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  1. it3llig3nc3

    Join Battle bug

    While it's only a game it is usually better not to mess with the live product during peak hours... now it's trouble over trouble. good news is you guys provide top quality communication here. (unfortunately not on the www portal)
  2. it3llig3nc3

    Future Plans for Aircraft Carriers

    Point 1 - long awaited and community requested - since the beta tests. Good that DEVs are giving in to common sense Point 2 - Haven't heard of this as a big issue, but may have missed something. Not significant for me. Point 3 - Well, aircraft-DD interaction looks like a huge issue in the community. let's hope this addresses some pain, however this is just a quick fix. This subject needs far more attention. Point 4 - this should have been done much earlier, and I'm afraid won't be without issues in the future. You should give control over the CV at any time until you can program a reasonable BOT! (regardless of SubOctavian does not believe in two avatar system, but as long as autopilot malfunctions, two avatar manual mode is still better) Point 5 - that's nice. However I would have done it differently. I would have had the AI CV captain to learn from real players and improve itself from the get go. That way AI would be far more efficient... IT technology exists to do that in these days. You lost a lot of time by missing out on self-learning datamining technologies... Point 6 - Yes why talk about details (sarcasm) as you may get valuable feedback from community... But ever since beta tests community argues for more human interaction in plane vs. ship AA. Let's hope it happens now. Point 7 - I never understood the rewards system anyways, so it does not matter for me now either.
  3. it3llig3nc3

    Announcing SKIPPER

    anything happened? :) just curious if there is an extra joke there or they sign you up for some dating site? :)
  4. it3llig3nc3

    Announcing SKIPPER

    This.... well this was hilarious. Good job WG for fool's day. (and I'm saddened by how many of the playerbase does not have a sense of humor...) BTW: did anyone was brave enough to sign up for the offer by pressing the GET SKIPPER PLUS+ button?
  5. it3llig3nc3

    [PSA] |Crown -> Florin| conversion possible next week.

    Thanks for the valuable info. With this detail now I understand a bit better how WG envisioned that somebody at least have a chance to collect enough Florins and Crowns to unlock the T8 RN CV in time...
  6. it3llig3nc3

    The Great Naval Battle Manipulation

    About what WG may gain: I do not think the "gain" from WG's side revolves around causing people directly disappointment. However if you think it over the simple fact to artificially lower chances to clear XP Bars in Naval Battle does a very positive thing to the game: it increases attendance. This is because players WANT to complete the challenges - thus they keep playing. From this point of view "rigging" the chance to clear XP bars is a good play from WG and very few will suspect that server attendance is artificially increased. And then the economical factor kicks it: the more people play the more may want to but something from the Premium Shop, so it is more revenue for WG. So the trick of rigging is driving sales --> profit. Makes sense or not?
  7. it3llig3nc3

    The Great Naval Battle Manipulation

    this for 900XP
  8. it3llig3nc3

    The Great Naval Battle Manipulation

    My point was completely misunderstood but I take the beating so you can laugh at my cost - welcome. However having completed 2 weekends in Naval Battles it is still a phenomenon for me as why my wins and performance is noticeably lower while I'm working on the 10 attempts vs. normal random play. Besides making jokes about conspiracy theory some may call it psychological effect in a sens that when the stakes are higher people are more stressed to do good result that in practice it deteriorates performance. On top of all that Naval Battles are still a bit of a "pain and fun" for me - as its logic (going for more and more BaseXP incrementally) means that above the 1500XP mark it is almost essential that your team wins over on top of your individual good performance - that means that theoretically you "need to carry the battle". Well, with division it gets a bit more easier.
  9. it3llig3nc3

    The Great Naval Battle Manipulation

    Well without too many words as soon as you turn on ATTEMPTs to gain stars in Naval Battles the calculation of BaseXP at the end of the battle gets nerve wrecking. Call me suspicious, but isn't it a bit manipulated? Do you have any similar experience like these below? They consumed 3 of my 10 attempts... Needed 900BaseXP Needed 1500BaseXP
  10. There is a related topic here / but the main point is that CB won't take place during update 8.1. Best guess is WG is in the process of figuring out what to do with CVs in CBs...
  11. I guess after the success of Jean Bart "sales event", they will try it with other special ships as well... The strange thing for me is the price point: 65EUR. --- for 65EUR you can buy roughly 21,000 doublons -- and to convert EliteXP to FreeXP on normal rate it delivers 21,000 x 25 = 525,000 FreeXP So if the "cost" of Alaska is 1,000,000 FreeXP inside the game, it means the in-game resource based price is very high ---> indicates that WG wants frequent players to sink a lot of FreeXP on a ship. Considering that back at the early days Missouri was 750,000FreeXP, the inflation inside World of Warships is enormous.
  12. it3llig3nc3

    Azuma gun nerf: No Thanks!

    I would certainly hold back on the decision right now. Too many elements are up in the air. Besides: what is the point of rushing the decision? The only motivation rush such decision is "to be among the first who play the ship". However this element is not important for me especially for such ship that's "purchase price" is a limited resource in the game. I prefer informed decisions and wait out till "all the balls drop from air".
  13. it3llig3nc3

    Azuma gun nerf: No Thanks!

    Hmmm. I missed the DEV BLOG announcement about Azuma, so thanks for the updates. If you read the DEV BLOG the situation is not as BLACK and WHITE. However the DEV BLOG seems to deny the finding that for example Flamu made about the terrible armor scheme - or is it something that WG wants to "fix"? adding Hydro to a ship that is not designed for close encounters seems to be a mute point... QUOTE from the DEV BLOG Japanese cruiser Azuma, tier IX. The original concept of this cruiser thrived in long distance engagements, taking into account the features of her armor and her good accuracy. However, testing showed that such an idea severely limited the player tactically and reduced their impact on the battle. In the new version, Azuma is less accurate, but at the same time she has received a number of improvements that allow the ship to be effective not only at the maximum range. Improved the "Repair party" consumable: -- The number of charges increased from 2 (3) to 3 (4); -- Cooldown has been reduced from 120 (80) to 60 (40). Added the "Hydroacoustic Search" consumable: -- Duration: 100 s; -- Ship detection range: 5 km; -- Torpedo detection range: 3.5 km; -- Cooldown: 180 s (120 s); -- Charges: 2 (3). The accuracy of this cruiser returned to its previous level due to excessive efficiency. At the same time, the parameters will still be better than those of similar tier IX cruisers (Kronstadt and Alaska) at short and medium distances. To increase the survivability of the cruiser, we improved the "Repair party" consumable. With a short cooldown and a large number of charges, the cruiser will be able to stay longer in active battle. The "Hydroacoustic Search" consumable returned to the ship, and its parameters correspond to the standard for cruisers at tier IX. Its presence will allow the ship to feel safer in close combat, although the characteristics of the cruiser do not imply effective participation in the battle at short distances due to the peculiarities of the armor and a long reload of the Main Battery. Also, Azuma will have her anti-aircraft weapons updated. We will share the details, but a little later. Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary.
  14. it3llig3nc3

    Next Clan battles season format

    I guess a more informative feedback would be like that: 1. WG DEVs are still working on balancing the CVs - that is based on public references made earlier. It is not expected that CVs balance will be final before 0.8.2 most probably 2. While it is not a WG organized event, but KoTS season 8 is starting and there the decision was to admit CVs as an option. The point here is the test the system through a community organized competitive event. Last but not least: while there is no calendar announcement on the next Clan Battle season it is expected within a month based on previous track record. BTW: regarding CV season 4 there was absolutely no announcement about the winner and participation. It simply got forgotten at least on the EU portal. (this took me 5 minutes to compile - WG could do better)
  15. it3llig3nc3

    Azuma gun nerf: No Thanks!

    What is the nerf exactly and where do the information comes from?