give it another chance.. currently checking ur news every few months... but soon I will not even check ur webpage. I feel sorry for you as imo opinion you are going down with ur game and it is a big shame. Was hoping for submarines.. it would be something to give it another try and even buy another premium one.. but .. as I see still didnt happen. U stucked and turning around.. with World progressing it means u are heading backwards. It is a big shame.. hope at the end of this year you will make anything to encourage me to install ur game for another try.. or at least check the webpage. Wish u all the best in 2019 hoping you are gonna wake up finally.
  2. Dear WG. Finally I have Missouri, it think it was a great idea to add t9 ship for free XP,. You should give bonus/reward to someone who had that idea. Trust me, I know what I am talking about, I work in game industry since 15 years already. About Missouri. I spent really over 6 months (was grinding free XP before) to grind free XP and also spent real money on last weekend free XP discount sale just to get it finally. The problem is..since I have it I have no reason to play wows now. Please consider adding next tier 9 ship to grind for free XP or something like that. It really works, keeps people playing and encourage new to play.It means that you also make money on it cause I am sure a lot of people buy free XP just to get that ship .. especially at the end when not much grinding left. It is also great reason to earn free XP at all. So in my opinion it has almost pros and has no real cons cause that ship is not free at all. As you know it is not easy to get so much free XP so finally it is a great reason to keep playing the game, ranked seasons etc. cause far far away there is a reward you can watch any time in tech tree and put your hand on it one day.WoWs is my favorite game since it was released, please keep up good work, dont break it and make it even better with ideas like that one.Wish you all the best,G.
  3. giebe

    Public Test General Feedback

    Game imo works fine. There were few issues with edge frames when in windowed mode and mouse was highlighting frame. But it wasn't anything special. Was hard to join match.. had 1:1. Loading screen of Trident has weird rock placement at the top on the left side but it who cares ;) There is still issue with geometry flickering on Japanese Destroyer guns. Love watching my ship while playing.. and it hurts my eyes. Shot included. Imo it is worth to add more geometry and make it nicer cause it looks really bad for me. Smoke screen looks like it doesn't work now. Wasn't sure am I in smoke or not. Wasn't dense enough imo. Weather effects are awesome.. felt scared with sounds and music tension when storm was coming .. damn.. never forget that feeling . .was really immersive. So game seems to be still awesome or even better. Love it. It is my favourite since almost year. Good job guys. I am your fan.
  4. giebe

    End of the year in-game contest results

    Thanks guys, especially never ever won anything randomly ..seriously. So very appretiated. Cheers WG.
  5. Hey, my record I am proud of, done with my jap Mutsuki (not upgraded yet) is 2457 dmg and 11058XP. Adding 3 shots, one per screen. Btw. Could you please tell me why Blyskawica is not included into competition? It is my favourite ship? Cheers, G