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  1. i have made a ticket and for a week all their solutions are either not working or require to play the like a run it on a potato pc, while 2 weeks ago i was running it on high settings and directX 11. Their response is to lower the game to directX9 and to graphic settings to low bottom or not enabled ...
  2. tried again WGCheck and the recovery option and restarted the computer but nothing again this happened on my second match ... for me WoWs is literally unplayable :(
  3. hello can you explain us the "FIX" ? cause i had the same issue and later its happening more often, 2 games in a row got my client crashed... I used WGCheck and found an issue, fixed it but i dunno if this will happen again :/ Edit: actually again the same error happened and it was pretty annoying i cant play, do my missions and in general relax :/ so the WGCheck solution never worked actually
  4. hope you come back stronger !
  5. loulaki

    [][FR][EN] garfield001's Mod Collection

    thank you so much, both of you !!!
  6. loulaki

    Are you the Des Moines or the Zao type?

    Hinderburger ! but so far my only tierX ship is Zao and its good for newbs like me. Des Moines, looks like a fragile machine gunner, i bet with tierX Soviet destroyer you get the same feeling .
  7. loulaki

    Event Calendar for October

    what a lazy excuse !!!
  8. ty mate ! please keep the good work and the updates on it
  9. loulaki

    Critical error, unable to extract update

    one more confirm that this work ..! @Marecki75 i renemaed all the related files (they are 3 in total), so i didnt have to download (AGAIN) all the update only the hotfix : ) see you in game : )
  10. loulaki

    Will we ever see a battle in WOWs...

    that sounds horrible idea, anyway you can turn off the GUI by yourself...
  11. loulaki

    Release activities starting on 17/09

    hi, i live in Greece and of course i had no luck to win in any competition.. but when you released the Tirpitz we were unable to get it cause of capital controls. Is there any way to see this ship released for audiences which were unable to reach this ship ? : )
  12. loulaki

    GREEK ships arrived

    i thought he had any skin for Averoff, it builded in Italy for Greece its cconsidered as a heavy cruiser on its era and participated succesfully in many battles from WWI to WWII. The rest ships of Greek navy that era were clones from UK ships and US later...
  13. loulaki

    Character of the Colorado, in a Skin.

    lol that made me laugh xD