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  1. people can't be bothered to read what is in my initial post... well... not gonna even give a thought about joining a half-arsed recruitment posts... :)
  2. thanks for your reply @__EDGE__, but ...
  3. aaaand time to restart my search for a clan...
  4. ax3man


    well if its not found, then why nobody bothered fixing this yet? not trying to start any conspiracy theories or anything. just wondering why there is a "news" link without any news? its not that difficult to spot this problem for WG, but its still not fixed... and i honestly doubt its a hint towards submarines
  5. Thats a lot of bumps u got there ? Here is my "looking for clan" thread (And then forgetting to post the link...)
  6. Updated this thread.Clanless yet again...
  7. Hello to whoever is taking time to read this! All day long i am having one very annoying issue: whenever i start a ranked battle - my game starts lagging like crazy - from 500 to 2000+ ping i never had such an issue before and tried playing random battles - suffered no lag issues, ping was good and no problems at all then i tried ranked again - same issue. i decided that something might be wrong with the server, so i waited from morning until now, tried 1 game - same problem remains. tried to load the support page to submit a ticket, but i cant even do that - while everything else is running smoothly, wg support side is painfully slow to load so i have decided to seek help here. i dont know if the problem is on my end or the server i am not using ANY mods if it was a problem with the server, obviously, i would have found some thread about it already... HELP! :<
  8. that one guy who is actually responsible and bumps the thread every day...
  9. yo, peeps, enough being indecisive - time to look up to the future of yours and apply to this clan RIGHT NOW! ever since this game was launched, i kept on switching clans every few months, because i felt like i do not belong in those either because of communities or because of disliking the way people were led in there, but i feel like my struggle of finding a place to belong to, finally ended - very warm community, lots of activities in-game and off it. even if you feel like requirements are a BIT too high, you could still give it a try - who knows what will happen best of luck and i hope to see you with [MIRAI] tag!
  10. ax3man

    Suggestions thread

    hello everyone! i will be honest here: i rarely visit forums, but i did try to find anything related to what i am about to suggest, and could not find anything in advance: forgive me for all misspellings and please correct me where it is needed so, i was just driving my truck around and a though struck me unexpectedly: we all know how much effort was given by devs to operations, and at least for me, it really pains to see how people just play them until they get 5 stars and then completely forget about them... recently some missions were introduced to motivate people to replay operations and that might have some effect, but i doubt its much :< what i would like to suggest is something that kind of could be seen in kantai collection: A division starts at one random operation, when it gets cleared, they would get to choose one of few options, without getting clear indications on which operations would follow after either of choices the objective would be to clear certain amount of operations or reach certain operation that would give some extra reward like a super container all other operations could reward one random container maybe? just an example - rewards are not for me to decide on; someone would choose their desired ship and then invite friends or use matchmaker to get matched with random players ship of the commander of the division would be set as flagship and would not be allowed to get changed(gonna talk about it more, later on) additional members would get to choose their ships between operations now the interesting part is that ships get damaged after each operation, they can get repaired - either auto or with something as a consumable, but the ones that get sunk during operations, would not be able to continue in between the operations, the flagship would get the choice to ask for reinforcements - either new players or same players with different ship, but that choice would be limited to only 2 or 3 uses i am sure this idea could be expanded into much more than what i wrote just now, so please dont hold back on your ideas. that is all for now. i hope you guys like this idea as much as i do :>
  11. hush! dont tell anyone in my current clan please but to be honest, things finally started moving, so i was a bit too hasty with that topic update. i guess i will stay in DAVY for a bit longer :>
  12. still looking for a clan in which i could actually PARTICIPATE in clan battles... :s
  13. yo! i have sent an application to join the clan. hopefully i meet the minimum requirements. all i want is to play some clan battles :| and have someone to div up with, who isnt playing only T10 :>