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  1. it3llig3nc3

    Important message for the community

    As a long time Warship player I'm glad to see some official apology coming from WG, that is very rare in their history. We have been over a million times that a company with Eastern Culture will always have difficulties in admitting mistakes and communicating honestly about weaknesses as it their psychology is far more "Rank" and "Hierarchy" oriented than Western Cultures. (i.e. never question the Boss (higher ranker officer) as he/she is always right) So I give then credit in TRYING. However my biggest concern is the lootbox concept. Stating that it will take a YEAR to clarify drop rates and make them transparent is a very bad message. This clearly means that in its current state drop rates are not working properly (in either legal or ethical way). To give you an example of what I believe to be "fair" - in a sense that I can make an informed decision if I go for the lootbox or not: In Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes game there are a LOT of lootboxes and randomized content either for real life money or for in-game currency. BUT it is always clear what the deal is. When you check a package, it clearly state odds in the description Then notice the PACK PROBABILITIES link in the upper part of the screen - once you click on it: And then you leave the game and receive a PDF file with ALL THE ODDS details for ALL THE IN-GAME randomized elements! (I can only show a screenshot from that here) So this is what I call reasonable transparency. Obviously this publisher is based in the U.S. therefore their global mindset is very different. (they also have strong ways to displease player base, especially the free-to-play community, but they never cast shadow on transparency of what the game does. The rest of the apology elements are a bit different. My second biggest pain is the Missouri story, even with the fact that I owned it for a long time. Here the "bad intent" of WG is obvious as they deliberately choose a very complex and special way to re-introduce the ship instead of using straightforward practices. The way I would have done it in place of WG is the concept that they did with Belfast. They should have created a different ship with different characteristics and then everything would have been easier. Last but not least: upsetting the CCs. Here I see this as a 100% Wargaming Top Management mistake. They let the situation escalate way too long and way too far. It shows that Top Management is not following the operations well enough and they are unable to detect potential severe problems in time. My opinion here is that unless they change one (or more) of the top guys, nothing really will change.
  2. I was following the whole story of the CCs and Missouri during the past few weeks. Needless to say I'm disappointed as how WG handles issues. Today I logged in to check the update and to my surprise I saw Missouri in the first bundle drop - did not believe to my eyes... since I already had it, it was a no brainer to exchange 1500doublons for 19000. What were the odds I do not know... but I rarely get this lucky in any random things...
  3. it3llig3nc3

    LittleWhiteMouse leaves the CC program

    Well,. sad to hear, but was expected after the series of mistakes WG did in the recent past. Not the first time in history when a russian entity alienates the world. can't learn from past lessons.
  4. it3llig3nc3

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.1

    Well, you need to think through this more carefully. There are very few things on which Wargaming remained consistent throughout the years: that is not to change premium ships once they went live. Concept is simple: people won't buy prem ships for real money if they fear that once they purchased it, the performance of the ship can change. However. Wargaming found a way around this issue by creating variant of the ship - see what happened with Belfast and Belfast 43. They may do it with other ships as well - but the "price" will be reduced performance on the new variant...
  5. it3llig3nc3

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.1

    Point 1 - the Italian BBs - WG is getting comic here, right? With the current meta of CV domination and sniper BBs (DEADEYE rulez1) they put in a BB line with short range guns that should not fired out of the special smoke due to detectability, and the line will have "decent" armor (something between crap and average I guess) Point 2 - Clan Brawl is Tier IX or X, because the text is messed up totally... somebody should read things before posting live...
  6. it3llig3nc3

    Tier IX Ships for Doubloons!

    Well, this T9 doublon ships are the clearly the dark side of WG. Like some of you, when seeing the article back in December I was expecting to use a discount coupon for buying one of these when they become available in January. How naïve I was. Cleverly they added a new section into the armory for these ships so that they can disable the coupon feature. Apart from this trick to maximize monetization, I do not have any issue any more with the concept of giving access to high tier ships for wallet warriors. After the ARP Yamato scam, nothing really matters on this subject any more. And it is very clear where it leads to: degradation of the quality of entertainment you can get out of the game / battles. Every such short term monetization focused decision is shortening the active potential life cycle of this game by years. But WG is short viewed, will feel sorry after the damage is done. They have done this many time and never learn from the lessons.
  7. it3llig3nc3

    PSA: Santa Containers

    @YabbaCoe, two questions: 1. Is there any decision at Wargaming to precise the Santa Crate descriptions in the Premium Shop in order to avoid further misunderstandings? If not, why? 2. Say I did purchase 8xSantaContainers in a bundle: when it comes to refund, am I forced to request refund for all 8, or can I ask a partial refund only for the 1 that dropped ship? (1/8th of the bundle valaue)? thanks
  8. it3llig3nc3

    PSA: Santa Containers

    WG is a horrific lyar. This below is the exact wording of the Santa Mega Gift container in the Premium Shop - I highlighted the part that creates the confusion. (mislead) The description clearly indicates that you do have a chance to get ANY of the ships from the Santa Gift Container, whereas this is simply not true. This is not something of a simplification of the rules, this is misstating the rules. Period. So refund is OK But WG must fix the description or from now on they are confirmed willfully deceive their customers! That is a crime. It's Time for Santa's Gifts! Each gift contains valuable items: Coal, doubloons, camouflage patterns, signals, or a Premium ship. The containers have specific chances to drop rare ships (Imperator Nikolai I, Gremyashchy, Kamikaze, Fūjin, Giulio Cesare, Flint, Belfast, Mikhail Kutuzov, and Enterprise) or Tier IX ships (Neustrashimy, Missouri, Musashi, Kronshtadt, Benham, Jean Bart, Pommern, Ägir, Georgia, Alaska, Azuma, and Friesland). Note: the chances of ships being dropped from Santa's Big Gift containers are higher than for Santa's Gift containers. Santa's Mega Gift containers have the highest chances of dropping ships. You can find one of the following rewards in a Santa's Mega Gift container: A random Premium ship, including rare ones (Imperator Nikolai I, Gremyashchy, Kamikaze, Fūjin, Giulio Cesare, Flint, Belfast, Mikhail Kutuzov, and Enterprise), and Tier IX ships (Neustrashimy, Missouri, Musashi, Kronshtadt, Benham, Jean Bart, Pommern, Ägir, Georgia, Alaska, Azuma, and Friesland) with a 10-skill-point Commander and a Port slot 2,000 doubloons 12,500 Coal 180 days of Warships Premium Account 25х New Year camouflages 25х "Type 3 – New Year" camouflages 20x Winter Strands camouflages 20x New Year Streamer camouflages 20x Frosty Fir Tree camouflages 5х Mosaic camouflages 5х Asian Lantern camouflages 5x Spring Sky camouflages 30х Dragon signals 30x Red Dragon signals 30x Wyvern signals 30x Hydra signals 30x Ouroboros signals 30x Basilisk signals 30x Scylla signals 30x Leviathan signals List of ships that you can find in Santa's Mega Gift containers: IV Imperator Nikolai I, V Gremyashchy, V Kamikaze, V Fūjin V Giulio Cesare VII Flint VII Belfast VIII Mikhail Kutuzov VIII Enterprise IX Neustrashimy IX Missouri IX Musashi IX Kronshtadt IX Benham IX Jean Bart IX Pommern IX Ägir IX Georgia IX Alaska IX Azuma IX Friesland VIII Siliwangi VIII Graf Zeppelin VIII Roma VIII Vanguard VIII Kii VIII Massachusetts VIII Champagne VIII Tirpitz VIII Gascogne VIII Alabama VIII Indomitable VIII Irian VIII Wichita VIII Cheshire VIII Pyotragration VIII Ochakov VIII Mainz VIII Lenin VIII Saipan VIII Kaga VIII Prinz Eugen VIII Bayard VIII Atago VIII Orkan VIII Z-35 VIII Cossack VIII Le Terrible VIII Asashio VIII Kidd VIII Loyang VII Duca degli Abruzzi VII Nelson VII Duke of York VII Hood VII California VII Poltava VII Scharnhorst VII Ashitaka VII Atlanta VII Nueve de Julio VII Gorizia VII Boise VII Lazo VII Indianapolis VII Yūdachi VII Z-39 VII Haida VII Leningrad VII Sims VII Błyskawica VI W. Virginia 1941 VI Prinz Eitel Friedrich VI Duca d'Aosta VI Arizona VI Mutsu VI Warspite VI Erich Loewenhardt VI Ark Royal VI London VI De Grasse VI T-61 VI Dunkerque VI Admiral Makarov VI Huanghe VI Perth VI Admiral Graf Spee VI Aigle VI Monaghan VI Molotov VI Gallant VI Anshan V Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya V Viribus Unitis V Genova V Texas V Kirov V Mikoyan V Exeter V Yahagi V Marblehead Lima V Marblehead V Murmansk V Krasny Krym V Hill V Siroco V Okhotnik If a ship that you already have in your Port is dropped, the Santa's Mega Gift container will be replaced by a supercontainer. The latter will contain another ship from the list along with a Port slot and Commander with 10 skill points. More information about the compensation can be read here.
  9. it3llig3nc3

    Official statment

    Well guys do not expect a quick and straight clarification. Reason is that if they admit the rigging, it will generate a gigantic shitstorm. Therefore they need to figure out the way to escape from the situation. In order to do that they need the big boss to make the calls - who is probably on a yacht somewhere in the Pacific... so it will take time. In the meantime they hope that community rage will weaken. ...and also in the meantime crates are still on sale... money is flowing in from the uninformed crowd.
  10. it3llig3nc3

    Poll: What will you do after the SantaGate?

    Well it seems WG pulled their favorite strategy to manage the crisis. The main topic is LOCKED it says "Topic is locked temporarly for clean up. / Will be opened soon!" ...and we veteran WoWS players know what "SOON (tm)" means.... hahaha...
  11. it3llig3nc3

    Poll: What will you do after the SantaGate?

    I voted SPEND LESS, PLAY LESS, as this was my usual action in the past when there were problems with WG. However the voting is premature as the main question is how will WG address the issue? My decision is heavily depending on if they admit anything and do compensation or not. But this was not reflected in the voting options. (in brackets: playing less is a penalty for WG as it reduces on-line activity that this game is heavily dependent on, paying less is of course a penalty for their reveue... I wish many people in the community would think over the action-reaction logic)
  12. it3llig3nc3

    Santa containers "rigged": WG Chooses Your Santa Gift Ship

    I'm really sad that WG tried this trick with the containers. First I was full of doubtfull, but here is what happened on my two accounts: 1) main account: before knowing about the scam I purchased 8xMegaContainers and when I opened it dropped 1 ship that was the Ark Royal from a Supercontainer. This confirms the theory as I already had the Duca D'Aosta on this account so there was a solid reason to roll the Supercontainer if the theory is right. 2) More funny thing happened on my other account for which I purchased 8xBigContainers. (this account is small and has only 2 prem on it). Out of the 8 containers 3 (!!!!) rolled ships: First one was MAKAROV - out of the Christmas container directly! - theory confirmed Second one was: CALIFORNIA - out of a SUPERCONTAINER!!!! this means I rolled first the Makarov AGAIN, and then rolled a second ship.... Third one was: VIRIBUS UNITIS - out of a SUPERCONTAINER!!! this means I again rolled either Makarov or California and then a ship from SC... As for myself I'm convinced that the containers are RIGGED and WG did a complete disinformation about the rules of the containers. This is absolutely no joke. Looking forward to what WG will say Tomorrow, but after I'll make my own moves based on my own evidence. shame!
  13. It is unbelievable how cheap the reward is that delivers definitive financial advantage for BOTH Wargaming and Amazon. Through linking the accounts both company will have increased potential to analyze customer behavior and tailor their offerings and find way to lure people into offers, spending. The real value if this is measured in millions of dollars, but let's be realistic with rewards a bit, so I'll do the link for a free Tier X ship as a minimum... ...with 180days premium account... ...with a 21 skillpoint captain on the ship... ...topped off with 35,000 steel... :-)
  14. This summary trip is a really nice and well done idea. Congratulations for the DEVs and especially for the ONE who came up with the concept. (I wonder who he/she was...?) I remember waiting to get WoWs launched for many years while playing with tanks and regularly checking the WOWS portal with the hope that the "Coming Soon" will switch to "Log in to Play". ...and then unexpectedly one day while on sick leave from work and recovering from fevers I saw the link to join BETA test that I did immediately. So it started.with a few ships... ...with the first test of the store... purchased the Sims bundle for test... and then going live and grinding the first Tier X ship that was YAMATO. nice memories... thanks for bringing it back
  15. it3llig3nc3

    Submarine Battles: Free Submarine Rentals

    Well I have been missing out a lot about subs and catching up now. Were there any word as how CV planes can interact with subs? (rocket, bomb, torp) - and also will there be planes with depth charges to choose? Not only on CVs but would be fun to swap out a cruiser spotter plane to a cruiser ASW plane... :)