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  1. Wenceslas

    Aigle build

    Not really. Even the bad ones are pretty good because by virtue of the fact that the next tier up is the top tier, they don't have to deal with the + part of the +/- 2 match making. The only better place to be is tier X. Nevermind, I seem to have ended up in the wrong place :/ where's delete? XD
  2. Wenceslas

    Nerf HE and fires.

    I see people are still complaining about fires instead of learning how to handle them. I'm betting you're the sort of player who in their full health BB goes ahead and hits damage control the moment one fire springs up, and then calls "OMG HE SPAMMERZ!!!11!!1!" when you end up with two more and can't put them out.
  3. Wenceslas

    0.8.1 Radar Render Delay

    I'm a pretty good player, even if I do say so myself, and I actuallu think radar needs sorting out. The proposed rendering delay, however, is ridiculous.
  4. Wenceslas


    I wouldn't worry about it, due to people abusing the report system it's next to useless.
  5. Wenceslas

    Radars ruining game

    What you're looking at is the latest result of WG's policy of sorting out issues of gameplay balance by slapping band-aides onto the game to address a specific problem that's presenting itself at the time, and then tweaking as they go. For the most part they seem to some how keep on top of things, but it leads to problems like this every so often. Really with all the new features, ships with special attibutes etc that have been added to the game over the years, it's probably time for a massive, ground up balance overhaul. With that said, the radar issue is not insurmountable with good teamwork, but you are right that it makes life tough when there's only one team with them.
  6. Wenceslas

    i had enough

    I play DDs very often, and good BB players who change their course, speed etc at random and who make sure they don't get isolated are a nightmare for a DD player. As is often the case I think the problem may be between your chair and your keyboard. You want constructive criticism? Well I'm afraid you need to make a constructive post first.
  7. Wenceslas

    Karma - some questions and some thoughts

    Alas, I fear you are correct :(
  8. Wenceslas

    Karma - some questions and some thoughts

    As others have said, the karma and report system are utterly worthless and too easily abused by the total douche nozels who inhabit the game. I myself had a stunner of a loss in my Kagero the other day, as the only remaining player. I simply farmed two BBs for damage as they were sailing on straight lines (even after being hit), and upon killing both of them they declared me a cheat and both reported me. A quick note about making you immune to reporting if you are the top of the team list at the end. That's a bad idea since it's amazing how often the guy at the top is also the most toxic douche bag on the team, who will report people simply for not following orders that he/she barks at them all match. The only way around it I can think of would be to have live moderators watching random games in secret, who could take action against players misbehaving. That way people might not dare be abusive since there's always a chance that a mod is watching.
  9. Wenceslas

    Riding the map border BS

    I haven't seen anyone do that for a very long time, let alone enough to be annoyed by it. Back in the day every player and their mum did it. Not really a problem worth investing in these days.
  10. Wenceslas

    Same ships - different torpedo damage?

    Like the man said, just RNG. I'm surprised you've never noticed before that they don't tend to do the same damage each time, even under precisely the same conditions. RNGesus must not have been pleased with you.
  11. Wenceslas

    Very disappointed

    Really don't understand why anyone would be so bothered anyway, seeing as they're all free tech tree ships. It's a nice opportunity to jump up the line, but I think if you're daft enough to go out of your way to get them then you really deserve to have cash squeezed out of you.
  12. Wenceslas

    Players Killing themselves

    Some people are just douche nozels.
  13. Wenceslas

    Should newbies be on separate server?

    Higher tiers by any chance? You'll get abuse at the higher tiers no matter what, hell I tend to regularly appear in the top 5 of my team (often the top 3) and I still get abuse as soon as the match is going the wrong way. It's why I intentially shy away from high tiers. It's full of, erm, rhymes with "trucking tankers" . That aside (and please read on because this is not an attempt to belittle you, I swear, I'm just being honest) and I'm sorry to be the guy that brings this up, but judging by your stats, and judging by your post you yourself seem to realise, you probably shouldn't be any where near the higher tiers, because from the looks of the sub 0.3 KD and the barely above 40% win rate you have no idea what you're doing. If those are the right stats then you are naturally going to attract more abuse in any tier, not just the higher ones because people with such stats are basically a detriment to the team and not really any use alive, and on higher tier matches you need to know what you're doing to contribute or you're going to really get it. You don't need to be an expert with 2.0 KD and all that, the problem is that you clearly haven't taken any time to read up about and learn the basic mechanics of the game which you really need to do well. You don't need a seperate sever, you just need to learn how to play better. Best course of action is to read the guides on the forums (probably a bit dated considering recent mechanics changes, but mostly relevant) and drink them in so you understand the concepts of armour angling and bow tanking, penetration mechanics including what shells can breach which bows dead on, how to use smoke effectively etc. Have a look at some videos by iChase as well for some really really good advice. Even feel free to add me or any experienced member of the forums, or just post in the this section about specific mechanics that confuse you and we'll be happy to give you pointers on things that you aren't clear on.
  14. Wenceslas

    server population

    "Feels" about normal for this time of year to me. I also haven't seen any dumming down going on either :/
  15. Wenceslas

    Team killer problem

    Well with so little info to go on I can only come up with two possibilities: 1: your connection is extremely laggy and thus communication with the server is screwy. 2: you're not telling us the truth. Doing huge amounts of damage in an instant sounds like torpedo hits to me, and it's far from uncommon for people to loose some torpedoes without looking around them and blowing friendlies out of the water. With that in mind you may have some bizzare idea in your head that WG will see this, buy your story and remove your pink status. They won't. Obviously I can't tell which is which without replays, but those are my best guesses.