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  1. Liviu_Von_Prundar

    Update 0.8.10: “Resolute and Rapid”

    Indeed. And... BRING THE SUBS !!!
  2. Liviu_Von_Prundar

    Received 1,470,000 credits with the new patch today

    4.700.000 credits addition for me...
  3. Liviu_Von_Prundar

    Critical Error Ocured WoW crash

    I had the same problem. After uninstalling any mode I used, the problem remained. I made a fresh install of the game and now is ok.
  4. Liviu_Von_Prundar

    Submarines in WoWs confirmed

  5. Liviu_Von_Prundar

    Romania players only

    Hello to you, all ! GRD, te-ai apucat de barcute? Salutari celor din FALX !
  6. Liviu_Von_Prundar

    Email about welcome gift but no welcome gift?

    Same for me.It worked !
  7. Liviu_Von_Prundar

    Grand Naval Battles FAQ

    ...wasted ...
  8. Liviu_Von_Prundar

    Should SkybuckFlying have ability to make new threads?

    short answer : NO !!!
  9. Liviu_Von_Prundar

    Please use Premium Consumables

    So, I'm the one from video. First of all, sure, I'm an average player, but I think I lost that game because of bad decisions and poor judgment about choosing targets. Maybe premium consumables could helped me, but not enough to win the game. Why? Because after 0.5.5, problems appeared with Situational Awareness and detection inside a smoke. There are some topics about that: Topic 1 and Topic 2 - where a CC talking BS about is... WG is trying to convince us that there is no problem and that the way it was since CAT. That's a lie, anyway. So, that's why I did not used premium consumables on a DD after 0.5.5, on the other classes is a must. I could maybe use premium speed boost, here you are right, though. And is not about credits, because I use premium camouflage and modules on all my above tier 5 ships. In the second, I can take well a lot of criticism, but I feel that in the video's audio commentary and some of the video's comments is more than that... Sure, I assumed that when I sent you the replay, but now I regret that.
  10. Liviu_Von_Prundar

    Someone forgot to adjust 'Situational Awareness' in 0.5.5

    THIS ! This is PROOF, WG !!! The same here with more than 1000 DD battles.
  11. Liviu_Von_Prundar

    [GNBAerroon] Week 2: Guide Contest + Replay Contest

    For the best replay in a tier 5 or below: Kamikaze R 175k DMG http://wowreplays.com/Replay/5573-Liviu_Von_Prundar-Kamikaze-R-Open-Ocean
  12. Liviu_Von_Prundar

    Someone forgot to adjust 'Situational Awareness' in 0.5.5

    Sorry to say, but NO, this is a BS ... THIS !