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  1. m3c0

    Public Test of Update 0.8.3: Round 2

    Hi, cant launch PTS either. I get this message: It says that this *.dll file is missing.
  2. m3c0


    When people were complaining about the totally useless Shokaku/Haku and the superior Lexi/Midway in the Developer Bulletin 0.8.1, I was really hoping that WG will do something about it. I was hoping that they will buff a bit the IJN carriers again so they are more competitive. And actually WG did something about it. And WG really made both US and IJN CV branches competitive. Competitive in being totally useless. CV rework = EPIC FAIL. Thx WG for this FARCE! [edit]Some rage removed[/edit]
  3. m3c0

    Wichita: Bruiser Cruiser

    Yes, buying a ship for 41€, just to be able to play an operation which comes once every 2-3 months and which is disabled at the moment (and no one knows when it will be back) seems to be a really plausible reason! Thank you! But! Don't forget you don't buy just a ship! You buy a great and challenging experience in the very fun to play tier 10 battles! And if you are lucky, WG might decide to nerf this ship in couple of months and make it even more challenging and fun to play for you!
  4. m3c0

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.1

    Same goes for tier 8 Lexi vs Shokaku. The time needed for Shokaku's torps to be ready is just killing this ship. Lexi is far more superior CV as a whole now. No point of grinding IJN carriers in 0.8.1 if WG dudes keep it this way.
  5. m3c0

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.1

    Oh, thx for the info, didn't know about that. Ill take a look at it and maybe Ill try it out. But it will be great if they still keep the classic one, more options to choose from is always better. And it is a simple one that works.
  6. m3c0

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.1

    I hope WG will keep the classic launcher alive, I don't like the new one (one of the reasons is I can't select where to install it, it is always drive C: and you can't change it).
  7. m3c0

    [UPD 11/2] Update Hotfix

    Did you hear about Giulio Cesare? They want to make it tier 6... If this is true and it goes live I dont see any reason for buying premium ships anymore at all.
  8. m3c0

    [UPD 11/2] Update Hotfix

    Nice job Wargaming, you really managed to mess up completely the CVs. With the so called "hotfix" you totally killed the carriers. Playing tier 8 CV against tier 10 was pretty hard anyway, now its just impossible. Sorry but I'm not a masochist and I wont bother anymore at all. And an advice from me (I'm actually a guy who was ready to give you WG guys and your CV rework a chance), because you will never be able to balance the carriers, even in 5 years: Just REMOVE the CVs COMPLETELY from the game! If you have an ill pet, which can't be healed, you don't let it suffer! You just go to a vet and let him end its misery! Wargaming, END THE MISERY of the CVs NOW, remove them finally completely from game! For now I won't touch WOWS anymore, I don't even play Coop or Operations. Luckily I used the free reskill/retraining/module removing and now the skill points of all my captains are reset, all the aiming and concealment modifications of my ships are removed. All my ships will stay safe in my harbour. Unfortunately I have whole 20 days of premium accout which I will lose, but... So be it.
  9. m3c0

    Combat Missions: February

    What happened to the perma camo we could get for Minsk as reward? Did this task expired or something? I dont have it in the combat missions anymore and I didnt get it..
  10. OK people, Im really wondering a bit what all of you guys want from those poor dudes responsible for this update. Here is the situation we have in general in the community: - DD guys complaining about rocket planes and radars. - BB guys complaining about CVs and DDs. - CV guys complaining about too stonk AA and useless/boring CVs. - Cruiser guys complaining about too weak AA and not being able to cover half of the map with their AA anymore. - Guys just complaining for the sake of complaining... Seriously, whatever the WG developer dudes do, it will always be wrong... I dislike many things about the new update too ( for example the huge gap between ships with weak AA and such with strong one), but all this whining is just ridiculous. I could understand it, if the game had the player base of 9-12 years old kids. But considering the fact most of us here are adults in their late 20s, 30s, 40s or even older, it makes all this just hilarious :) You can start shooting now, Ill take some cover
  11. Honestly I cant decide which branch I prefer/like more. I mostly played tier 8 and 10, but the tiers below should look similar. IJN CVs: - They have really great torps. They are fast, with narrow spread. You can go hunt even Cruisers with those torp bombers. And you can decide where to hit, aiming for the bow of the target for example. Here Im talking about the "normal" torps, not about the long range torps on Haku where you need to guess where your target will be in 3 minutes... - Rocket bombers are mediocre, but you still can annoy DDs. - And here we come to the biggest drawback - the AP bombers. They are just too unreliable source of damage. Even fully aligned and aimed (whole reticle perfectly on ship) getting citadel hits is only matter on luck/rng. I'm still waiting for a citadel hit on Monarch when playing with Shokaku. Richelieu is hard to citadel too. - Most people here in this thread forget that IJN planes have lower hitpoints too. Which makes the usage of AP bombers even more harder, you have 1 try per squadron because your dive bombers are dead after the first run. Dive bomber modification 2 module helps a bit but again, considering the inconsistency of AP bombs, trying to make AP bombers work is just waste of time. Just forget about them. Maybe they are only useful in late game, where there are only few ships left with damaged AA. Overall, if you enjoy torping things - go for IJN CVs but forget about the useless AP bombers unless you are really good at using them. US CVs: - Pathetic torpedos. Sloooow, wide spread, low damage.. 2000 damage per hit is a common thing for Midway.. Even big slow BBs can dodge those torps. Really disappointing. - Great rocket planes! On Midway go for HVAR, FFAR for Lexi. I managed to dev strike 2 DDs so far, once with Lexi, once with Midway. - Dive Bombers are much more useful than the IJN ones. Even if you dont perfectly hit your target, you still can start a fire = free damage. - US planes are more "healthier", which means US CVs are more forgiving mistakes. Just an example: US Midway's dive bombers have 2537 health (WITHOUT dive bomber mod 2). IJN Haku - 2129 hitpoints (WITH dive bomber mod 2), everything else is the same (modules and cap. skills). I would say US CVs are better for beginners because planes have more health and you still can get some fire damage with your dive bombers. But for me the torp bombers are a really big disappointment. You still can do damage and get a flooding now and then of course, but compared to the IJN torps the US ones are just crap.
  12. You are talking about the long range AA. Yes, long range AA damage can be mostly avoided. But the most of the damage you take is when closing in for a drop (here you are forced to fly in straight lane or do only slight movement in order to fully aim your torps) and right after dropping your torps/bombs, when you try to leave the AA-area (even using boost and change your flight direction wont help much). Those are the 2 crucial moments where your planes take MASSIVE damage that cant be avoided. And a strong AA ship will just delete your planes if you try to attack it. Thats why I said there are ships you just cant attack as a CV player. And dont forget something else - if you decide to make a U-turn and attack your target from the same side again - your planes are staying in its already activated AA-sector and will keep taking massive damage. If you fly over your target (in order to cross dopping it), you probably will get into the AA-area of other enemy ship nearby and take more damage again. Thats why I said that at high tiers the only thing you can do as a CV player is to look for isolated ships with weak AA and to make DD's life miserable. As for permaflooding - you are talking about the perfect situation, where you managed to find the lone wolf with weak AA and without other teammates nearby to support him with their AA. You are just cherry-picking stuff. And I guess you know there will be lots of players who wont have a Midway with 19 skills captain right from the start of 0.8.0, right? There will be lots of CV dudes stuck at tier 8, who will be completely useless 80% of the time (because 80% of the time they will be dragged into tier 10 battles). Now go explain to them how to get a permaflooding on Montana. 1. Im talking here only about the "OPness" of tier 8 and 10 CVs, not about the rework as a whole. I dont like the rework in general either. 2. No idea of course and you might be right. But developers should see how the basic mechanics (stock bots or at least bots without AA specialized captains) work. And that can be achieved only when you test the basic stuff first in order to have a reference. Whats the point of testing with fully upgraded bots with 19 points AA-captains if you know that only a fraction of the player base will have such ships when 0.8.0 goes live? Again - I think this rework will cause much more problems than it will solve. Or maybe thats the goal? The devs just want to have some work for the next... years? I really wanted to give it a chance, but I guess Ill do couple of battles with my tier 8 CVs and I wont bother anymore. The only problems is I think I wont get a free XP refund if I play a battle with those CVs... And I really dont see why I should keep playing ships with weak AA either. The gap between ships with weak AA and such with strong AA is just too big.Wargaming is trying really hard to turn this game into World of American Warships...
  13. Im wondering how many of the guys complaining here how much OP the new CVs are did really try them out, especially tier 8 and 10? Not many I guess. There are ships at those tiers which you as a CV player just can't approach, because your planes (and I mean the whole squadron!) just VAPORISE before you can even start the attack (all the health modules mounted and health captain skills selected). And we are talking here mostly about bots, which probably have no AA modules or AA-trained captains. The dive bombers are almost completely useless now. I'm using them only when there are no rocket or torpedo planes available at the moment. With a whole dive bombers squadron you can attack maybe once before losing all the planes. If you are lucky, you might get some citadel, yes. But your bombers wont survive even the beginning of a second attack. The only thing you can do at those tiers as a CV player is to fly around at the map borders, hoping to find some lone wolf sailing far away from the rest of his team and attack him. Thats it. And even then you will need ages to kill him (if he's your tier or higher of course). But I have to admit that DD players will suffer a lot when the new update goes live, because they are a big threat and easy targets for the rocket planes. And as we know DDs dont get much of support when trying to cap. Which means they will be mostly alone in the cap circle, with no AA cover from other ships and this makes them great targets for enemy rocket planes. There are 2 things a DD player could do in such situation - 1) he can hope that the own CV player will send his fighters above him to cover him while capping (i.e. hoping for a teamplay..., in randoms... good luck with that!), or 2) he wont go for the cap at all and will stay near his teammates (or he will try to chase the enemy CV). Which means there will be even less DDs, trying to do DD things (like capping) and even more camping. At some point we will have groups of clustered ships, camping/fishing together (because they will be too scared of enemy CVs), DDs too scared to do any DD-things (because of rocket planes) and CV players desperately trying to find single ships to attack (because too scared to attack anything else except DDs and isolated ships). IMO high tier random battles will become even "funnier" than they are now... I dont know, I'm not very optimistic about the new update. I see too much mess incoming. I hope the WG guys have plan B, but unfortunately I doubt they do...
  14. The AA at tier 8 and 10 is just too strong, even with all the possible health modules and captain skills for the planes. You really need to find some very isolated BB (same tier as yours) far far away from all other ships in order to be successful. Which wont happen much in randoms. Tier 4 and 6 are somehow balanced now and playable. You still can do damage as CV there without being too OP. Tier 8 and 10 CVs on the other hand are not fun to play at all. Most of the time you fly around trying to find some lone wolf and to attack him. And even if you find some, same tier as yours, you are losing planes like crazy. With a tier 6 CV I can do more damage than with a tier 8 CV...
  15. I have mixed feelings about the buffed AA, because I try to look at the problem from both sides. I played some battles with both tier 8 CVs versus bots and I had the skill which gives you additional 50 health (probably one of the most important skills for the new CVs). I had all the modules which are buffing the health of the planes (and the module for the torpedo bombers health too). In a battle with Lexington I intentionally attacked a Cleveland with torps. Again - there were bots only, I don't think the Cleveland had a 19 points AA-trained captain... Outcome: My squadron couldnt even reach the Cleveland, all my planes just vaporised, I couldnt launch a single torp. Next try - attack with dive bombers against Richelieu. Whole squadron dead in seconds. The last planes still managed to start the attack but died before I could drop the bombs. Again, I'm talking here about tier 8 vs. tier 8 and all the health modules mounted + captain health skills. And enemy ships were bots, probably without AA captains, right? Now lets think about this when 0.8.0 goes live. Knowing the Matchmaking, the tier 8 carriers will be constantly facing tier 10 ships, which means... -> GG. Can someone explain to me what will be the main job of a tier 8 CV player in those tier 10 battles? Flying around at map borders and enjoying the scenery from above? The only thing you could try to do is to spot DDs with the rocket planes and provide (some) AA cover with those green AA bubbles for your BBs... Thats all, you are completely useless. Attacking lower tiered ships or ships with weak AA is another story. Shchors for example is dead meat. The japanese tier 8 CV can kill a Shchors with 2 runs of a single torp squadron and the Shchors can't do anything about it. It's too big and too slugish to dodge torps and has weak AA. Im really wondering what will happen with the game if current PTS CV/AA goes live. I see no future for ships with weak AA at all. Whats the point of playing with a Shchors when you know the enemy CV player will come for you (because he just cant attack a Cleveland, Richelieu or North Carolina for example, therefore he will come for you) and you cant do anything to protect yourself, you are just a free kill? At some point there will be battles with strong AA ships only. And this will make CVs completely useless, which will lead to AA nerf, which will lead to too powerful CVs again, which will lead to CV nerf... I see a big mess incoming. And one more thing - it's great that tier 4 CVs got torp bombers, because in round one they were completely useless. But now there is a massive seal clubbing potential because of the lack of AA at level 4 and the fact that you can fight only against slow tier 4 and 5 ships. A skilled CV player with a good captain can do wahtever he wants and spam constantly torp attacks because he just cant lose torpedo planes. Tier 4 will be really "fun" to play for new players... I dont know, sadly I'm one of the guys who thinks that with 0.8.0 WG will create more problems than it will solve. Lest hope we are wrong.