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  1. Darky_Madness

    Aircraft Carrier Beta Round 3 - Feedback Thread

    Damn aa on ships sucks. even whit captain specced on aa. you see planes circles you ships and just spam attacks on you and not even defensive aa kills them fast enough.
  2. Darky_Madness

    Ships that need a buff

    2 of these ships are getting Nerfed :D Midway will get less planes. and the orion gets a nerf to i would say give the Shimakaze his old torps back the longer range whit less detection. since there is alot more hydro/radar now. then there was when they got removed.
  3. Darky_Madness

    Uss Black OP as [edited]..

    LoL are Cv not almost exticted
  4. Darky_Madness

    Uss Black OP as [edited]..

    You have no experience your a low tier player. whit a personal rating of 657 less then 80 battles in a dd and NONE at tier 9-10 also your kinda one of the only people that think this ship is not OP everybody else knows its OP because they played against it. our atleast seen video`s of it.
  5. Darky_Madness

    Uss Black OP as [edited]..

    You sir are a idiot.. difference between a kidd and black is alot bigger. then again you have no clue since you do not play higher tiers. you can earn them by spamming the Ranked battles hard enough.. also like other people typed. Radar , Smoke , Good concealment, its alot different then a kidd a kidd cannot Radar you. and also only has 5 torps a black has more. i advice you to respond on stuff you do know about since you a clearly not a high tier player. https://wows-numbers.com/player/547646549,Butterdoll/ also you have less then a 100 matches in a DD.
  6. Darky_Madness

    1st BB overpop, Now DD infestation?

    You ran out of idiots and are playing against smarter people. that know dd mechanics?
  7. Darky_Madness

    Uss Black OP as [edited]..

    if you did not face him. then do not act like a smartass. since you have no clue what you are talking about. and btw the kidd sucks only thing good about the kidd is the AA they can provide. and clearly you have no clue about tier 8 - 9 & 10 since the highest tier you own is a Tier 7 ship
  8. Darky_Madness

    Can you please fix CVs?

    Asking a Cv to send planes towards a Kidd thats asking a cruiser to sit still in front of the yamato guns so he can give you a suprise.
  9. Darky_Madness

    Uss Black OP as [edited]..

    Why break DD gameplay by bringing a dd out that you cannot counter whit a other DD ?? are you guys trying to keep you reputation of bringing broken ships in to the game because right now it looks like it. Baltimore Radar on a DD WTF.
  10. Darky_Madness


    After months of nerfing destroyers and boosting all other ships whit hydro/sonar better accuracy and increased torp spotting. when are Destroyers gonna be balanced again? destroyers cant hide anymore torps are easy detected. think its way to easy to find a dd and kill it now.