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  1. german DDs, very flimsy?

    They are not as shown by community contributors videos.They were released with a big Nerf.Their concealment is very poor for the range of guns.150 caliber when fired blooms spotting out to near 14km,there a bouts.They are basically now Russian type DD's but a poorer version.Was really looking forward to a new line to research but might just wait until far better players than I can come up with a way to play them competently.The hydro is 3.9km so of no real use unless you are 1 on 1 v dd which will rarely happen these days.Trying to get anywhere near another DD at that range is very,very dangerous as you are spotted so far away.Basically if a Russian DD had Hydro of similar when would it ever really be used?,just once in a while when the situation turns golden.
  2. Saved Screenshots.

    Right click your WOWS launcher click open file location and your screenshot folder should be there.
  3. http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?showtopic=94552
  4. Sound problems

    Same here but for me it is when incoming shells hit or land near my sound is muted for a moment.Very disorientating.
  5. Ok here goes!. I have enjoyed this event.I needed premium time and got free premium using diamonds.I got the Katori because well it's the "Katori" I got a port slot and free flags all from simply playing the game I love.The 500 battles was hard not just to get it done which I hope to do today or tomorrow but because of all the bots joining then leaving a game to get as many games as possible . Now that really annoyed me. I will have diamonds left over and no idea what to do with them.I am as saddened as everyone else with the main reward but I am still thankful for an event that made my daily gaming more interesting.I want to see more events like this and I hope the next one will be more clearly defined with regards rewards but in my opinion and please don't savage me for it,I did enjoy this one despite the obvious mistakes made.
  6. So, how are the russian cruisers?

    They have lovely ROF but are very very weak in damage done.They are really just a big monstrous target that will always die within receiving 2 salvos.They seem to set alot of fires up to tier 8 the Chapayev.The Chapayev is just awful for me.I would be afraid to go against a tier 5 in it.The radar is useless.Only a few seconds worth.Do not go against DD's they will wipe you out with guns from concealment.The turning is simply BB like.Basically if you are going the RU ca line,buddy up with someone and stay at distance and hope for the best.Oh and earning any credits with them is hard.
  7. Welcome to WoWS with TheRealCrisis

    Subscribed.Best of luck m8
  8. Update on Project R in Europe

    AFAIK it ends when 10.000.000 pearls are obtained by the community.Those dates are only the time frame to do it.Once 10.000.000 are reached the goal is achieved and within the allotted time frame.
  9. Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year m8's
  10. Ducat1st0 and the Supertest

    I agree with Aldramelech.Please close this thread.No need to provide another platform for the toxic minority who have no idea the caliber of person and advocate for players they have caused to leave his position.Let them form their own TS channel so they can bathe in their toxic waters together.
  11. Explanation and apology

    Gazz3447 I apologise for the shower wise crack.Poor taste.However just goes to show we can all jest in error ;)
  12. Explanation and apology

    I agree Zgicc.It is very unnerving to see how easily(not technically gifted to know if easy is the right adjective) the game can be modded for an unfair advantage.As long as it is this way we will sadly keep having posts that flare up in an almighty rage.Sometimes righteous,sometimes not.
  13. Explanation and apology

    You seem to have made up your mind and decided Ducats explanation is unbelievable to you.Well that is your opinion and you're entitled to it.There is nothing more for me to add to my post regarding Ducat.I have stated what I know of him.WG will do what needs to be done if anything at all!.
  14. Explanation and apology

    Apparently only you.Perhaps a shower is in order?
  15. Explanation and apology

    For a number of years now I have had the great pleasure of playing WG games with Ducat.I know him very well,mainly from TS chat. In knowing him as I do,I at first laughed at these accusations against him as the utter nonsense they are.However I know Ducat.I know his integrity and his impeccable character.I have witnessed his tireless efforts to work on behalf of the player base,the community.I have talked with him on countless occasions regarding issues brought up in the forum by concerned players.On all these occasions Ducat never ignored nor dismissed any issue of a fellow player.He simply took note of them all to bring to the attention of the relevant WG body,where needed, and his fellow ST's.His efforts on our behalf since Alpha have been incredible.He loves this game and always does everything possible to enhance it for us the players.He has always had the game and the players first and foremost as his primary concern.Since many of you have not had the great pleasure in knowing Ducat you do not have the insight into the type of person he is.So you can not laughingly dismiss these ludicrous accusations as I can.I wish you all did know Ducat as it would greatly enhance your gaming fun and allow you all to know there is nothing to be concerned about.In fact you would all be greatly appreciative to have someone like him working on your behalf.Some have come to his defence because like me they know him!.Sadly others seem to have been gripped by an almost Salem like frothing at the mouth witch hunt.Demanding public punitive action.I was here when the earliest of these aim assist mods became apparent and I was here when Ducat and all other ST's did all they could to gather data in order to remove these vile mods from our game. So to all of you out there who responsibly questioned whether an aim assist mod was used I say congratulations.Vigilance is a great thing if we are to keep that evil from our game.However to all of you out there who seem to have decided you are judge jury and executioner I say "Relax!",Ducat has explained what happened and WG will properly check it out,coming to a conclusion no doubt that it was simply an error of judgement because Ducat failed to take into account the varying levels of human humour amongst the community.I must say this though,keeping the aim assist mods from our game is everyone's concern and keeping people like Ducat doing it should be also!.