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  1. You don't have to play it like a BB, but you should play it so you can get the turrets ready in time, which is a part of BBs, because of their slow turret rotation. That's what I meant. Also a quick note. If you don't know WG, then let me tell you. There's a reason why some ships are worse than others. Players will most likely use free xp to skip it, which costs Doubloons, which costs real money. Maybe this could be the reason why the Germans are bad? Who knows. WG is slow in balancing stuff. It took almost until release before WG did anything to balance the Cleveland a bit, and it was OP since Alpha. It has been better than it's now.
  2. If you take a moment and look into this with WG's eyes, then it wont happen. Idk what their goal is, but I feel like the German cruiser line is very weak until you reach tier 8. What we do know is that they're looking at the data they get, so if the German cruisers, and in your case the Yorck, is underpowered, then I don't see why they wont get a buff, as noone would play them, if they're too weak. And this wont happen throughout a day or two. They need time, which could be a month or even more, and then it still isn't certain, if Yorck will get a buff. Until that day happens, then you just need to find the right play style for the ship. I see that you like playing BB's, so for you it shouldn't be hard to adapt to the turret rotation speed. Yes it's veryyyyyy slow, and it can't brawl as other tier 7 cruisers can, but it does have amazing guns. Off-topic: wtf we registered on the same date
  3. tintir

    I am selling most of my ships and guess what....?

    You aren't forced to enjoy the top tiers. It depends on what kind of player you're. If you like fast phased games, then mid-tiers fits you, because the battle length will only extend as you progress up the tiers. However it gets alot more exciting at higher tiers, as you need to do alot more. There's long range engagements, so you can't sleep as you used to. I love all tiers, but I like higher tier gameplay more, as it's the real feeling of WoWs in my opinion.
  4. tintir

    HE was nerfed in last patch?

    Not really. I've noticed HE being alot more useful than AP since the update, but I haven't played that many games since the new update, so I can't confirm. I've only noticed the very poor HE damage for German, which is really bad. 156 pr. hit and 358 for 6 hits... BBs have always been tough, so it's 50/50, if you do damage, even when hitting modules. Hitting the superstructure would be better.
  5. tintir

    Scroll doesn't work

    Did you hover over the modules HUD?
  6. tintir

    Blue line surfing (again)

    I like the idea of WoWp map border. Could be a pretty good idea, and the punishment would be that you can't manoeuvre until you've crossed the line.
  7. tintir

    German Cruiser Feedback

    I've only reached tier 3 so far, but I can say they're good. The worse HE dmg for Dresden is balancing it a bit. Also the different engine sound is nice.
  8. tintir

    Omaha bug still not fixed ? Also Patch notes

    German cruisers and Soviet destroyers aren't from the 5.1 patch, but from patch 5.0.3. 5.1 will come later, where I guess we'll have a common test before release. I don't think anything else was added other than unlocking the 2 lines, but correct me if I'm wrong
  9. Wargaming has come to a road split. They either continue their system with expensive bundles or they keep their promise and enable unified accounts like they did for WoWp. It's pretty easy to understand why they quickly enabled it for WoWp, because it's a failure. I know it's one company and 3 studios, but there's still a connection between the 3 games. Wargaming needs to realize that many players have spent so much money on WoT or WoWp, and they don't have unlimited amount of money. People will leave the games because of this and in the end it'll only be the gamers, that just spend their money to have some more fun, that'll be left and that still won't be many as we all know, that the active playerbase on WoT is decreasing.
  10. I have never really bought much from Wargaming, but I've spent money on WoT. I'm one of them that hopes they'll unify the games like they did with WoWp. I've around 1500 gold waiting to be spent in WoT, which I'm not interested in using in WoT, as I'm not interested in that game. WoWs is a great game, and I've enjoyed it ever since I joined Alpha testing. Cloaking donkey has some good arguments, which makes me think alot more about this situation. I haven't been planning on spending more of my money on World of Warships, as I've paid for the gold in WoT, while I want to use them in WoWs instead. So until that happens, I wont be buying more from Wargaming.
  11. tintir

    Weirdest kill made in a Match

    My funniest kill was a YOLO IJN carrier. Well I don't blame him, they were losing hard, so he decided to YOLO straight into our forces, and didn't even send planes after us, lol.
  12. It's hard to make a proper MM, and I'm not 100 % sure how the MM works. In the end it doesn't really matter how it balances the team. In the end it's how well the players play. If you're on the unfair team, where you're teammates are average players, then you can easily win. You need to remember the concepts of this game. WoWs is a teambased game, so if the enemy team doesn't play properly together, while yours do, then you've a higher chance of winning. Why whine? Did you give up? I've been in a matchup even worse, than what you've described, in my cleveland, and we still managed to pull of a win. Why? Because: 1. We played together. 2. We took it as a challenge. 3. The enemy team didn't play well. 4. We were playing average. While I myself did alot in my cleveland alone. You just need to master your ship, and you can do alot yourself, which could help your team winning.
  13. tintir

    Ranked Battle Feedback

    It's very fun, and a little bit more different: You have a feeling you're playing with players, who atleast know how to play. You see alot more teamwork, and skilled captains can easily lead their team to victory. Matchmaking seems good, though I haven't played many battles yet. In total it just feels better.
  14. tintir

    Problem about torpedo targeting helper..

    From my experience you've to look at the enemy you want to select, when pressing X.
  15. tintir

    Mouse-click problem (game switches to desktop)

    I have kinda the same problem. When I'm firing, then it sometimes wont do anything. No matter how much and how hard I spam my mouse left click button, it wont do anything. I'm also using Windows 10. It doesn't happen in other games.