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  1. Ghostsaker

    Issues with log-in and Technical support

    With the help of MrConway - who asked the support team to double-check my friends issue - the problem solved. A Happy End :)
  2. Hi All, I would like to ask a serious question that is incomprehensible (not undersandable): My friend and clan mate DonTiti had a letter at the beginning of the last week (04.02.2019) from WoT Support Team regarding "unusual login" and for that and for his safety his account was/is closed. (he created his WG Account when World of Tanks was released. In 2015 when World of Warships was released he inmediately started to play with it and visited World of Tanks only 2 times during the period from 2015 to 2019. A little technical issue appeared on his laptop in November of 2018 and sent the laptop to service and he got it back in January of 2019 and during that time he played WoWs from another laptop) In the letter he got (the letter also got a ticket number of the issue) the WoT Support Team asked him for evidence of payment, and another e-mail address that cannot be bonded to WG. He sent back a confirmation of purchase that he got from the WG Premium Shop after his last purchase, but the WoT Support Team replied that is not good and they asked for a bank account transfer proof. He searched that detailed bank account transfer and sent it. The Support Team replied that they need an older one (they asked for a payment proof in July of 2018) He searched for it and sent it (both the confirmation of purchase from the WG Premium shop and the bank account transfer too) but they wrote that it is not enough, because they can't make it sure that the account is his and they closed the "ticket" and his account remains closed. He also asked the WoT Support Team that what will happen to his Premium Account Time while he is closed out, but hte Support team replied that his premium time ended 25 days earlier which seem strange because he finished the missions for Prinz Eithel with Premium Account on 10/11 January of 2019. Of course because his account is closed he can not log into his WG account tho search for the invoice section of that payment as well. Maybe some of you can explain to us why is the confirmation of purchase from WG Premium Shop not enough to prove that it is his account? (On the confirmation there is the users name, the amount of the payment, and the order number and transaction ID - both generated by WG - On the bank account transfer of that payment there is only the date, the amount of money and in the details section there is: Wargaming and the payment amount.) If I read it right it is in WG Legal Documentation and in the Terms of Service at section 8.2. d.) of Virtual Goods: " d) In case we accept your order, we will directly thereafter credit the purchased Virtual Goods to your Account and we will charge you via the selected payment method. You will also receive a confirmation of your purchase via e-mail, containing the contract details (the “Purchase Contract“) and these Terms of Service. Other than that, we will not store the Purchase Contract text and wording and it will not be accessible to you after conclusion of the Purchase Contract." After reading the WoT Support Team's letter the confirmation of purcahse can not be used to prove that it is the purchase of my account?? I think that the WG account name bonded to an e-mail address and in the case of purchase the Premium Shop sends the confirmation of purchase to that e-mail address. The order number which is generated by the Premium Shop could be tracked back and it should contain the informations that who (user name) purchased, what was purchased, when was it purchased, how was it payed (via bank transfer, PayPal, etc). And bescasue of this we do not understand what else proofs, evidences needs the WoT Support Team to give his account back - I do not think that someone will use his WG Account Name to open and uphold a bank account. If anyone can help us somehow, we would be very thankful. Thanks for your patience and time. Ghostsaker
  3. Ghostsaker

    Hits on cittadel from 5-10km distance

    KM = Kriegsmarine - German ships RN = Royal Navy - British ships
  4. Ghostsaker

    Clan Flags/Signs

    Hi! I would like to ask that when will be it possible that we could raise our own Clan Flags on our ships? The flags of the nationality of the ships are there and a commemorative flag is already on the mast. So would be there lot of place to raise the clanflag also? Of course the clan flag could be also raised at the Clan Base too.
  5. Ghostsaker

    Yamato or Großer Kurfürst

    My opinion is that both ships are great to play and have to agree with the other, both have their advantages and disadvantages. It depends on which playstyle do you play with them and the best way is to test them on the Public Test Server. "But when you fire Yamato's guns they gives me creeps and sounds the best!" - that's what my friend tells me everytime we get them on sea.
  6. Ghostsaker

    Public Test 0.6.11 - Clan Base

    It is great that Clans will have a base and can upgrade, but... ... but when will we be able to raise our own Clan Flag on our ships?
  7. Ghostsaker

    Crazy detonations

    Yes it seems that the detonations are more oftenm than they were before 0.6.0.... Got detonated from single torpedo hits in Tirpitz (torpedo hit under the second turret - torpedo was almost traveling paralel to me...) Waspite (funny because the torpedo hit my rudder from portside). Also I gave detonation to a Blyskawica with a Mogami 155mm HE, but the greatest: tried to reset base capping by enemy Tirpitz, shot a full broadside AP salvo with Bismarck 16 km away - u know: fingers crossed and praying to hit at least one - and the miracle happened: hit at area of the first two turrets and poor ship sank from 44500 HP. Me, the poor player and half of the teams LoL-ed.... and it happened in one week. Before 0.6.0 two or three detonations did I withnessed or suffered within 6 months.
  8. Ghostsaker

    [MOD] Kodos ARP Skin & One-Piece Commander

    Thanks a lot, just take the time that needed for it. Keep up the good work. Oh, by the way Happy New Year! (keep the year fullfilled with successes)
  9. Ghostsaker

    [MOD] Kodos ARP Skin & One-Piece Commander

    Great job on there kodos! Since you have done a little reskin of the ARP Takao, could you make another with the original red-black color? Only if it is not to hard and have time and of course if you have any mode to make the mod. The original ARP Takao:
  10. Ghostsaker


    Yes also noticed the increased Detonations yesterday out of my 15 battles at least 3 detonations on my teammates/enemies. Funny thing when I got two on the same day: Tirpitz got torpedoed in the line of the second turret in a very low angle (it came at 12-1 o'clock and couldn not evade) and booooom it detonated.... got 75% of HP away.... Warspite got torpedoed to the stern from portside.... in reality my rudder and props could be damaged, but no.... detonation..... For the sake of calm it is okay that they increased the chance for detonation, but make in reasonable to believe it...... (also one torpedo hit me that was on paralel way with me and closed me 0,1 km and boom got me with it - was close counter magnetic detnators built into torps??.... but that is another issue)