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  1. hellbolt

    puerto rico

    Pretty poor credit making potential 102 k damage and just 140 k credits? Even without prem and buffs T8 premiums are getting better amounts.
  2. hellbolt

    Hindenburg / Roon nose weakspot

    Check armor layout of Hipper at T8 - it has general armor of 27 mm and frontal lower plate at 40 mm. The 40 mm lower front will change a lot - angling and showing front to the enemy will not get you citadelled anyway / will make it more difficult. As mentionned - Hindi and Roon are more like pocket BB's. They cannot outmanouver salvos that easily. Proposing it since these CA's are getting powercreeped slowly - this might keep them operational for a while.
  3. hellbolt

    Yorck - German VII tier ultimate floating disaster

    Not a bad ship if played properly - however - that armor should be slightly improved - especially frontal one. Would be nice preparation phase for Hipper at T8 which has 27 mm general and lower plate at 40 mm. At T7 german CA front should have 25 mm and lower front plate around 30 mm. Otherwise it gets penned from every direction even at the same tier.
  4. hellbolt

    Großer Kurfürst is worthless

    WG actually made life more difficult for Bismarck-to GK BB's after changing secondaries so they aim at citadel now. What is more - they are firing HE only so at close ranges are not that effective as before against armored targets. The armour of this ship is great - there is no problem with dealing with 457 mm+ guns at close / mid ranges. When DD sees you and you see it - it usually runs before secondaries reach it.
  5. hellbolt

    German battleships state

    Before firing salvo from my GK i usually close my eyes after drinking beer - last time citadelled Smolensk from 20km this way :)
  6. No time to complete it. I prefer real life ;) Did 1, maybe i will do second since i accidentally got 30 days of prem from Santa container. ;)
  7. hellbolt

    Shipyard & Puerto Rico

    Directive 1 is somehow achievable, same as 2 with some more grind - but the rest - pure madness. Guys getting this amount of Exp and credits would unlock several regular T10 ships from the tree. Less drinking in the office - then the ideas like this one will not appear anymore.
  8. hellbolt

    German battleships state

    The problem with german BB's is consistency of the main guns - Armor is good, AA is generally weaker but the main guns are horrible and even at close ranges they are missing the target. You cannot even hit the barn when shooting from inside :)
  9. hellbolt

    Hindenburg / Roon nose weakspot

    This is the problem mentionned - increasing number of BB's having 429+ mm guns. Hindenburgs HE is rather weak which in connection to rather flat trajectory and high velocity of the shells makes it hard to for example loob over the hills, rather slow speed makes it harder to fight in open water. This basic cruiser logic gives for example 40 mm frontal plating in the entire lower nose for Italian cruisers (Venezia) and not mentionning Moskva... I am not talking about giving entire nose covered by 40 mm but just this one plate so this will be much more consistent in playing (BB's will have to aim more since Hindi is more like BB size).
  10. hellbolt

    German battleships state

    Can;t show the player - i am not following this. Based on own Exp - no matter how good you are if the team fails you also go down. Situation of single player carry happen but they are not the rule.
  11. hellbolt

    German battleships state

    Winrate is the factor based more on team than single ship. Actually HE on German BB's is among the weakest :) It is also that Scharnhorst is very popular among advanced players due to the fact that this ship actually existed. For sure german BB guns where not that inaccurate as in game ;)
  12. hellbolt

    German battleships state

    This is sorted just based on Win rate - other factors are more like middle / lower middle. Survivability is among the lowest, spot damage average, hit ratio average, damage is lower average - remeber that guns in this ship have to be supported by torpedoes which are short ranged so it has to get close - that's why survivability is very low.
  13. hellbolt

    German battleships state

    I'd say Scharnhorst and GK should receive accuracy buff - since the guns on Scharnhorst are small caliber but the dispersion is horrible. It is hard to hit even close target. GK is different topic - hitting something is more like starting lottery roll every salvo.
  14. hellbolt

    Hindenburg / Roon nose weakspot

    Actually this is becoming obvious weakspot just like "E75 lowerplate" in the WOT which due to implementation of new stronger ships has to be mitigated somehow. Everyone is shooting there and also everyone knows that side section of the ship is generally well protected. Looking at the layout this 27 mm is placed somehow separately from the rest of the bow section. Fixing this would make this ship the actual brawler. Currently it is very situational and due to plague of smolensks rather far distance shooter.
  15. hellbolt

    Hindenburg / Roon nose weakspot

    Haven't found this topic but i think it is worth taking up since a lot of 457 mm BB's are coming into game. Some people say german high tier CA are well armored more like pocket battleships but there is small problem with this. When looking at armor layout in game there is massive weakspot of these ships on the nose - just 27 mm of armor which will get easly ovematched by any BB with guns over 429 mm (so Republique, Kremlin, Ohio, Yamato, Georgia, Thunderer etc.). Shortly behind the nose there is 40 mm plate starting until midships where values reach out over 100 mm. Why the frontal spot is left like this? Been playing both these ships and i was easly overmatched via the nose and although turtleback - citadels were counted through the front. These cruisers are as big as some BB's so manouvering with them is rather tougher business and proper angling is key but it is impossible when the ship gets overmatched anyway. Shouldn't this 40 mm plate go through the entire nose to provide at least some protection against more and more high caliber guns entering the game? There are ships having this - like new italian cruisers or soviet ones.