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  1. it3llig3nc3

    Tirpitz and Asashio are back in action

    Well, I'm sorry to see the bad opinions about Vuribus Unitis. Ever since the game was started I was quietly hoping to see a Tegetthoff class battleship in the game. My interest is high because the only Hungarian battleship was part of this class: SMS Szent Istvan (The Tegetthoff class (also called the Viribus Unitis class[4][5][6]) was a class of four dreadnought battleships built for the Austro-Hungarian Navy. Named for Austrian Admiral Wilhelm von Tegetthoff, the class was composed of SMS Viribus Unitis, SMS Tegetthoff, SMS Prinz Eugen, and SMS Szent István.) If the stats are bad - WG here is the chance to create a copy of this ship with different (improved) stats and call it SMS Szent Istvan :-)))) go go! But as of now, for me this is the closest I can get to the Hungarian BB. (by the way how many ships does actually have original footage about their own sinking? ) )
  2. it3llig3nc3

    Research Bureau: New Rewards for Leveling Up

    I guess I understand what WG tries to do... and knowing what happened on the Community Contributors forum a few weeks ago it has at least changed a bit. The only problem with the concept is the "false advertising" in the sense that it will motivate players to play lower tiers more often. All this because the re-grind can be done through freeXP. so in it's current form a FreeXP and Credit sink. And BTW: how is it imagined that some hard core competitive players have to temporarily give up their Tier X ships from Clan Battle because of the re-grind????
  3. it3llig3nc3

    Join Battle bug

    While it's only a game it is usually better not to mess with the live product during peak hours... now it's trouble over trouble. good news is you guys provide top quality communication here. (unfortunately not on the www portal)
  4. it3llig3nc3

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    As promised earlier my stats after opening 55 containers (let e know if more details is needed) 21 was "Try Your Luck" 9 was "More Credits" 4 was "More Consumables" 21 was "More Flags" Results: 2 of the "Try Your Luck" were SC-s --> 1000doublon --> Smoke Generator Mod 1 All the rest were normal picks of various flags, 50k creditos, and a few times 500FreeXP It is worth to mention that "Try Your Luck" containers gave me some "non-standard" things: --> Ocean Soul Camo (2pieces) -->Restless Fire Camo (2pieces) -->Halloween Camo (2pieces) For normal containers the trends were very simple: flags came in a 3x 4 piece of various flags, consumables in a 2 or 3 times 3pieces. Overall I'm rather disappointed with the SCs.
  5. it3llig3nc3

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Guys, a question. I accumulated 54 containers (unopened) during the past few months. I can't remember correctly but there might be 2 SC in them. Haven't opened yet. There were a few that was auto-delivered by the system when I forgot to pick up at the end of the day. Most of them were picked by myself: either "More Luck" or "More Signals and Camos". Typically I picked one "Luck" and one or two Signal+Camo one each day I played. So the question: is it better to open all of them at the same time one by one or maybe create some batches of 10? How is the randomization works here in your experience? Has the container's content already decided when I picked them, or WG will randomize the content at the moment of OPENING them? (I'll report the result of the openings here of course once it is done)